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  • 2.1GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T6500 Processor
  • 4GB Memory
  • 500GB Hard Drive, DVD±R/RW Disk Drive
  • 17″ Display, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 Graphics
  • Windows Vista Home Premium (64-bit)

Product Description
The Studio seventeen aim business for a integrated chronicle is a entry-level user which looks for great worth in a sleek, stylish, great performance, desktop-replacement complement with integrated wireless connectivity. The dissimilar chronicle will interest some-more to mainstream as well as performance-oriented business which have been peaceful to compensate some-more for an attractive, underline abounding complement with improved graphics as well as storage opening for visit make make use of of as an party box upon tip of being a really fit capability tool. It includes a twin core processor, 4GB of memory, 500GB tough drive, 512MB of dedicated graphics, as well as a 6-cell battery.Amazon.com Product Description

Inspiron 17

One demeanour during a Inspiron 17’s 17.3-inch Hi-def widescreen display, as well as you’ll have a tough time anticipating where a shade ends as well as being begins. From a arrangement to a party features, a Inspiron seventeen packs desktop opening inside a clean, unstable design. Big-screen portability has never been so fun.

Big Screen Portability

Don’t let a shade dope we — a Inspiron seventeen is no desktop. So go forward as well as suffer a mobile features, similar to staying continuous even when you’re usually relocating from room to room.

Always connected
Get extraordinary wireless connectivity with customary 802.11b/g implement all your WiFi capabilities.

Take value of your 320GB hard expostulate to store your personal files, digital music, photos or video clips. Plus, suffer a discerning entrance time of up to 5400 RPM.

Portable Entertainment 

Get a broader perspective of your media with a Inspiron seventeen as well as a fun facilities as well as options. 

The Inspiron seventeen facilities a 17.3-inch widescreen arrangement with a 16:9 aspect ratio. So we get a big-screen opening of a desktop but compromising your freedom. 

Smart upload
Capture hold up as we live it — afterwards make make use of of a 7:1 media label reader to share it with a world. The media label reader can review up to 7 opposite digital media cards. 

Simple as well as Smart Services

Dell DataSafeTM  Online
Our online backup use offers interpretation insurance by enabling business to behind up interpretation to a safe, remote storage site regulating an Internet connection. Dell DataSafe Online is easy, stretchable as well as secure. After setup, it will automatically behind up interpretation as well as assistance strengthen opposite software, hardware as well as inauspicious failure.

Dell Remote Access
Enjoy what’s upon your home Personal Computer from roughly anywhere. With Remote Access Basic, we can simply entrance photos, music, cinema as well as some-more upon your home complement regulating an additional Internet-connected computer. No some-more watchful until we get home to get a files we need!

Dell Support Center
Our mainly located, easy-to-use focus provides personalized await resources. Conveniently located upon your PC’s desktop with discerning links to service, await as well as complement resources. Helps keep your complement present as well as using well by programmed fixes for usual pattern issues.

Dell Studio 1737 17-Inch Laptop

2 Reviews

  1. Always Samsung says:

    Watch Video Here: This is the Dell Studio 15 inch laptop (Green Colored Case). I think this a great lap top and it gets the job done. I kept reading all the negative reviews and i have no idea why there’s so much bad press. I have never once called customer service and i ordered my laptop at Dell directly through their website. I have no reason to contact customer service and i never experienced any problems at all with any of my Dell products. I get so baffled when i read all these negative reviews. My Dell products which i have had for years including a Dell desktop and a recently purchased new netbooks have never been a problem. The desk top i have is more than 6 years old and I never have any problems. It runs great. It can definitely benefit from an upgrade in some areas.

    The Studio line is Dell’s midrange laptops. The Inspiron being there low end range for consumers that just need a standard laptop. The Dell Studio laptop is completely plastic and it’s a bit on the heavy side in my opinion. Maybe because i am so use to my light weight Dell 10 min netbook that i have been spoiled. This is a good lap top. However, i think the flaw in Dell is that their products can get very pricey very quickly. Especially when you are adding in high end features like 6GB RAM rather than 3GB RAM or 2.99GHZ instead of 2.33GHZ etc. You can get the same thing at HP for probably around a hundred dollars less and their quality feels a bit more refined, polished, and sturdy. That being said if you check Dell’s website they do have deals going on all the time especially on holidays. But for some reason the price never seems as low as it should be. If you check periodically you will find yourself a deal. I go to that website religiously and build the exact same laptop that I have and it always comes up to more money. I got mine on a special promo.

    I really regret getting the green covered case. I didn’t realize how bright it would be and once i opened it out of the box – I really wish i purchased the Dark Blue or Dark Purple colored case. It’s really way too bright. I like the personalization options of the different colors, but i really do regret getting this bright Caribbean green color. My laptop also includes the backlit keyboard which is great for typing in the dark. It also has touch sensitive controls towards the top of the keyboard near the speakers and i think that’s a great plus. The DVD is also an optical drive, so there is no door that slides out for you to pop in your DVD. It’s like a Playstation 3 slot. You slide the DVDs in & out.

    15 inch screen
    Optical DVD slot
    4GB RAM
    750 GB Memory
    Backlit keyboard
    4 UBS slots
    HDMI outport
    Sleak shiek design
    Different colored cases

    Windows Vista (Super Whack)
    A bit pricey in my opinion (That’s Dell for you)
    A bit on the heavy side
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. D. Arnold says:

    I bought my Dell Studio 1737 a yr ago and have been very frustrated with it. Now that I’ve had it for a yr they want another $280 minimum plus more $ to extend my tech support for another yr. I cant remember exactly how much it was total because they have so many different things they add to it to charge you for. Unfortunately I can not afford to pay that much for further tech help with this piece of junk. That’s why I bought a new one, so I wouldn’t have to keep having it repaired and updated like my old Frankenstein computer. The last yr I’ve had to have tech support take over control remotely to fix problems with this thing at least once a month. For about 6 months I couldn’t get the DVD disc drive to work and it had a disc stuck in it that wouldn’t eject. All of that I can put up with if I have to but the most frustrating and irritating thing with this is trying to type with it, like now. I have to have it tilted at about a 45 degree angle to start with and only touch it with my finger tips. If the heel of my hand touches it when I’m typing it freaks out. But the thing that gets me is the way it keeps doing weird things. Like the cursor will suddenly jump back a few words or a few lines and start printing there what I’m typing. Or a search window will pop up, it sometimes just opens a new tab in the browser or a new browser window. And what pisses me off the most is after I get a lot written, like now, it will suddenly go poof, all gone. Everything that I just spent an hour typing just disappears. I HATE IT WHEN IT DOES THAT! It doesn’t matter if I’m typing in a window in Explorer like now, or writing a email in Windows Live Mail, or using Microsoft Office Word, It’s a spazz in all of them. When writing a reply to a email the cursor will suddenly jump way down the page into the email I’m replying to, or way back, or just back a few spaces and start printing. That’s just a few of the weird things it keeps doing. If I tried to tell all of them I’d be here all day.

    I’ve tried several times to tell Dell about it and they play dumb and keep misunderstanding what I’m trying to tell them. I don’t see how somebody could have that job and be so stupid. I don’t know if its the Windows Vista or the way this thing is made but I hate the **** thing. I asked Dell if I could downgrade it and have Windows XP installed on it and get rid of that stupid Vista but they said that would void my warranty and tech help and everything. I would have sent it back and tried to get my money back but my brother bought it for me through the company he worked for so I could get a discount on it. And now my tech support has expired unless I pay the extortion fee for it for another yr.

    What ever you do for a new computer, DONT WAIST YOUR MONEY ON ONE OF THESE. THEY SUCK.
    Rating: 2 / 5

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