• Intel Processor (1.33GHz)
  • 2GB of RAM & built-in Bluetooth technology
  • 64GB Serial ATA Solid State Drive & Integrated Mobile Broadband
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit
  • 8″ LCD w/ XBRITE-ECO™ technology

Product Description
Your portal to a world, a name VAIO P Series Lifestyle Personal Computer delivers your party as good as computing in a singular go-anywhere design. Features similar to built-in mobile broadband as good as real-time GPS functionality discuss it usually a prejudiced story. The bottom line is which this stylish tiny 1.4lb (with customary battery) computing sidekick will have a undiluted fit with your life, either it’s for business, pleasure, or both.Amazon.com Product Description
About a distance of a commercial operation pouch as good as rounded off as skinny as a dungeon phone, a Sony VAIO P Series Lifestyle Personal Computer weighs only 1.4 pounds as good as is tiny sufficient to trip in to a coupler container or handbag. But some-more than only charity easy mobility, a Lifestyle Personal Computer is packaged full of modernized computing, communication, as good as place capabilties. It comes with a Windows Vista Home Premium handling system, ancillary bureau applications as good as all a program programs customarily found in full-size notebooks. This chronicle of a Lifestyle Personal Computer (model P688E/N) comes in gold, though it’s additionally accessible emerald green, onyx black, garnet red, as good as transparent white.

The Sony VAIO P Series Lifestyle Personal Computer in gold.

The Lifestyle PC’s set of keys is precisely engineered to show off a typing area with ingeniously-spaced keys for both prolonged fingernails as good as vast hands.

See a incomparable chronicle of this image.

The Lifestyle Personal Computer incorporates built-in wireless WAN 3G Mobile Broadband, 802.11n Wi-Fi as good as Bluetooth technologies. You can toggle in in between assorted wireless options for a many fit connection–Wi-Fi for operative during a coffee shop; Bluetooth for peripherals; as good as Mobile Broadband make make make use of of of upon a Verizon Wireless national network when roving outward a strech of hotspots (subscription required). It additionally incorporates real-time GPS functionality, creation it easy to find restaurants, hotels or special sites of interest. Destinations can be found by simply typing in an residence or keyword as good as afterwards following a turn-by-turn directions.

The high-resolution, backlit 8-inch ultra-wide XBRITE-ECO agreement provides razor-sharp observation upon a go. It’s powered by a 1.33 GHz Intel processor as good as includes a 64 GB plain state expostulate for faster read/write times as good as incomparable durability, mental recall enlargement around Memory Stick media as good as Secure Digital (SD) mental recall cards, as good as 2 GB of RAM (maximum capacity), as good as Windows Vista Home Basic handling complement (32-bit). Other facilities embody a Motion Eye webcam (with omnidirectional microphone) integrated in to a to right dilemma of a agreement bezel for easy video chats, dual USB ports, as good as a VGA pier for joining to an outmost monitor. The section facilities up to 4 hours of battery hold up with a enclosed customary genius battery as good as 8 hours with a vast genius battery (sold separately).

This Sony cover is Energy Star 4.0 certified, as good as has perceived a Silver EPEAT nomination for assembly standards to benefit revoke a environmental impact. Additionally, it is RoHS-compliant, effectively shortening a environmental stroke by restricting a make make make use of of of of lead, mercury as good as sure alternative dangerous substances.

Key Features

  • 8-inch XBRITE-ECO LED-backlit screen with 1600 x 768-pixel high-def fortitude (Learn more)
  • 1.33 GHz Intel processor with 512 KB L2 cache as good as 533 MHz front-side train (FSB)
  • 64 GB plain state drive is giveaway of relocating collection as good as written to final longer than a compulsory spinning tough drive. Plus, plain state drives have been roughly dual times faster than compulsory drives.
  • 2 GB of RAM (533 MHz) maximizes genius
  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 500 with up to 760 MB of common video mental recall
  • Built-in real-time GPS lets we navigate even a many unknown places with ease–no internet tie required. (Learn more)
  • MOTION EYE webcam as good as microphone lets we fast snap photos as good as video discuss with friends as good as family.
  • Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband Built-In for consistent tie upon a go as good as no a singular some-more wireless label indispensable (broadband internet make make make use of of of required).
  • Draft-N Wi-Fi networking (802.11b/g/n) for incomparable speed as good as operation
  • Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity enables we to promulgate as good as synchronize with Bluetooth-enabled peripherals such as PDAs as good as dungeon phones as good as suffer wireless stereo song streaming (thanks to a embedded A2DP profile).
  • Intel High Definition Audio with headphone outlay
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit) handling complement (Learn more)
  • Up to 4 hours of battery life
  • Dimensions: 9.7 x 4.8 x 0.8 inches (WxDxH)
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Warranty: 1-year singular hardware warranty, as good as 1-year of toll-free write technical benefit (a 1-year general make make make use of of of devise is additionally available).

Networking, Connectivity & Expansion
Enjoy easy wireless networking with a integrated tri-mode Atheros Draft-N wireless LAN (compatible with 802.11b/g/n wireless networks). Based upon a breeze 802.11n Wi-Fi specification, it offers up to 5 times a opening as good as twice a wireless operation as existent 802.11g wireless. It’s additionally back concordant with 802.11b/g networks (commonly found in home routers as good as wi-fi hotspots). It comes with a following outmost connectors:

  • 2 USB 2.0 ports for joining a far-reaching operation of peripherals–from digital cameras to MP3 players
  • Analog video output: 1 VGA
  • 1 I/O pier
  • 1 headphone jack
  • Memory Stick Duo media container with MagicGate functionality
  • Secure Digital label container (compatible with MMC media)

What’s in a box
This package contains a Sony VAIO Lifestyle VGN-P688E/N laptop, customary genius rechargeable battery (VGPBPS15/B), AC adapter, energy cord, 2 gangling indicating hang caps, printed user manual.

It additionally comes with a following software: Norton Internet Security 2009 (30-day trial), Microsoft Works SE 9.0, VAIO Media as well as multimedia streaming program

Learn More

8-Inch High-Definition XBRITE-ECO Display

You’ll suffer razor-sharp graphics as good as widescreen cinema with a 8-inch display, which offers a 1600 x 768 widescreen resolution. The XBRITE-ECO jot down (with LED backlighting) delivers shining colors as good as overwhelming distinctness with fit energy usage, as good as it facilities an anti-reflective cloaking to minimize thoughtfulness as good as safeguard a beautifully transparent picture from any observation angle. Video is powered by a Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 500 integrated graphics chip, which uses common video mental recall (up to 760 MB allocated from a complement memory). It’s concordant with outmost guard resolutions up to 1600 x 1200. The Lifestyle Personal Computer additionally sports an integrated audio label with Intel High Definition Audio as good as a headphone jack.

VAIO Lifestyle Personal Computer Innovations

A finish GPS solution.

You do not need an Internet tie (in a U.S. or Canada) with a real-time GPS functionality. Just step outward as good as sort in where we wish to go. You’ll get turn-by-turn directions displayed right upon a map–it’s which simple. Other navigation facilities embody real-time tracking of your stream location, a capability to poke by address, keyword or points of interest, estimated expostulate times to your preferred place as good as points of interest, such as restaurants as good as hotels inside of 50 miles of your location.

Engineered to yield a feel of a incomparable notebook, a VAIO Lifestyle Personal Computer provides a available typing knowledge by fluctuating a set of keys to a perimeters of a framework maximizing a typing area. The spacing in in between keys has additionally been engineered to benefit revoke typing mistakes creation it undiluted for prolonged fingernails.

When we have some-more than a couple of papers or web pages open during once, your shade can get a tiny chaotic. But interjection to a special window agreement utility, we can classify them all with a singular elementary touch. Press a symbol as good as watch as all your open windows have been presented corresponding upon a singular screen, slicing confusion as good as giving we a uninformed viewpoint upon your workspace.

The section additionally has an instant-mode choice which launches without delay in to Sony’s Xross Media Bar interface–the same discerning complement found upon a PLAYSTATION 3 as good as name BRAVIA HDTVs–so we can fast foot up as good as entrance music, video, photos as good as a Web. A built-in webcam lets we video discuss with family, friends as good as colleagues.

Windows Vista Home Premium Operating System

Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit version) is a handling complement for users with modernized mechanism needs, as good as it includes all of a Windows Media Center capabilities for branch your Personal Computer in to an all-in-one home party core for examination DVD cinema as good as accessing your digital audio library. You can additionally make make make use of of of Windows Media Center to jot down as good as watch your a one preferred TV shows (even HDTV) as good as to entrance brand brand new kinds of online party content. Computers which embody Windows Vista Home Premium as good as an auxiliary Windows SideShow agreement will additionally concede we to entrance pass interpretation even when your mechanism is off. It is additionally simpler than ever to share files in in between alternative PCs in your domicile as good as to conduct your laptop mechanism settings to some-more firmly bond around Wi-Fi.

Every book of Windows Vista provides a necessary collection as good as technologies to benefit strengthen we either we have been browsing a Internet, joining to a wireless network, or only celebration of a mass e-mail. All editions of Windows Vista embody brand brand new collection which can advise we of imminent hardware failures prolonged prior to we have mislaid any critical personal data. And, all Windows Vista editions embody parental carry out facilities which concede we to conduct as good as guard your family’s make make make use of of of of games, a Internet, present messaging, as good as alternative activities.

Sony VAIO Lifestyle VGN-P688E/N 8-Inch Laptop – Gold

5 Reviews

  1. George L says:

    Maybe I got a fluke, but Sony’s so-called “full laptop” computer in an 8″ form factor is like trying to run Vista on your mom’s old P3. Seriously, this thing absolutely crawls. All this would be acceptable were it not for the very mediocre battery life (forget 4 hours, I couldn’t even manage 2 with moderately heavy use), when any other netbook (that’s right, netbook) for well under half the price outperforms it in battery life AND performance. Ironic; the 1.33Ghz processor really is a step down from the 1.66Ghz Atoms in netbooks, despite what I’ve been told to the contrary about the different “architecture.”

    But that’s just on the hardware front. It powers on fast enough, but right from the get-go you’re slammed with loads of bloatware and tons of programs that are slow to load into memory, one after the other (that’s right, it’s not even a dual core). These can be uninstalled–though not cleanly, as they leave some registry junk data behind. But there’s little that can be done about yet another software-related problem: drivers. The video driver on here is one of the worst experiences I’ve had to date with video displays. HD video was an absolute disaster, even though the chipset (google “Poulsbo” or GMA500) claims it to be able to decode 720p HD video. So when I tried to play a simple HQ youtube vid (not even HD) and met with stuttering far worse than my friend’s Asus Eee PC, which cost about 350, I was understandably upset. As for the faster disk drive with the SSD, this may be true. But when you can’t run even basic productivity apps at full speed, any HD speed increase was unnoticeable. My Eee for instance has a conventional “slow” HD but gets the job done (except for copying files) much more quickly.

    A lot of this might be Vista’s fault. But before you think of downgrading to the faster, lighter XP, let me warn you–you’ll have even more issues with Sony’s drivers. Linux? Forget about it; Intel’s Poulsbo drivers are in a pitiful state there too. When the most appealing attribute of the system–the hi-res screen, mind you–is nearly unusable with any other options, one can’t help but feel a bit ripped off. The webcam’s quality isn’t very good (the Eee wins again), and the WWan (mobile broadband) is locked to Verizon, so don’t think about other companies unless you “unlock” the chip: more time and trouble. The wireless-N support is supposed to be great, but it was dodgy on my home network (maybe it was just my unit or config…or vista, but again, my other devices worked fine). They keyboard and ergonomics are fine, but again, the only good words for this unit, for this price, are surface-deep.

    Parting advice: the reviews on this “Lifestyle PC” are low for good reason. I really wish I’d seen Amazon’s reviews earlier. (This unit wasn’t from Amazon but from Sony themselves).
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. Jacques Gaudreault says:

    This is a fine product, in winodws 7 it perform ok, you have to keep in mind is a very small net book made for email et photo storage in a vacation , it like it do the job, do not replace your home computer whit this…but think if it like a speare tire,

    rated 4-5
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. Pluma de libro says:

    looks like Sony is trying to botch the netbook market like they did with the mp3 player. Too expensive for less performance, then you can get for 1/2 the price. Sony is turning into the GMC of electronics. Go with ASUS, or ACER.

    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. Jeff Chen says:

    I like Sony product overall, but this product was not too impress at all. I purhcased this 2 week ago, with 2 extra battery, travel bag, external VGA/Cat-5 network adapter (since I am traveling a lots and need a small notebook to do my work while traveling). Upon receive, it looks very cool, small and liteweight, but after use it, I am kind of disappoint, it is SLOW ( may be I get used to my 14.1 2.0G CPU, vs of this Atom slow CUP, for sure is slow). I know I can not return it, so I am planning to sell on eBay with discount, it can not really do my works at all (my wife is upset with me to only useit for few days and few hundred off to sell on ebay). I guess the Windows Vista Home and netbook CPU(Atom) is the main reason make it slow, most netbook come with XP (take less memory).

    Also, the display text is too small to read(but it display all content within this high res. small LCD, make sense), I have to set text font to 150%, but compare to my regular notebook 14.1 notebook still small. I would say, overall, this notebook can funcion as checking email and browse internet and looks cool, if you need a very small notebook and not too worry about speed and storage space for your daily simple works, this is good one.
    by the way, key board size and battery life is pretty good, I like it.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  5. Geoana says:

    Item as advertised and no problems with purchase/delivery issues. Best price I could find for this item.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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