• 16 GB genius for 4,000 songs, 14,000 photos, or sixteen hours of video
  • Up to twenty-four hours of strain playback or 5 hours of video playback when wholly charged
  • 2.2-inch tone TFT arrangement with 240 x 376 pixel resolution
  • Supports AAC, Protected AAC, MP3, MP3 VBR, Audible, Apple Lossless, AIFF, as well as WAV audio formats; H.264 as well as MPEG-4 video formats
  • One-year singular guaranty with singular situation of nominal write technical support

Amazon.com Product Description
iPod nano right divided has a built-in video camera which lets we casually fire video wherever we are. And that’s usually a beginning. It has a dramatic, discriminating anodized aluminum finish as well as a incomparable screen. The brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new Genius Mixes underline acts as your personal DJ, automatically acid your iTunes library, afterwards creation mixes you’ll love. Take iPod nano anywhere as well as a brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new Pedometer counts your steps. Also creation a debut: a built-in FM air wave with dual extraordinary features–iTunes Tagging as well as Live Pause. So a world’s many renouned strain player right divided has some-more to fool around with.

The world’s many renouned strain player right divided has some-more to fool around with. Click to enlarge.

nano Shoots Video

Video a-Go-Go
iPod nano right divided has a built-in video camera which lets we jot down fun as it happens. Then share it with friends upon a Internet. It’s a video camera that’s tiny sufficient to take with we everywhere.

Video Recording–a Whole New Way to nano
A discerning corkscrew by a menu takes we to a video camera. Then you’re ready to jot down video in mural or landscape–perfect for emailing or posting upon Facebook or MobileMe. A built-in mic lets we constraint audio, too. And when we fool around behind your video upon iPod nano, you’ll attend to a available audio with it. All of which equates to your essential strain player is right divided your essential video camera.

Special Effects Department Included
Fifteen fun video goods let we supplement a small Hollywood to your video. Just corkscrew through, name a outcome we want–such as movie pellet or suit blur–and begin recording. When you’re done, sync iPod nano to your mechanism as well as iPhoto (or your a the single preferred print software) opens. Then email your miniblockbuster or post upon YouTube or Facebook.

Sync, Share, as well as Put More You in YouTube
Connect iPod nano to your Mac, as well as iPhoto opens as well as syncs all a video we shot upon iPod nano to your computer. It’s usually as easy upon a Personal Computer when we make make make make use of of of of your a the single preferred print software. On a Mac, we can crop as well as revise your videos in iPhoto, too. The video record sizes have been undiluted for pity upon YouTube or emailing to friends.

Design Makes Rock More Glam
iPod nano right divided has a discriminating anodized aluminum finish in 9 electrifying colors. And a incomparable 2.2-inch tone arrangement for your observation pleasure.

Up to 2,000 songs, 8 hours of video, or 7,000 photos in your pocket. Click to enlarge.

Ultra-portable during 3.6 x 1.5 x 0.24 inches as well as usually 1.28 ounces. Click to enlarge.

Available in an form of electrifying colors. Click to enlarge.

iPod nano right divided has a built-in video camera which lets we casually fire video wherever we are. Click to enlarge.

This Is Genius
Control your Genius. Or leave it to a own devices. Either way, Genius explores your living room as well as finds songs which go good together.

Genius Playlists
Say we have a single strain we unequivocally adore as well as instruct to attend to alternative marks which go good with it. A couple of clicks upon iPod nano, as well as Genius uses which strain to find alternative songs in your living room as well as creates a Genius playlist for you. You can attend to a playlist right away, save it for later, or even modernise as well as give it an additional go. Count upon Genius to emanate combinations we wouldn’t have suspicion of yourself.

Genius Mixes
Now there’s an additional good approach to get a customized set of songs upon iPod nano–have Genius do all a work. Introducing Genius Mixes. All we do is sync your iPod nano to iTunes, as well as Genius automatically searches your living room as well as finds songs which receptive to advice good together to emanate up to twelve Genius Mixes. These mixes have been similar to channels automatic wholly with your music. It’s a good approach to rediscover songs we haven’t listened to in forever, as well as a little we even forgot we had.

Go with a Cover Flow
View your manuscript art in Cover Flow for a faster approach to find a strain we instruct to hear. Or usually press as well as reason a core symbol to flip a manuscript cover art over so we can see a songs. When we find a right song, press a core symbol to supplement it to your on-the-go playlist.

Shake to Shuffle Your Music
Hear songs in a all pointless way. Just turn upon Shake to Shuffle, afterwards give iPod nano a shake up as well as it shuffles to a opposite strain in your strain library. You never know what iPod nano will turn for we next.

Don’t Just Listen to a Radio, Pause it as well as Tag it, Too
The brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new FM tuner lets we see a names of songs as well as artists. And dual extraordinary features–iTunes Tagging as well as Live Pause–make listening to a air wave zero similar to listening to a radio.

FM Radio–it Gives You Yet Another Way to Rock
There’s regularly something good upon a FM dial. And right divided a FM tuner lets we attend to your a the single preferred sunrise shows upon your invert as well as find brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new strain whilst we work out. It even shows we what as well as who you’re listening to.1

With Live Pause, You’ll Never Miss a Beat
Say we need to take a discerning mangle from listening to your a the single preferred air wave station. iPod nano lets we postponement it with a click. Another click as well as you’re listening to your hire again. You can even rewind as distant behind as fifteen minutes, afterwards fast-forward to locate up to a live broadcast.

iTunes Tagging–the New-Fashioned Way to Discover Music
It’s utterly a dilemma: You’re listening to a air wave as well as we attend to a strain we like, though when we go to iTunes, we can’t recollect a name or even who sings it. Enter iTunes Tagging. Now, we can make make make make use of of of of a Click Wheel upon iPod nano to tab a song. iTunes creates a list of all your tagged songs so we can simply preview or squeeze them when we sync iPod nano to iTunes.

VoiceOver–the Talk of a Music World
VoiceOver tells we a pretension as well as artist of a songs we attend to. And does it so seamlessly, you’ll be astounded during how shining it is.

Let’s Talk VoiceOver
What if you’re listening to a strain as well as instruct to know a pretension or a artist? Just make make make make use of of of of a Click Wheel or a controls upon a discretionary Apple Earphones with Remote as well as Mic as well as VoiceOver tells we a strain name as well as who’s behaving it though interrupting your music. So you’re never dreaming from your float or run by seeking down during your screen.

The nano right divided includes an FM air wave with iTunes Tagging as well as Live Pause functions.

Capture a thought, a reminder, a category lecture, or any audio recording we instruct with Voice Memos.

The brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new Pedometer counts each step we take. Or supplement Nike+ boots as well as a Nike + iPod Sport Kit for a undiluted examination partner.

How it Works
You’ll notice how uniformly as well as simply VoiceOver works. A lot of suspicion went in to formulating an iPod nano which not usually talks, though says a right things. It all starts with iTunes as well as a seamless formation with iPod nano. First, iTunes reads your strain information, afterwards uses a VoiceOver Kit to beget a announcements for a songs, artists, as well as playlists. Just sync your iPod nano to your mechanism as well as it unequivocally speaks to you.

It Speaks Multiple Languages
Your strain living room has songs from all over a world–a adore strain from France, a bolero from Spain, a cocktail balance from Japan. Luckily, VoiceOver speaks smooth song.

iTunes selects a denunciation as well as most appropriate voice for your strain titles as well as artist names. It looks during strain data, similar to a title, artist, as well as manuscript information, afterwards relates smart algorithms to name a right language. For example, iTunes recognizes a strain “Ya Viene el Sol� by Ozomatli as a Spanish song, so your iPod nano will automatically verbalise which strain pretension as well as artist in Spanish. If we cite to attend to which report oral in an additional language, we can shift a directed towards VoiceOver denunciation for which strain in iTunes.

Hit a Ground Running–Or Walking
With a Nike + iPod Sport Kit (sold separately) as well as a built-in pedometer to assistance keep we encouraged as well as lane your aptness progress, iPod nano creates operative out reduction routine.

Step it up with a New Pedometer
You take your iPod nano with we everywhere. Why not make make make make use of of of of it to stay fit? iPod nano right divided doubles as a Pedometer. It uses a built-in accelerometer to keep lane of your stairs as well as assistance we encounter your aptness goals. You can emanate a each day step idea or set it to Always On so it counts all a stairs we take, all a time. Which creates iPod nano a preferred practice partner.

Rock as well as Run
Your boots as well as your iPod nano group up to show off your run. See a mins parasite by. Watch a miles unfold. Hear real-time voice feedback. All to your a the single preferred music, together with your selected Power Song–that a single strain which regularly gets we by a home stretch.

Rock a Gym
Take Nike + iPod to a gym as well as notation by minute, mile by mile, you’re encouraged by some-more than music. Connect your iPod nano to a Nike + iPod concordant cardio machine. Record your pace, time, as well as stretch as we work out. With iPod nano, each outing to a gym becomes a brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new challenge.

When you’re finished, bond your iPod nano to your Mac or PC. iTunes automatically sends your examination interpretation to nikeplus.com. Every examination as well as each run is there, ready for we to review. Get pumped for your subsequent run with endorsed challenges, law precision programs, as well as maps of brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new routes to try. Or share proclivity with runners opposite a world.

Note to Self: Voice Memos Are Here
The built-in mic lets we constraint a thought, a reminder, a category lecture, or any audio recording we instruct with Voice Memos.

iTunes: Your Greatest Hits
It’s even simpler to organize, browse, grow, as well as share your digital strain as well as video pick up with a brand brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new iTunes. And right divided we can save equipment with a instruct list as well as suffer iTunes extras–bonus facilities upon name albums as well as movies–like lyrics, photos, interviews, as well as behind-the-scenes media.

What’s in a Box
Apple iPod nano sixteen GB Silver (5th Generation), Earphones, USB 2.0 cable, Dock adapter, Quick Start guide

Apple iPod nano sixteen GB Silver NEWEST MODEL

5 Reviews

  1. William B. Whitman says:

    It looks beautiful, but my son dropped his when getting out of the car on the way home from the store. The screen broke, and Apple wants $80 to fix it. I can’t imagine such a poorly designed piece of equipment lasting any amount of time. What a piece of junk.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. Anton Tobias says:

    In something of an unusual nano upgrade, Apple has supplied it’s latest tiny iPods with a few new features…none more unnecessary than the integrated video camera. With owners of the more advanced model, the iPod Touch, longing for such a feature for some time it seems Apple has purposely neglected the demands of the consumer yet again.

    The latest features of the fifth generation iPod nano are as follows:

    – Reduced Price
    – Integrated Video Camera
    – Upgraded Flash Memory (8GB 16GB)
    – Larger Screen (Now 2.2 Inches)
    – Microphone
    – FM Radio (Only Available On HD Radio Stations In The United States)
    – Slightly Longer Battery Life When Watching Videos (Audio: 24 Hours Video: 5 Hours)

    By adding a camera to the Nano instead of the Touch it seems the latest upgrades have been designed with the kiddies in mind. Looks like consumers wanting a camera equipped iTouch will have to wait another year at least. Sigh…………….
    Rating: 2 / 5

  3. A. Dasgupta says:

    It is unfair of me to review the product because the Amazon Marketplace seller sent me a fake product which never worked. Had to use Amazon’s A-Z guarantee to get my money back. I gave the product 3 stars on each count because being an Apple product it is bound to be classy and very pricey…so middle grades are always appropriate. I will review the product when I actually receive another one (ordered from Apple direct)
    Rating: 3 / 5

  4. Roger Achio Fuentes says:


    Apple iPod nano 8 GB Blue (5 ª generación
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. Erick Castro says:

    I bought this product over two weeks ago, via usps and usps is the worst carrier ever. I am still waiting for my ipod to be delivered to my home. When they said 3 to 5 days shipping i thought they ment 3 to 5 day shipping not 3 to 5 weeks shipping. I dont know why but amazon doesn’t let you choose the carrier that you want which would actually be very helpful because usps is nothing but a joke. Amazon gives you a tracking number and when you go into the usps website and enter it; it is never updated and most of the time it says that there is no record of this item. And i dont know why but, im a moron who keeps on going back to the usps website and hoping that just maybe they can tell me where my package is. But what gets me even more upset is that amazon just keeps on telling me that package has left seller facilities which is in kentucky, and i live just two states over from kentucky, i could have driven there and picked it up myself. I realy hope that usps gets their act together because i realy never want anything delivered from them again.
    Rating: 2 / 5

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