• 1.66GHz Intel N450 Atom Processor
  • 1GB DDR2 RAM, 1 SODIMM Slot, 2GB Max
  • 250GB SATA Hard Drive (5400RPM) + 500GB Free Web Storage; Chiclet Keyboard; 0.3MP Webcam
  • 10.1-Inch Color-Shine 1024X600 WSVGA LCD Display; 802.11 b/g/n
  • Windows 7 Starter Operating System; 6 Cell Battery for up to eleven Hours of Battery Life

Product Description
Embrace mobile computing in character with a code brand new ASUS Eee Personal Computer 1005PE-M. The 1005PE-M packs a idealisation ATOM CPU from Intel, a N450, which consumes reduction appetite than a predecessors, permitting a 1005PE-M to get up to a whopping eleven hours of battery life. With built-in Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, users can stay continuous wherever they go. The 92%-scaled ergonomic set of keys as good as Multi-Touch touchpad have it a zephyr to sort as good as navigate by content. The 1005PE-M’s 250GB tough expostulate as good as 500GB of giveaway webstorage yield a resources of storage as good as backup capabilities. The 1005PE additionally facilities a chiclet set of keys for total character as good as comfort. Lastly, a 0.3MP Webcam as good as Windows 7 Starter Operating System turn out a list of a 1005PE-M’s considerable features. With a neat curves as good as well-spoken lines, a Eee Personal Computer 1005PE-M offers higher character but sacrificing opening or mobility.Amazon.com Product Description
Eee Personal Computer 1005PE-M

The 10.1-inch Eee Personal Computer 1005PE-M Seashell with Windows 7 Starter shines as a preferred Eee Personal Computer for a caucasian tribe seeking for superb wireless connectivity as good as fit Eee Personal Computer performance. Thanks to ASUS’ disdainful Super Hybrid Engine, we can take this mobile phenom wherever we select as good as suffer up to an implausible eleven hours of unplugged freedom.*

The Eee Personal Computer 1005PE-M is encased in a well-spoken pearlescent bombard which captivates onlookers as good as facilities a subsequent era Intel Atom N450 processor for superb battery life. Plus, it gives we lengthened joy with a chiclet keyboard, vast palm-rest, as good as multi-touch trackpad. For some-more convenience, a Eee Personal Computer 1005PE has hotkeys placed upon top of a set of keys – extenuation we discerning entrance to Wi-Fi as good as carry out of a ASUS Super Hybrid Engine which right divided optimizes complement opening for a assign during hand. Throw in a inexhaustible 250GB tough expostulate with 500GB of ASUS WebStorage** as good as we get a genius to store, share, as good as entrance your critical interpretation anytime, anywhere.

ASUS worked closely to have your Windows 7 knowledge improved with groundbreaking utilities such as FastBoot as good as LocalMe. With ASUS FastBoot technology, this Windows 7-enabled Eee Personal Computer starts up discerning so we wait for reduction as good as do more. LocalMe is a GPS-like focus which when continuous to a internet provides easy entrance to internal areas as good as gets we where we instruct to be.

Miles forward of a competition, a Eee Personal Computer 1005PE-M provides unrivalled battery hold up as good as higher portability which liberates we from wall chargers as good as brings we in to a subsequent era of mobility.

Stylish Design with Exceptional Multimedia Performance as good as Versatility

Key Features

  • Up to eleven hours of unplugged all-day computing to go serve than ever before* (Learn more)
  • ASUS Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) innovatively saves battery hold up as good as boosts opening (Learn more)
  • Intel Atom N450 processor is right divided even some-more appetite fit in multiple with ASUS SHE
  • 750GB Hybrid Storage for accessible storage on-the-go 250GB HDD + 500GB ASUS WebStorage** (Learn more)
  • 10.1-inch LED-backlit Color-shine arrangement uses reduction appetite for longer have make have make have use of of of of of (Learn more)
  • 92-percent full-size chiclet set of keys for a gentle as good as accurate typing knowledge (Learn more)
  • Multi-touch trackpad for discerning as good as discerning carry out (Learn more)
  • Stunning looks as good as accessible mobility with seashell pattern weighing a small 2.8 lbs
  • 1GB complement memory (easily upgradable to 2GB)
  • High speed Wi-Fi networking (802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4GHz) for wire-free mobility (Learn more)
  • Windows 7 Starter for a many arguable as good as simplest Windows handling complement to date (Learn more)
  • Integrated webcam as good as digital microphone for video/voice conversations with your friends as good as family
  • F9 easy recovery for accessible as good as easy complement reinstallation (Learn more)
  • Warranty: 1 year tellurian guaranty as good as 30-day Flawless Display Guarantee: If a singular splendid dot is found, a giveaway row deputy is upon hearing inside of thirty days of strange purchase

Learn More

Get up to an Amazing eleven Hours of Battery Life

Golden Ratio of 16:9 for Widescreen Movies as good as Games Only ASUS has a innovative ASUS Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) which gives we idealisation carry out of your Eee Personal Computer 1005PE-M. With a prohibited pass upon top of a keyboard, we can right divided authority a processor to run faster for some-more opening or preserve speed to lengthen battery life. By pairing ASUS SHE with a idealisation Intel Atom N450 processor, Eee Personal Computer 1005PE right divided provides some-more opening as good as battery hold up than ever prior to to upon any Eee PC.

Through a innovative design, a ASUS SHE application total with a 6-cell Li-Ion battery, a power-saving LED-backlit display, as good as an energy-efficient Intel Atom N450 processor broach up to eleven hours of battery hold up –the longest to ever be featured upon an Eee PC. Imagine enjoying eleven hours drifting from Los Angeles to London with your a a single preferred cinema as good as song upon a singular charge. Imagine eleven hours of wireless leisure as good as genius all-day as good as night- from a train float to school, to a time your work for a day is done.

Never again will we hasten to find an opening or instruct we had brought a wall charger, a Eee Personal Computer 1005PE-M gives we a reassured assent of thoughts with mobile appetite to final scarcely all day long.

Get a Big Picture in a Small Frame

Golden Ratio of 16:9 for Widescreen Movies as good as Games

The Eee Personal Computer 1005PE-M facilities a idealisation era of LED-backlit record for ultra-thin, ultra-bright, as good as energy-efficient portability as good as versatility. A shining 10.1-inch LED-backlit Color-shine arrangement creates celebration of a mass papers as good as surfing a Web gentle as good as easy.

With a 1024 x 600 fortitude screen, we can seashore by many of your a a single preferred web pages but carrying to resize your browser or corkscrew left as good as right. The 1005PE-M additionally facilities a shining Color-Shine silken arrangement record routinely found upon high-end notebooks so your movies, games, as good as photos have been displayed in loyal as good as colourful colors.

But what good is a pleasing arrangement when it is not flawless. ASUS offers a Eee Personal Computer 1005PE a 30-day undiluted arrangement guarantee. If we find a single poor splendid dot inside of thirty days of purchase, ASUS will reinstate a row during no cost.

Strikingly Comfortable. Perfectly Concise.

Multitask with Ease with Intel<sup>®</sup> Core™2 Duo Processors” height=”300″ hspace=”10″ src=”http://g-ecx.images-amazon.com/images/G/01/electronics/detail-page/1005PE_bk_keyboard.jpg” style=”margin: 10px;” vspace=”10″ width=”400″ /></td>
<td style=Flawlessly smooth, a Eee Personal Computer 1005PE-M Seashell draws a impulse from a span of an sea seashell. Its neat as good as silken extraneous is crafted by In-mold Roller (IR) record for a in vogue nonetheless scratch-resistant aspect that’s undiluted for bland use. The eye-catching Eee Personal Computer 1005PE-M is specifically written to be ultra compress so we can have make have make have use of of of of of it in a smallest areas with ease. Its unstable distance creates it undiluted during enlarged transport trips, classroom desks, or boardroom meetings.

The Eee Personal Computer 1005PE-M Seashell comes with a 92-percent full-size chiclet set of keys with a atmospheric palm rest that’s ergonomically written to revoke tired as good as suggest a some-more gentle knowledge during enlarged use. It additionally facilities a user-friendly multi-touch trackpad which helps we navigate papers as good as web pages. With a elementary hold of your fingertips, we can facilely corkscrew up as good as down, as good as wizz in as good as out, so which each item is brought front as good as core with ease.

Easy Connectivity

Golden Ratio of 16:9 for Widescreen Movies as good as Games The Eee Personal Computer 1005PE-M Seashell connects we to your wireless universe with built-in 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity as good as Windows 7 Starter to broach decisive wireless accessibility.

A spring-loaded Plug-and-Play peep label container (MMC/SD/SDHC) expands your storage genius so we can perspective as good as share your digital photos, videos, as good as outmost interpretation files instantly. A built-in 0.3 megapixel webcam as good as a digital microphone mix to give we transparent video conferencing so we can have transparent on-the-go video chats with family as good as friends.

Even More Storage

System far-reaching opening boost The Eee Personal Computer 1005PE-M tough expostulate has been stretched to give we 250GB of storage genius as good as comes with an a single some-more 500GB of ASUS WebStorage, a giveaway as good as secure database to store your appreciated data.

ASUS WebStorage allows we to simply share as good as guarantee your movies, music, as good as files, so we can entrance them anywhere in a universe which has an internet connection. Create as good as share a single some-more user accounts which let we resolutely as good as safely share your changed stored files, videos, song as good as more, with friends as good as family.

Quick Recovery with Just One Key

Ergonomic The Eee Personal Computer 1005PE-M creates complement reinstallation elementary with a built-in liberation module which can revive your complement to a strange bureau settings by simply dire F9 3 times during start-up.

Coupled with ASUS WebStorage, we can simply fill-in your interpretation prior to to complement liberation to collect up wherever we leave off but a hitch.

Eee Personal Computer with Windows 7 –Life Made Easier

Anodized brushed aluminum cover Explore a good code brand new facilities of Windows 7 Starter with a Eee Personal Computer 1005PE-M. Featuring optimized energy-saving facilities as good as easy-to-use shortcuts, a Windows handling complement is redesigned to give we an extended user knowledge creation your bland tasks simpler than ever before. Plus, Windows 7 has easy networking pity which helps bond we right divided to Wi-Fi hotspots as good as networking hubs. Share some-more with friends as good as roller a Web improved with Windows 7 as good as a Eee Personal Computer 1005PE-M.

Windows 7 Starter creates Eee PCs simpler to have make have make have use of of of of of since it puts reduction in between we as good as what we instruct to do – reduction waiting, reduction clicking, reduction con joining to networks. Starter combines a idealisation in trustworthiness as good as responsiveness with a laxity as good as harmony of Windows.

A Brand which Sparked a Revolution – The First Netbook

Ergonomic In 2007, a Eee Personal Computer perpetually reshaped a clarification of mobile computing.

Birthed from a creativity as good as engineering luminosity of ASUS innovation, it shortly became a must-have netbook opposite a globe. Following which year, a Eee Personal Computer code grew in to a full portfolio of rarely sought-after mobile as good as compress PCs with a single idea “to have people’s lives easier.”

The initial netbook to market, ASUS has a single after another to lead this building difficulty with a longest battery life, disdainful features, as good as world-class design. Today, Eee products have been a upmost pitch of how innovative record can move fad as good as preference to each chairman it touches.

Customer Warranty –The Industry’s Most Complete Netbook Care Package

  • 1 year tellurian warranty
  • 6 months battery warranty
  • 30-Day Flawless Display Guarantee: If we find a single poor splendid dot inside of thirty days of purchase, ASUS will reinstate a row during no cost
  • Free one-way customary shipping
  • 24/7 tech await
  • What’s in a Box

  • Eee Personal Computer 1005PE-M Seashell (Black)
  • Power Adapter †
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Recovery DVD / Support CD

  • Specifications

  • Operating System: Windows 7 Starter
  • Display: 10.1-inch LED-Backlit Display (1024 x 600) with Color Shine silken finish
  • Intel CPU: Intel Atom N450
  • Wireless Data Network: 802.11b/g/n (@ 2.4GHz)
  • Memory: 1GB (upgradeable to 2GB)
  • Hybrid Storage: 250GB HDD + 500GB ASUS WebStorage
  • Camera: 0.3M Pixels
  • Audio: Stereo Speakers, High-Definition Audio CODEC, Built-in digital microphone
  • Storage Cards: 2-in-1 MMC, SD(SDHC) peep label container
  • Input/Output: 1 x VGA connector, 3 x USB 2.0 ports, 1 x LAN RJ-45, 2 x audio jacks: Headphone & Mic-in
  • Battery: Up to eleven hours Li-Ion battery *
  • Dimensions: 10.31 (W) x 7.01 (D) x 1.02~1.44 (H) inches
  • Weight: 2.80 lbs (with battery)
  • Color: Black
  • * Operation lifetime theme to product model, normal use conditions as good as configurations. For some-more information, greatfully revisit http://eeepc.asus.com/global/computing.html. The estimated limit battery hold up in Windows 7 is totalled with MobileMark 2007. 
    ** ASUS WebStorage is a nominal hearing use for 1 year after registration. Actual storage genius varies by model.
    † To recharge regulating a AC appetite adapter, appetite block contingency be entirely pushed in to a appetite hollow upon a Eee Personal Computer until it clicks resolutely in to place.

    Note: This Eee Personal Computer facilities a silken finish chassis. Reflections in photos might vary. Color of a framework is single-toned.

    All specifications as good as conditions have been theme to shift but notice. Please check with your retailer for expect offers upon comparison models. Products might not be accessible in all markets. Product might not be just as shown in images.

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    ASUS Eee Personal Computer Seashell 1005PE-MU17-BK 10.1-Inch Black Netbook

    5 Reviews

    1. Sam says:

      I tend to think of myself as very methodical when it comes to electronics purchases, and my netbook purchase was no exception. I wanted great construction, performance, battery life, and value. That’s a lot to ask for anything. But here is why I picked the 1005PE-MU17. For reference, here are the other considerations that I had in mind before I settled on the 1005PE-MU17.

      1) Asus 1005PE-PU17 ($372)
      2) HP 5102 ($400+)
      3) Toshiba NB305-410 ($400)

      I’ll admit it, the HP 5102 and Toshiba NB305 are better constructed. The 1005PE-PU17 has the same construction as this one. However, that doesn’t mean this netbook’s construction is poor in any sense. It feels solid throughout, the screen isn’t flimsy, and the keystrokes are crisp. I don’t really have a problem typing on the keyboard, but the right shift key will take some time to get used to (not that I use it that often anyway). It is light, and the screen is beautiful for its size. At full power, the graphics on screen are very crisp, I always love gloss screens, because they play videos and so much better. A BIG part of the reason I went with the 1005PE-MU17 over the 1005PE-PU17 is the color choice. The 1005PE-PU17 has only gloss black and gloss blue finishes. I saw these netbooks with dirty fingerprints at the store, and it really takes a lot away from your netbook. By trying to get those fingerprints off, you get more on, and it’s really just an endless uphill battle. You can’t win. This was enough to warrant me from getting the 1005PE-PU17 series. Luckily, the 1005PE-MU17’s 11 hour battery life (as opposed to the 14 hour battery life in the 1005PE-PU17) suits me, and I can live without the bluetooth that the PU17 series adds. The gloss white finish is beautiful, and you can’t notice fingerprints on any of the white parts. It’s also very attractive, giving off kind of an ipod-esque feel. Get the gloss white, you’ll be happy you did.

      It’s great. In all test reviews I read (a lot) the 1005PE series beats out the Toshiba and the HP series netbooks. All were equipped with the new N450 Atoms. While only very marginally, real performance gains are to be had. An attractive feature however, is the Asus ExpressGate. It boots up almost instantly into this mini OS and from there you can chat or surf the web. It’s simple and easy. Mouse controls feel slightly different in this Expressgate configuration, but you get used to it. Also, reviews indicated that the HP 5102 tended to get a bit hot and the fan made audible noise in quiet rooms. This is great for libraries, and the fan goes, but you really can’t hear it. I’ve found no hot spots either. So it performs better and runs cool? Yes it does, and extremely well.

      Battery Life:
      One of the biggest points of owning a netbook is battery life. You want a small computer you can use everywhere, but you shouldn’t have to carry a charger everywhere you go. Can you imagine if you needed to carry around your battery charger everywhere you went with your cell phone? No, and it’s great that for this netbook, you don’t have to. A full charge, under reasonable conditions (not a fully lit screen or super high performance mode) should last you all day. No need to visit an outlet or hunt for one in a crowded coffee shop. Whether it’s school or work or simply going to Starbucks for the day to read, you can stay connected without having to lug around the charger. That is one of the biggest benefits of the new N450 Atom processor. You can look forward to nearly 11 hours. I could have gotten the 1005PE-PU17 with the 14 hour battery, which is great in itself, but I knew the fingerprints would have driven me crazy. With the 1005PE-MU17 and its 11 hour battery life, it is nearly as good, but you don’t have to be committed into an insane asylum after constantly fighting off the fingerprint smudges. And if anyone wants to know, the charger is tiny anyway, nothing near what my full size notebook needs. So even if you do have to carry it, you can throw it into your purse or backpack and its minimal anyway. Big plus!

      At around $320-$330, this netbook is a steal for this value. While the other netbooks have slightly better construction materials, they don’t really beat this one in performance (other than the 1005PE-PU17, but like I said….FINGERPRINTS). This is the core netbook that all netbooks on the market try to beat. And everyone knows it. Asus is still king of the netbook market bar none.

      Final Thoughts:
      I really wanted the 1005PE-PU17 because it had even better battery life and the extra bluetooth , but I couldn’t find anything but that fingerprint attracting gloss black and gloss blue in the US. Those colors are not designed for function, they’re designed for PR photos. It looks attractive and all when it’s new and untouched, but in actual execution it’s not so great. Go check any of the gloss options at retail stores, you’ll see what I mean. I don’t know who decides on the colors, but there needs to be more options other than that. I wish I wish I wish. But, the 1005PE-MU17 stepped it up with its beautiful gloss white finish, excellent performance, and great battery life. I know there’s people out there who are in the same dilemma about the fingerprints, and this netbook is your answer. Get it and be merry.

      Rating: 5 / 5

    2. Melvin L. Grussing says:

      Wow! This is day 4 of using the Asus eePC netbook and it far exceeds my expectations. The Windows 7 starter OS works so well with the computer. Recognized my local network and our local Barnes and Noble wireless network and it was a snap to setup. Vista and XP would have been a nightmare.

      I will be using the computer on my travels in the US and Europe. It will function as my telephone via Skype, e-mail writer and reader, listening to books from Audible, reading books downloaded from Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Add to that my mp3 and video player via Windows Media Player. Oh yes, I just typed a letter on word and pulled down a spreadsheet for Windows Live.

      Lets start from the top. The LED screen is 10 inches, clear, colorful and seems to be very battery friendly. The keyboard is good except for a very small right shift key. Not as good as my full size keyboard on my desktop but the whole computer weighs less than the keyboard! The speed of the wireless N network on my Asus is similar to my Sony Vaio Duo, fast. Handled my streaming video from Netflick’s well. The battery; the 6 cell battery has lasted 10 hours + listening to mp3’s while using Microsoft Office, watching video from Netflicks, and reading and listening to books. Didn’t turn off the wireless either. Not bad. I haven’t done any heavy duty computing like working on video or photo work. I have my quad core desktop for that stuff.

      I am wondering how book readers and tablets(Apple?) will be able to compete with a netbook like this? It can do it all and compute as well. If the hardware continues to work as well as it did out of the box, it will will be an ideal road warrior and entertainer.
      Rating: 5 / 5

    3. W. R. Booker says:

      I looked at netbooks and small notebook computers for over a month, and I probably spent more time than is reasonable or sane on the entire project – simply because I wanted to be able to travel lighter than before, and have a computer that could still do most of what I need.

      I looked at:

      Lenovo U150
      Lenovo S10
      Acer Aspire One
      Toshiba NB205
      Dell Mini

      I eventually bought the 1005PE because of it’s battery life, the processor, and it’s keyboard, and overlooked the mouse (which I have come to view as acceptable).

      Things I Liked About the 1005PE:
      1. The keyboard. It’s much better than I expected. The keys bounce when I type, and I kind of like that. I wouldn’t call it flex, and frankly I don’t even understand what keyboard “flex” is anyway. I type fast and I write a great deal as part of my job, and if the keyboard were not comfortable, it would be the first reason to not buy the computer. They say the keyboard is 92% of a full size, and it feels that way or just a bit smaller. But it’s easy to type on and I love that.

      2. The processor. The computer has been able to do everything I wanted. I have watched videos, listened to music, plugged in an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and I’ve even run several programs at one time. I do a lot of spreadsheet work and I’ve not used it for any of that, but I am now confident that it could do that reasonably well as long as I didn’t go crazy on the rows and columns.

      One thing that surprised me is that I was told that I needed to be aware that I could not use the computer for more than one thing at a time, and that it couldn’t be my main machine. But the fact is that I’ve been running two or three programs at once, and it is fine. I know it’s not a business-class machine, but for my kind of business, it’s doing great. I run trading software (Metatrader 4), gmail, music, and web browsers all at the same time.

      I did add 1GB of RAM (for a total of 2GB) and that helps as well, I am sure.

      3. The battery life. I love that the battery lasts as long as it does. It seems to be lasting 9+ hours for every charge.

      What I didn’t like so much
      1. The mouse. The mouse pad has bumps on it and I didn’t like that so much. I’d have preferred a little mouse nipple like I have on my Thinkpad X61. I hated that at first and got used to it. Don’t get me wrong: the mouse on the 1005PE works fine, and I’ve gotten used to it. And it was worth getting over for all of the other features.

      2. No built in 3G. I’d love to have been able to have a PCI Express card slot or a built in 3G modem. As it stands, I have a USB modem for Verizon’s wireless broadband and it works great. It just adds one more piece of equipment that I have to carry around.

      I looked at a ton of computers before I bought this one. I’m happy with what I got. I think it’s fair to say that for most, they’re going to want to have a separate computer if they do major work stuff, but I’ve found that I am able to do everything I need and I haven’t sacrificed any major performance to get it.
      Rating: 5 / 5

    4. J. Kim says:

      This is my first time purchasing a netbook, and I made a great choice. After literally hours of research to find the perfect little thing to carry around with me on campus, I found the ASUS Eee PC 1005 Pe! I needed something light, extremely dependable to use during classes to type up notes, and cheap; I already have an HP laptop, but it was way too heavy and its battery is way too short to carry around university.

      I’m not exactly the most informed on electronics, so I googled multiple times, went on laptopmag.com, cnet.com, et cetera, et cetera, and I made an informed decision. After all my probing, reading, and weighing my options, I decided to go with the Asus Eee PC 1005 Pe.

      The netbook is so light; I can carry it around in my purse/tote and it doesn’t bother me at all. The battery life, unfortunately, is a little bit less then expected (I think I screwed it up though because I did not fully charge the battery before first use…). At 100%, the battery life is around 8-6 hours, depending on how vigorously I use the netbook, brightness of the display, and other factors. The display is bright, and all the colors are true to life. The keyboard is not full-size, but very practical in terms of ratio; I barely make mistakes when typing. The touch pad area is pretty much the only downside of this netbook. It’s quite tiny, and the touch functions are not very receptive. However, I use the Fn and arrow keys to scroll up/down, so it’s no biggie.

      To sum it up, the netbook has very attractive functions and capabilities, including price!

      I have been using the netbook for about a week now, and I’m currently a student on a budget.
      Rating: 5 / 5

    5. Mark A. Nelson says:

      I’ve had the Eee PC 1005PE-MU17 for a few days and so far so good. I chose this netbook primarily because of the battery life and the keyboard. So far I have not been disappointed, the keyboard is small but it is comfortable and the separation of the keys makes typing a lot easier than the Aspire One. The keys seem to be smaller on this unit but the layout much more “typist friendly”. I’m not crazy about the touch pad, I much prefer the touch pad on some of the HP units. Where the buttons are on the side as opposed to the bottom. That would have given you more surface area to work with. The touchpad does have gesture support but it’s not that great. The pinch and zoom is a real annoyance and I have turned it off. Also I think I would have liked a unit with separate buttons for left and right click. The single rocker is ok but it does not seem to be as responsive as some of the other netbooks on the market.

      With the screen brightness set to a moderate level I was able to get about 8 hours of life out of the battery. That’s plenty for my usage, I usually plug it in at night so I’m not sure how long it takes to reach a full charge. I suppose the “Eee Super Hybraid Engine” helps with that. I don’t know but that’s the claim. I have noticed that Hulu videos plan smoother when I turn the engine up to full power. H.264 videos plays excellent in Windows Media player and VLC.

      If you are sensitive to glare you are going to hate this screen, it’s very reflective. Personally it doesn’t bother me because I prefer the glossy ones over the matte screens.

      I know it sound like I’m pointing out a lot of negatives about this unit but I think it’s things that you may want know before buying. I researched several netbooks over the past few weeks and I’m VERY happy with this one. I would definitely buy this one again.
      Rating: 4 / 5

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