• 1.66GHz Intel N280 Atom Processor
  • 1GB DDR2 533MHz Memory
  • 250GB Serial ATA 5400RPM Hard Drive, 802.11 b/g/n Wifi
  • 10.1¿ (1366×768) LED-backlit LCD Display, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950
  • Windows 7 Starter, Up to 7 Hours of Battery Life

Product Description
Sony VAIO VPC-W121AX/T Notebook Intel Atom Processor N280 (1.66GHz) Microsoft Windows 7 Starter 32-bit 250 GB HDD 1 GB of RAMAmazon.com Product Description
Featuring an ultra-portable design, the Sony VAIO W Series mini cover is undiluted for regulating as the delegate PC, for surfing the web, checking e-mail, as good as amicable networking. It delivers the required laptop experience–email, present messaging, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter–in the distance so tiny we can take it anywhere. This indication (VPC-W121AX/T) comes in cocoa brown, though it’s additionally accessible in sugarine white as good as berry pink.

The Sony VAIO W mini cover in berry pink.

At your fingertips is the smartly written set of keys with stretch as good as manageable keys that have typing emails quick as good as easy. And it has the familiar, easy-to-use reason desk desk pad as good as vast reason desk desk pad buttons that concede gentle web browsing.

Sporting the handy, built-in camera as good as microphone, it’s fun as good as easy to reason face-to-face chats with your friends as good as family.

It comes pre-installed with the Microsoft Windows 7 Starter handling system, that combines the ultimate in trustworthiness as good as responsiveness with the laxity as good as harmony of Windows. It includes brand brand new Windows 7 facilities similar to Jump Lists to benefit we to improved find as good as conduct files, as good as joining to printers as good as peripherals is simpler than ever. (Learn some-more about Windows 7 Starter below.)

The W Series incorporates the high-resolution, 1366 x 768, LED backlit 10.1-inch ultra-wide display, creation it easy to perspective dual full web pages- no side-to-side scrolling necessary. It additionally facilities an removed set of keys with stretch as good as manageable keys creation it gentle as good as easy to use. Its delicately written touchpad as good as rodent keys have the Personal Computer organic as good as rodent movements easy to control. Easily send data, such as photos from your digital camera or song from an MP3 player, to as good as from the Personal Computer with the unit’s dual accessible USB ports, as good as the integrated Bluetooth connectivity enables we to have have have have have make use of of of of of of peripherals such as the wireless rodent but restraining up the possibly of the USB ports.

It comes with VAIO Media as good as Multimedia Streaming software, the media pity concentration that lets we wirelessly tide calm opposite DLNA-enabled inclination via your home network. Stream video, song as good as cinema from your W Series to your concordant first Personal Computer or PLAYSTATION 3 as good as vice-versa as good as suffer your calm anywhere in the home together with upon your big-screen TV.

Created generally for mobile devices, Intel’s 1.6 GHz Atom N280 processor uses an innovative pattern have up as good as hafnium-infused electronics that helps revoke electrical stream steam in transistors–which equates to longer battery hold up when you’re upon the go. An extra-large 250 GB tough expostulate provides plenty storage for all your photos, files as good as videos. Other facilities embody the built-in webcam as good as microphone let we video discuss with family, friends as good as colleagues, 1 GB of RAM, Draft-N Wi-Fi networking, both Memory Stick as good as Secure Digital mental recall label slots, as good as up to 7 hours of battery hold up with the enclosed vast genius battery.

This Sony W Series cover is Energy Star 5.0 certified, as good as has perceived the Gold EPEAT nomination for assembly standards to benefit revoke the environmental impact. Additionally, it is RoHS-compliant, effectively shortening the environmental stroke by restricting the have have have have have make use of of of of of of of lead, mercury as good as sure alternative dangerous substances.

Key Features

  • 10.1-inch LED backlit widescreen display (1368 x 768-pixel resolution) provides richer colors as good as clearer definition–perfect for browsing the internet
  • Windows 7 Starter creates tiny cover PCs simpler to have have have have have make use of of of of of of since it puts reduction in in between we as good as what we wish to do–less waiting, reduction clicking, reduction con joining to networks. And Starter combines the ultimate in trustworthiness as good as responsiveness with the laxity as good as harmony of Windows. (Learn more)
  • Get some-more facilities with Windows Anytime Upgrade. A tiny cover Personal Computer regulating Windows 7 Home Premium is even simpler to use. The brand brand new taskbar as good as modernized navigation facilities have rising programs, opening files, handling windows, as good as removing around your Personal Computer faster as good as easier. Personalize your Personal Computer to be only the approach we wish it with beneficial gadgets as good as desktop themes–even spin your desktop in to the slideshow of your the one preferred photos. And we get the most appropriate party knowledge upon the PC. With Windows Media Center, we can watch shows for giveaway when as good as where we wish with Internet TV.
  • 1.66 GHz Intel Atom N280 processor combines opening as good as potency to try the Internet as good as stay continuous whilst mobile. The Atom N280 processor additionally includes the power-optimized front side train of 533 MHz for faster interpretation send upon perfectionist mobile applications as good as the 512 KB L2 cache (which during the moment stores data). (Learn more)
  • 250 GB Serial ATA tough drive (5400 RPM)
  • 1 GB of DDR2 RAM (533 MHz)
  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950
  • MOTION EYE webcam as good as microphone lets we quick snap photos as good as video discuss with friends as good as family.
  • Draft-N Wi-Fi networking (802.11b/g/n) for larger speed as good as operation
  • Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity enables we to promulgate as good as synchronize with Bluetooth-enabled peripherals such as PDAs as good as dungeon phones as good as suffer wireless stereo song streaming (thanks to the embedded A2DP profile).
  • Fast Ethernet (10/100)
  • Pre-loaded software includes Microsoft Works SE 9.0 for word estimate as good as spreadsheet work. Enjoy the 60-day hearing chronicle of Microsoft Office Home as good as Student 2007.
  • Up to 7 hours of battery life with enclosed vast genius battery
  • Dimensions: 10.54 x 7.07 x 2.01 inches (WxDxH)
  • Weight: 2.96 pounds
  • Warranty: 1-year singular hardware warranty, as good as 1-year of toll-free write technical benefit (a 1-year general have use of devise is additionally available).

Networking, Connectivity & Expansion
With the integrated Draft-N Wi-Fi networking capabilities, this laptop provides up to 5 times the opening as good as twice the wireless operation regulating 802.11n-compatible routers as we would with 802.11g networks. It’s additionally back concordant with 802.11b/g networks (commonly found during Wi-Fi hotspots as good as in comparison home routers). This cover additionally provides Fast (10/100) Ethernet networking.

  • 2 USB 2.0 ports for joining the far-reaching operation of peripherals–from digital cameras to MP3 players
  • Analog video output: 1 VGA
  • Memory Stick PRO Duo media container with MagicGate functionality
  • Secure Digital label container (compatible with MMC media)
  • 1 headphone jack, 1 microphone jack
  • 10/100 Fast Ethernet

What’s in the box
This package contains the Sony VAIO VGN-W121AX/T mini notebook, vast genius rechargeable battery, AC adapter, energy cord, printed user primer

It additionally comes with the following software: Norton Internet Security 2009 (30-day trial); VAIO Multimedia Suite includes VAIO Startup Assistant, Click to Disc Editor, VAIO Movie Story, VAIO MusicBox as good as VAIO Media as good as

Learn More

Windows 7 Starter creates tiny cover PCs simpler to have have have have have make use of of of of of of since it puts reduction in in between we as good as what we wish to do—less waiting, reduction clicking, reduction con joining to networks. Windows 7 Starter combines the ultimate in trustworthiness as good as responsiveness with the laxity as good as harmony of Windows.

Simpler as good as simpler to use Built with the ultimate technology Makes home networking easy
  • Features similar to Jump Lists, Pin, Snap, as good as Windows Search all have regulating the tiny cover Personal Computer elementary as good as easy.
  • Connecting to printers as good as inclination is simpler than ever.
  • Windows 7 Starter supports the ultimate hardware as good as software.
  • Joining home networks with alternative PCs regulating Windows 7 is easy as good as simple.
  • Connecting to wireless networks is easy as good as fast.
  • Internet Explorer 8 improves the reserve of web browsing.
Which chronicle of Windows 7 is Best for You?

Intel Atom Processor: Your PC’s Perfect Internet Companion

Take the Internet to some-more places with the prolonged battery hold up as good as coherence of the compact, lightweight netbook powered by the incredibly small, amazingly intelligent Intel Atom processor. It facilities the pattern have up that packs in 47 million transistors in to the singular thinly slice sized during only 22mm (0.87 inches), as good as it uses only 2.5 watts of power–less than 1/10 of the 35 watts used by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor–for glorious battery management. This 1.66 GHz Atom N280 processor additionally includes the power-optimized front side train of 533 MHz for faster interpretation send upon perfectionist mobile applications as good as the 512 KB L2 cache (which during the moment stores data).

Sony VAIO VPC-W121AX/T 10.1-Inch Brown Netbook – Up to 7 Hours of Battery Life

5 Reviews

  1. Pamela Van Beekum says:

    Sony has made a big mistake in how they have represented this net book or mini Vaio. Sony evidently can’t produce a netbook style computer with competitive battery life and ship it with the monster high capacity battery that is competitive and lasts 7 hours but ruins the sleek look of the computer. Even on Sony’s Web site as well as Amazon’s they present this laptop in every photo with a sleek profile and a small battery that they claim lasts 7 hours.

    Big untruth. Or shall we cut to the chase and say that it is a lie and deceptive. The computer arrives with the large capacity battery which is the only one that can last 7 hours and the reason it is not pictured is because this darling mini vaio looks like it has a tumor growing from it. The profile is NOTHING like pictured in all the images on both the Sony and Amazon’s site.

    I do love the computer itself – it is amazing and unlike some netbooks it will run more than just surfing programs and has an awesome 250gb.

    This put me in a conundrum as I love the pc but hate the battery and certainly didn’t want to buy another $89 battery with only 2.5 hours capacity.

    Amazon in all their greatness made this good for me and are sending me the real standard battery at no cost while allowing me to keep the tumor battery for the times I need the longer battery life. It doesn’t make me real happy to only have a 2.5 battery life but for those times I want the sleekness it will be perfect.

    Without Amazon and their high integrity, I would have sent this back and been pretty disappointed at my time being wasted.

    Thank you Amazon. And Sony – this is really a regrettable sales practice – and actually not legal.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  2. Mark says:

    I am very satisfied with my W Series netbook. I was aware of the criticisms posted by some other reviewers. The netbook works fine for me. The profile photo on Amazon clearly shows the battery unlike some other sites. It doesn’t bother me at all. It tilts the netbook at a nice angle, and it keeps the netbook cooler. The fan is not that loud. The display is great! The high resolution images are superb. If you are far-sighted, you might want something else. I like the clarity of the images. The right shift key is small, but I have adjusted. The keyboard feels nice and I can type fairly rapidly. I bought it for reading email, surfing the web, and working on basic Office documents. It does all of these things well. There are cheaper products, but I like the Sony quality and reliability. I recommend this netbook.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Robert L. Estes says:

    I have been using one of these (brown finish) for about 6 weeks, and I must say that it is a mixed-bag, ultimately disappointing for the premium price level. The physical appearance is quite nice, consistent with other VAIO designs, and the screen resolution is excellent. The extended-life battery helps to tilt the keyboard when sitting on a desk, so the bulge doesn’t bother me; but the small chicklet keys and layout will bother many potential users, particularly since there are plenty of netbooks with side-to-side keyboards and larger, easier to stroke keys. The small “shift” key is particularly annoying – I frequently hit the adjacent “up” key, positioning text where I don’t want it to be. The memory-stick slot can be dedicated to ReadyBoost use while keeping the SD slot open; but there are only 2 USB connectors – many less expensive units have three. Upgrading the memory to 2 GB ($40 extra, advisable for a netbook running Windows 7) is a chore, requiring the keyboard to be removed for access to the slot. I broke a small plastic retainer when doing this, so the right side of the keyboard would not stay flat when re-positioned until I fixed the break with Gorilla Glue – and probably voided the warranty in the process. Another early problem: unless a separate “lock” tab for the battery is engaged, moving the unit or maximally tilting the screen back can move the contacts just enough to shut down the unit, requiring a cold re-boot (and losing any unsaved data). It does perform well once configured with 2 GB of memory and a 2 GB ReadyBoost drive.

    If you are a Sony addict like me, this one is a better buy than the originally released W111AX models; but if I had looked at these units more critically, I would probably have purchased one of the less expensive, full-width keyboard models by Toshiba, HP, or other manufacturers.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  4. Richard T. Berman says:

    I read all the Amazon-based customer reviews and ended up purchasing the white VAIO. I had a netbook already, an early issue bargain-basement Dell 9″ that mainly taught me what I wanted instead, and this Sony is it. Let me react to a number of specifics some others have voiced concerns about. I list the two downside comments at the bottom of this review, but here is the long list of the upside points:

    Battery — (1) it is large and unconventional in shape, but I actually like it — it tilts the netbook at a great angle; (2) battery life is as advertised — over seven hours — and that is terrific (my Dell lasted only two hours off a full charge).

    Chip — the 1.66 (rather than 1.6) is unusual among netbooks of this generation.

    Fan motor — it is just about ever-present, but it is low-tone and I easily got used to it; more important, it does its job, keeping the netbook cooler — my Dell was hot to the touch and I couldn’t do anything about it, except take it out of action, to cool it down.

    Keyboard — HUGE difference from Dell and many other brands; the VAIO keyboard is right-sized, has more keys in better locations, and are elevated from the deck, all making this keyboard much better.

    The 250g hard drive easily accommodates a range of software, where my Dell struggled with its 80g.

    Built-in camera is way better than the one is the Dell, one Skype with my son made that clear.

    I haven’t used the on-board slots for memory cards yet, but look forward to using them and am pleased they are there.

    Resolution is great; on-board speakers are dreadful, but it does have high definition capability for headphones and external speakers.

    Just so you know, the white color is more a seashell than white — really nice, but cosmetic value only.

    The downside — (1) I love Windows 7, but wish I could upgrade to Home Premium; (2) biggest downer is the 1G limitation on memory — with lots of software loaded it seems like it will drag a bit, but hasn’t yet — and besides, most netbooks are similarly limited. UPDATE ON DOWNSIDE: Another owner of one of these pointed out that I could do both of these upgrades. So there is no downside for me at all now. By the way, it’s personal preference, but now that I’ve used this for a while, I like the tilt that the extended life battery gives the deck — even more! It is a little gawky when it’s in the travel sleeve (foam), but that’s no biggie at all.

    Overall? Love it! Recommendation — do it once and do it right — buy this one.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Fenery says:

    Ok i was reading through all the reviews here before i went and bought a netbook and I have to say i was scared by the reviews on here. The fat battery thing in particular. Well I got one anyway and I had to say that i am NOT disappointed in any way so far. Yes it does indeed have a very strange battery design, possibly even ugly….BUT it has an amazing battery life and other than that it’s awesome! This little guy is weightless and works like a charm. It can do everything my mac powerbook can do and it’s a lot smaller and lighter. It did have a small issue in that windows 7 starter wouldn’t let me make my own wallpaper at first and that’s BAD! But before you get mad like I did, let me inform you that you can you know *nudge* *nudge* fix it, so that you can make your own wallpaper no sweat. So once that problem was overcome I so far haven’t had any issues using it to everything i usually do on a laptop. Watch movies, download files, itunes, etc. I don’t recommend anything like dvd creation or things like that, but that’s obvious anyway….
    Rating: 5 / 5

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