• 1.3GHz Intel SU7300 Core 2 Duo Processor
  • 4GB of DDR3 RAM, 2 slots, 4GB Max
  • 500GB SATA Hard Drive (5400 RPM), DVD Super Multi Drive
  • 15.6″ HD LED LCD Display, NVidia G210M Graphics with 512MB DDR3 VRAM, Wi-Fi 802.11 bgn, 0.3M Webcam,
  • Windows 7 Home Premium Operating System (64 bit), *11.5 Hours of Battery Life

Product Description
The skinny as well as light ASUS UL50Vt is the agreeable mix of form as well as function. Powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo ultra-low voltage processor, it boasts an considerable 11-hour battery hold up for all-day computing. It additionally sports user-centric facilities such as the multi-gesture touchpad as well as provides an considerable multimedia party knowledge with Altec Lansing speakers as well as an NVidia G210M graphics engine (users can spin the graphics label off if longer battery hold up is needed). All of these facilities as well as some-more have been hidden in the strong brushed aluminum lid which not usually looks magnificent, though additionally helps in progressing the notebook’s in vogue extraneous day after day. ASUS notebooks come with ASUS’ 360 use module which includes the 2 year tellurian warranty, the single month 0 splendid dot guaranty, giveaway two-way shipping as well as twenty-four hour tech await 7 days the week. Plus it comes with the FREE One Year Accidental Damage Warranty safeguarding your cover from drops, fire, spills as well as surges.

ASUS UL50VT-A1 Thin as well as Light 15.6-Inch Black Laptop – 11.5 Hours of Battery Life

5 Reviews

  1. Nbot says:

    I watch the tech market fairly closely. My wife has the 13″ Macbook (newer LED aluminium one) and really I love it…the “two finger scrolling” is wonderful, but I need a PC for work.

    So, here’s what I wanted in a new laptop (not in specific order):

    1. 2 finger scrolling or at least dedicated scrolling areas (yes, 1 finger dedicated areas on laptops are nice, but still not quite as nice as 2 finger…plus, w/ the multi-touch pads, you get “right-click” w/ 2 fingers)
    2. LONG battery life. And no, I don’t mean “3 hours” long…I want 10 hours! (remember, each year a laptop battery will lose 1/3 of its performance, so a new 3 hour battery will only last 2 hours after a year!)
    3. Performance
    4. LED screen (goes w/ battery life), 15″.
    5. Quality/Build/Warranty

    As odd as it seems, there aren’t a “lot” of LED screens out there yet, I was looking at a Lenovo, but only the T400s seemed like what I was looking for, and at the cost and only 14″, wasn’t a good fit. Dell’s have gone LED’s on most all models, but not great review’s on build quality depending on the model series…plus, compare the price of a similarly equipped Dell to this UL50VT…you’ll be spending almost 2x as much.

    This UL50VT is a PRO for:

    1. Switchable graphics (switch from onboard graphics for long batter life…or when plugged in, switch to the 512mb Nvidia card for performance). Really, the best of BOTH worlds. Want awesome performance when sitting at a desk…but also want long battery life when on the go? Who else can provide this? The dedicated Nvidia obviously helps system performance, allowing graphics to run on the video card, freeing up system RAM etc for other things…or switch to battery mode/onboard graphics and live long & prosper.
    2. 8-cell battery quotes 10-12 hours of battery life. I have only had this for 1 week, and still tinkering around with the settings, so haven’t confirmed this, but 5-6 hours I’ve had easy, which is definitely more than you’ll get with any other laptop regardless. The “ultra low volt” Intel processor draws less than 10 volts of juice. Its a 1.3ghz Core 2 Duo, but Asus overclocks it by DEFAULT and it arrives to you out of the box running at 1.7ghz. This is key…when you are looking at laptops, you have to remember that the “quad-core” and P9600 Core 2’s are high-voltage drains…so you really have to decide “what do I want this laptop for?” If you are very rarely going to be without a power plug, then sure, get some other Asus model with a faster processor & full-time dedicated graphics. For me though, I like to grab the laptop and sit on the couch & not have to move the power cord over to the couch as well…plus I travel quite a bit for business…seriously, after a year or two any standard laptop with 2-3 hours of battery life “new” will only be good for an hour or so before turning off. With this Asus, with the extended 8 cell battery stock, the “ultra low”-volt 1.3ghz overclocked to 1.7ghz, plus the onboard video, you can actually grab this notebook and run to the coffee shop or couch for HOURS without having to worry about the power cord…and isn’t that really what a laptop is for? Google “Asus Ul50VT” for other reviews on the processor etc, there are more informative articles if you want more details. The Macbook uses the UL voltage Intel processors as well, albeit a slightly faster one (1.9ghz?). Low volt processor, LED screen are two key ingredients to battery life. If you want a P9600 or quad-core or 3.2ghz processor, don’t travel too far w/o your cord:) the 1.7ghz is much faster than my old Toshiba, plus w/ Windows 7 it really is awesome and more than capable of handling the vast majority of any consumer’s needs.
    3. LED screen looks great…I am apparently not that savvy of a screen consumer as others, so I can’t complain about the screen, looks much better than my old LCD Toshiba screen, not that different than the Mac.
    4. Windows 7 is AWESOME!!!!! I’ve long been an apologist for Windows, especially having used the Macbook for awhile, but need not apologize any longer! W7 64bit w/ the 1.7ghz and 4gb DDR3 is simply amazing, by FAR the best Windows product I’ve ever used…and as other reviews will confirm, this OS is nearly on par w/ Mac. I can LITERALLY go TO sleep, and back FROM sleep to an ACTIVE Outlook or Firefox, in LESS than 5 seconds with this Asus. Remember in the past, you might have wanted to look up something on the computer, but would opt not to, b/c it would take 3-5 minutes for your system to load into a use-able state? Not anymore, W7 is efficient & fast, if you switch the power settings to “sleep” instead of hibernate, it literally turns on & is ready to use in mere seconds, same as Mac’s. (plus, drag a window to the left of the screen, it auto-sizes it to the left-half of the screen, drag another window to the right edge of the screen, voila! W7 auto-resizes both windows to share the screen 50/50.)
    5. Build & quality: Ask tech’s at your local retailer or online retailer, which brand they see back the least for repairs, and you’ll hear “Asus” more often than not. Unlike other brands that farm out all the hardware to companies around the world, Asus makes most of the components themselves. Who invented the Netbook? Asus. What brand of motherboard is in many laptops? Asus. Many techies swear by Asus, regardless of the poor review NBR gave the UL80VT.
    6. Warranty. Asus is the *ONLY* brand to offer the following standard warranty: 2 year global parts/labor & shipping, PLUS 1 year accidental warranty. Go through the checkout process on any other brand online, and you’ll add on $100-200 to your laptop cost to have a similar warranty. Figure that for $800 you are getting 1 year accidental and 2 years parts/labor/shipping, plus Asus’ reputation for build, and its close to a no-brainer.

    CONS for the UL50VT:

    1. NOTE! The UL50VT and the UL50AG ARE NOT THE SAME! This is probably my main pet peeve with the “VT”…when I tried out a UL50AG at Best Buy for $675, I was in love with it! Why? B/c the surface around the keyboard/touch pad is a matte rubber…no finger prints! So I ordered the “VT” for $100 ore and am disappointed…Asus, along w/ Dell, HP, Toshiba, etc figures that 99% of all laptop users must be in high school. I mean, high-school kids like shiny things right? Who doesn’t like neat shiny surfaces!? Well Asus (& HP & Toshiba) here’s an unknown fact for you…most people that actually “use” a laptop instead of polishing it & placing it on a mantle as a room decoration, *HATE* glossy/shiny surfaces…If the UL50VT came w/ the same matte rubber deck as the “AG” this would be a 5 star notebook, but it is a serious flaw IMO.
    2. The mouse left/right buttons are a sure bet to develop repetitive stress injury (RSI). Unlike most right/left buttons, which have two different buttons/pads…this has “one” long button, that has a pivot point in the middle of the button. As such, the button is near impossible to use without pressing on the far edge of either side of the button, and your fingers/thumb will certainly get tired copy & pasting, dragging & scrolling as it requires considerable force to hold the button down.
    3. 2 plastic stickers over the screw on the bottom of the screen panel look like they’ll come off soon. The DVD tray seems to vibrate against the chassis when in use (loud noise)…I use a CD/DVD like 3 times a year, so this isn’t an issue for me, and I’m not sure if this is an issue for all units or just mine.

    1. If you can find a skin to put around the keyboard/touchpad, that’ll fix the finger-print issue. has one, but they won’t sell you the skin unless you buy the Asus from them:( Skinit.com really only sells the “A” surface skin (the back lid)…I might have to buy a generic skin and try & cut it out to fit around the keys/pad, or carry around a lens cleaning cloth!
    2. Luckily, the Asus comes with the Elan mouse driver…which supports the multi-touch/multi-touchpad. Asus really just needs to realize PC’s are trying to catch up with Macbook’s here and not try to re-invent the wheel. The default settings it comes with must be changed for best results. Change the “right-click” to be actioned by “two-finger” tap, instead of three-finger tap by default. Now, you can scroll up & down (& left/right) with two fingers anywhere on the touchpad (not just the right edge as w/ one-finger scrolling). You can left click with one finger tap. You can now right-click with two-finger tap…just like the Macbook glass touchpad. You double tap with one finger then scroll left/right to highlight text, then tap the highlighted selection w/ two fingers to bring up the right-click menu (copy/paste/etc). Once you get used to using the touchpad like a Mac, w/o the left/right button, you’ll forget how bad the right/left buttons are (plus its more efficient in the long-run to just use the touchpad I think…two finger scrolling will make you wonder why you wasted years and caused carpel-tunnel on a PC…too bad they wasted space w/ the RSI causing buttons instead of a bigger touchpad).

    Summary: If only the UL50VT came in the same material the UL50AG came in and with a right/left mouse button that didn’t cause RSI (repetitive stress syndrome), it would be 5 out of 5 stars; a true Macbook killer for 1/2 the cost!!! Long battery life, LED screen, Full size-keyboard (Number Pad), Chicklet keys to keep out dust, ultra-low voltage processor, reliable quality, awesome standard warranty, switchable graphics and DDR3 memory on a 64bit W7 OS. For $823 you can get the UL50VT, or for $100 less (don’t forget taxes if buying locally), you can get the UL50AG. Honestly, if you are on a budget, I think the “AG” is a steal of a deal and saves you the glossy/fingerprints. For $100 more w/ the VT, I’ll take the upgrade to DDR3 instead of DDR2 memory with the AG, plus switchable graphics (read: increased performance while plugged in). For $800 I’m not worried about extended warranties, although if I were paying $1500 with a Dell or Macbook I would be forced to buy one. In terms of performance/cost/features/value/battery life, the “VT” is almost a true home run. With the glossy cover, and poor right/left buttons, I’ll still give it a standing “triple” base hit instead of home-run; for the cost its tough to go wrong with this Asus:) You could certainly spend a lot more and get a lot less.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. Evan T. Mcdermott says:

    This is my first computer since my Apple Powerbook G4. I decided to shop around for a new PC because a new Mac simply doesn’t exist for the amount of money that I was looking to spend.

    I shopped around for a few weeks and once I finally came across this model, I jumped on it.

    The laptop arrived in two days thanks to Amazon. After all of the bad press about Vista I was hesitant about coming back to the PC world. Now after using Windows 7 for a week, I am hesitant to ever go back to a Mac.

    I was immediately impressed with the look of the brushed aluminum lid and the chiclet style keyboard. The numeric pad is also nice and overall the laptop has a very sleek, impressive look. However, coming from a zero gloss aluminum Powerbook, it took me a while to adjust to the high gloss of the UL50VT. The screen, the plastic surrounding the screen, and everywhere else besides the aluminum lid and underside are all glossy black plastic. The track pad is directly on this glossy plastic which takes a little getting used to. Also the mouse buttons are a little stiff and I wish they were two separate buttons instead of just one. These small gripes almost turned me against my new laptop, but after a week I am used to the look and feel of the laptop and more importantly, I am very happy with its performance.

    With an Intel rated 5 star Core 2 Duo processor and 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, I have no complaints about performance. I use my laptop for movies, music, web browsing, and college. I don’t often play games but it is nice to know it’s a definite possibility.

    The UL50VT boots up fast and lasts for a long time. With brightness maxed out while doing web surfing and homework, I am averaging about 6-8 hours. This is more than enough already and if I lower the performance and brightness the battery lasts for around 10.

    The screen is widescreen and bright. I do wish the resolution was higher than 1366 x 768. For a 15 inch laptop I found that to be a little low, but it is not a show stopper.

    Overall the Asus UL50VT is a sleek, well performing portable laptop. This laptop is well worth the price and so far has easily handled everything that I have thrown at it. If you don’t mind the glossy appearance and can get past the less than great track pad and mouse buttons, the Asus UL50VT is a very solid purchase.

    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. Nick A. Shertzer says:

    So, maybe you don’t get 12 hours? But at least that’s a ballpark figure being thrown around… Especially when you consider the smart power management Asus has thrown in this peppy, thin, cool to the multi-touch, 4GB DDR3, 16:9 LED, laptop. The intel core 2 duo + nvidia G210M is a potent combonation.

    The system claims EXPRESS GATE boots in 8 secs, and it really is 20 secs to a Hulu video. Windows 7 Premium took my picture instead of a password after an impressive 1:05 and was streaming video in another 12. I easily overclocked the 1.3Ghz duo by 5% using the super customizable Asus bios. I want to tweak the embedded linux, or maybe just run ubuntu on that 500GB hard drive (it came pre-partitioned with two 250GB partitions).

    There are two POWER buttons. One controls windows power options; stepping down the processor. It has 4 power modes, that could frankly use some tuning. Too bad I can do a better job customising, but Windows 7 isn’t saving my desktop prefrences right now.

    Turning off the discrete grapics also turns off Aero. Then this HUGE 15″ becomes a netbook, seemingly gaining unplugged longevity by closing the lid. Standby resumes in an impressive sub 5 secs. Maybe I’m the only one who remembers when computers were slow. I haven’t had this computer plugged in all day! The touch pad seems a bit off at first, but then you realize that it has to be offset to the left to keep your palms out of the way. This allows for a full keypad to the right and a plethora of FN keys. And did I mention the multi touch trackpad? It does three fingers. Now I’m considering the 2 yr warranty and 1 year accidental damage that is included?!

    Best machine for the OPTIONS!

    I have loaded Ubuntu 9 (thus triple booting the laptop). You can enable all CompizFusion desktop effects, including the desktop cube with no jitter (very smooth animations)! Very fast, very impressive. Also, unexpectedly, Ubuntu picked up on the multi-touch trackpad. I haven’t played around with it too much to figure out how to change the two finger tap to be right click (it is set to do some desktop effect right now), but knowing it is possible is awesome.

    Also, I only plug in this laptop at night, while I am sleeping. I have been using it all day at work (I am an IT systems administrator) and even watched a couple full length movies while working and still never had to plug it in. WOW! Asus has it loaded up with the “Power4Gear Hybrid” program that lets you set your power options (High Performance, Entertainment, Quiet Office, & Battery Saving). The built in defaults are fine for most people, but again the options are what sets this baby apart. You can define the Maximum and Minimum processor state, toggle Turbo mode, adjust display brightness, change sleep / hibernate options, enable disable devices (camera & ODD), and base it all on the plugged in state (thus giving you eight 8! power modes).

    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. A. Walker says:

    I did a fair amount of research on machines in this category…for the money, ASUS is the clear winner. This is one sleek machine! The battery life is great, it feels like it’s built to last and the performance (overclocked cpu with the VT’s) is great for this class of machine (thin/light/long battery life). The only negatives are tolerable: 1. It could stand to have a better(1.3mp) webcam. 2) The display does have somewhat limited viewing angles, but then again how many viewing angles does one person need?? I was initially concerned about these two drawbacks before I purchased the machine but now that I have it…it’s really of no concern any longer, I’m very pleased with this machine. Did I mention that this a damned good looking piece of hardware! LOL!

    Another note worth mentioning, ASUS recently beat “everyone” in laptop reliability ratings, including Apple and Sony…and it wasn’t even close!

    You can lay your money down for this machine and not be disappointed.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Michael McCray says:

    I have been playing around with this laptop for about a week now. I dont know what people are doing to their keyboards. I type very fast using this notebook and do not see the complaint about it flexing.

    Now I am not new to computers or notebooks. I have believed the hype and bought an Alienware a few years back. It was probably beautiful on paper and reality it was something else.

    This time around though. I was looking for two things. Portability and good graphics. I found this laptop with switchable or hybrid graphics. It is quite impressive to say the least. I enjoy the portability of it. First time I took it out of the house. I had to check the bag to make sure it was in it. It is that light. If you turn off the wireless radio when using it. You can get over 10 hours of battery life and with the wireless radio on. You average about 7-8.

    The heat situation in laptops is something else people talk about. I don’t think this even generates heat. I have yet to feel any type of discomfort due to the heat issues. You can not say that about the previous laptop. I probably could have cooked an egg on the shell.

    I really dont mind the glossy shiny coating. It stands out and says to people walking by “Hey Look at me!” If you want a dull leather wrappings that crack with age. Then go for it. But i prefer the gloss. It serves as a reminder to wipe the laptop down and keep it clean.

    The speed is great. Windows 7 is great. Its very responsive and you can hit that power button and be literally working on your computer in less than 30 seconds. Its that fast.

    On the warranty, You can apply for it online. You dont have to send that card in. You can register and go about your merry way.

    On the graphics on it. I was running high settings in Dalaran on a heavily populated Warcraft server with zero lag. Not even a bit. That is something that i thought was impossible.

    Being this is the first generation in a new direction in laptops. I look forward to seeing what ASUS can do with it. I know Nvidia is planning more for Hybrid Graphics and we as laptop users can finally get the best of both worlds. So in two years or more. I am going to look forward into seeing what asus has to offer. They earned a new customer and that loyalty is not misplaced.

    So take the chance on this laptop. You will not reget it.


    Smooth Gameplay when playing Modern Warfare 2 and still no heat issues.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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