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  • Intel Atom Processor N450 (1.66 GHz, 512 KB L2 Cache)
  • 1GB DDR2 System Memory (1 DIMM)
  • 160GB (5400RPM) Hard Drive (SATA); Wireless LAN 802.11b/g/n
  • 10.1″ Diagonal WSVGA LED Anti-glare Widescreen Display (1024 x 600), Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 (shared) with up to 256MB Total Available Graphics Memory
  • Genuine Windows 7 Starter; Up to 9.75 Hours of Battery Life

Product Description
Prepare to be beheld when we take this Netbook out upon the town. Small, slim as well as stylish, the HP Mini 210 lets we roller the web, stay connected, as well as be entertained wherever we go. Amp up the fun by personification videos as well as song or arrangement off your photos. Exclusive, integrated program keeps we in sync with your hold up by vouchsafing we e-mail, chat, as well as now entrance your files from anywhere. Take only what we need And leave the rest upon your first PC. At reduction than the single in. skinny as well as starting during only 2.69 pounds, this ultra-compact Personal Computer won’t import we down. You’ll suffer the 16:9 10.1″ erratic BrightView Infinity arrangement as well as scarcely full-size keyboard.

HP Mini 210-1084NR 10.1-Inch Blue Netbook – 9.75 Hours of Battery Life

5 Reviews

  1. James Sanford says:

    Trying to buy a netbook after their explosion in popularity is proving to be difficult, as manufacturers pump out far too many variations.

    In addition to the listed specifications for each model of the HP Mini 210 (cpu, memory, disk, exterior color/finish), there are other physical variations depending on model number.

    Depending on which HP Mini 210 model you get, some differences are:
    – A different keyboard (“island” keyboard or traditional keyboard)
    – A matte or glossy screen
    – A different physical size of battery
    – Different wireless support (802.11b/g vs 802.11b/g/n vs 802.11b/g+bluetooth)

    At the time of writing, existing reviews and photos make it difficult to tell what you’ll end up with. According to the HP website, there are a dizzying one hundred ninety different HP Mini 210 models.

    Some of the popular models that I saw had these attributes:
    210-1010NR: Matte screen, traditional keyboard
    210-1030NR: Matte screen, traditional keyboard
    210-1040NR: Glossy screen, island keyboard

    I ended up with a 210-1040NR. I prefer the island keyboard, it seemed to have less flex than the traditional keyboard. Touch typing on either keyboard was not an issue, punctuation is in the correct place, and both the shift keys and the spacebar are nice and large. The multitouch touchpad works better than the competition. I installed Ubuntu Netbook Edition 9.10 and everything works out of the box. (Although the internal fan appears to be on regardless of temperature)

    For me, knowing the limitations of the cpu, keyboard, and build quality, the 1024×600 resolution of the display is the weak point. I see there’s also a HP Mini 210 HD lineup with a higher resolution display, which may be worth considering.

    As far as 10.1″ netbooks on the market as of February 2010, after handling and typing on competing models from Acer, Asus, Toshiba, and Sony, for me the HP Mini 210 is the winner.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. Kathleen Tringo says:

    Sorry but I can only give this mini laptop a one-star review. There are two things wrong with it. The second day I owned it I went to plug it in to recharge the battery only to find that the connection was loose and I had to wiggle the cord and actually prop the cord up on a stack of papers in order for it to stay in the computer. The second problem was the same thing with the ethernet cord. The ethernet cord would not plug in properly to the computer. I actually went to a store that carries the same laptop. He tried plugging in the ethernet cord for me only to find out that it would not snap in. He tried the HP mini they had in the store and the same thing happened. He was a little confused also. Then he took the cord and plugged it into an Acer, a Dell and a Toshiba and the cord snapped right into place but on this model of the HP mini the cords fell right out of the computer. I highly suggest just going to your local Best Buy, Staples or some place that carries the HP minis and trying it out for yourself before making the purchase on Amazon. If I had done that I could have saved myself a trip to purchase a different brand of computer while away from home. I have an HP 16″ laptop and it works great that is why I thought the mini would be a perfect purchase.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. That One says:

    I just wanted to warn others about a major drawback of the Windows 7 Starter Operating System that this netbook comes with. I wasn’t aware of it when I made my purchase, and I wish I had been. Windows 7 Starter is a very scaled back version of Windows 7 that is only available pre-installed on netbooks. It it does not have full-featured functionality. It does not, for example, allow a user to change their desktop background. The stock blue Windows background it comes with is what you’re stuck with, unless you use third-party workarounds. You also cannot change window colors or sound schemes. Additionally, it does not offer DVD playback. So, if you had planned on attaching a portable drive to watch movies–think again. I highly recommend doing your own research into the limitations of Windows 7 Starter before you buy, if you plan to use it as your primary operating system.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. Granderobino says:

    I’m sorry I’m not able to offer a well-informed opinion as I am practically techno-illiterate. Really. Just a step above a Luddite.

    But I needed something that I could actually consider portable (as opposed to my beloved laptop-which I love, but is just too bulky for me to throw in a bag and run). Anyhoo, after looking in a few stores and online and reading the various folks reviews of similar products here, I decided on this. And, Yay! It’s everything I wanted. I can’t vouch for how well it manages more complicated aplications but for me to just acess email when I’m away from home (because I have sausage fingers, and don’t think I could manage IPhone use), and surf a few sites on the web, it’s been great. The battery life is always more than enough. The set up was easy and use is easy. Easy for me = Win.

    I got the sleeve they offerd her to go with it, and a small “Kensignton” wireless mouse (though the touch pad on this unit is easier to use than others I have tried, so I don’t always need the mouse).

    The unit arrived in a timely manner and was well protected in its pakaging.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. J. Lambert says:

    I shopped around looking for deals and at different models for about 2-3 months. Did lots of research on features and performance, and was overwhelmed at how man of these netbooks have the exact same internals as all the others. I finally went with the HP Mini 210-1055NR because it has the full glass over the entire screen and bezel that makes it look so much better than the 110 or similar dells. This just creates such a more aesthetically pleasing look to the entire netbook. It also had a little better specs than all the other clones that were budget priced all over the web (Acers, Dells, HP 110s) and with the extra RAM I bought for it, and the easy access panel that allows you to remove the entire bottom cover of the netbook, the upgrade was simple and performance is great!

    I recommend this to anyone looking at getting a netbook for either easy writing or surfing. I haven’t played with HPs linux instant on software that comes preinstalled, but Windows 7 starter works just fine, despite previously hearing bad things about its limitations, I with it and am happy I chose it over the severely outdated XP.

    One thing that is crucial to do is remove as much of the bloatware that HP installs by default on their new systems. You will see a significant performance boost and less harddrive space taken up by clearing off all the trial games and software that come with your new HP.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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