• Supports iPhone as well as all iPod models with wharf connector; supports alternative unstable song players around 3.5-mm auxiliary input
  • Omnidirectional acoustic record provides good receptive to advice around a room
  • Plugs in or runs upon batteries; includes an integrated carrying handle, so we can take your song from room to room
  • iPod/iPhone orator wharf lets we dock, charge, as well as fool around your iPod or iPhone
  • Clock with warning ensures which you’ll arise upon time

Amazon.com Product Description — Posted Oct 19, 2008
Amazon.com Product Description — Posted Oct 19, 2008 Get good receptive to advice around a room with Logitech’s Pure-Fi Express Plus Speaker Dock for your iPod or iPhone. The Pure-Fi Express Plus facilities omnidirectional acoustic technology, which provides good receptive to advice during a some-more unchanging turn around a room. It additionally includes a capability to run upon AC or battery power, which–along with an integrated handle–makes it easy to take your song from room to room. Other facilities embody a time with alarm, so we can rest positive which you’ll arise upon time; as well as a wireless remote carry out which functions from up to thirty feet (10 meters) away, as well as stores orderly in an integrated compartment. In all, it’s a good approach to dock, play, as well as assign your iPod or iPhone.

Logitech’s Omnidirectional Advantage: Make Any Spot in Your Room a Sweet Spot
You do not lay in a single mark when you’re listening to song from your iPod. Shouldn’t your speakers furnish good receptive to advice no have a difference where we have been in your room? Most of today’s speakers for a iPod have been written to broach a highest-quality receptive to advice rught divided in front of a speakers. If we pierce from what audiophiles call a honeyed mark upon a cot to a unpretentious dance floor, a receptive to advice we attend to can simply turn distorted, as well as we competence find yourself out of step.

The Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus omnidirectional speakers have been written to broadcast receptive to advice some-more consistently over a wider operation of space, so we never skip a beat–no have a difference where we have been in a room.

Traditional Versus Omnidirectional Loudspeakers
Most speakers have been written to illuminate receptive to advice in a bound direction. As shown in Figure 1, normal speakers optimize receptive to advice for a honeyed mark located without delay in front of a speakers. In alternative words, a honeyed mark is singular to a compelled receptive to advice margin which fans external in a single direction. If you’re outward a honeyed spot, you’ll attend to lunatic receptive to advice due to loudspeaker directionality.

Logitech Audio Labs’ omnidirectional speakers talk about from normal speakers. Designed to illuminate receptive to advice some-more regularly over a wider operation of frequencies as well as angles, Logitech’s omnidirectional speakers emanate a extended honeyed mark which is not contingent upon a bound listening position, as shown in Figure 2. The loyal hallmark of omnidirectional speakers, however, is a increasing receptive to advice peculiarity which comes from tonally offset approach as well as reflected sound. The increasing reverberant receptive to advice margin additionally increases a prodigy of expanse as well as listener envelopment. By conceptualizing loudspeakers to illuminate receptive to advice some-more uniformly, Logitech delivers good receptive to advice to any mark in a room.

iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock
Lets we dock, fool around as well as assign your iPod or iPhone.
Omnidirectional Acoustic Technology
Normal stereo desktop speakers broach receptive to advice from dissimilar receptive to advice locations, creation a some-more focused honeyed spot. Logitech’s omnidirectional speakers broadcast receptive to advice consistently opposite a room as well as emanate a most incomparable honeyed spot, permitting for good receptive to advice anywhere in a room.
Portable Player
Plugs in or runs upon batteries, so we can take your song from room to room. Integrated hoop included.
Clock with Alarm
Helps we rest positive which you’ll arise upon time.
Wireless Remote Control
Gives we carry out from up to thirty feet (10 meters) away, as well as it stores orderly in an integrated compartment.

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Logitech Pure-Fi Dream Speaker for iPod as well as iPhone
It’s a preferred song complement for a bedroom. With a built-in warning time as well as backlit controls which light up with a call of your hand, a Pure-Fi Dream brings clear, abounding receptive to advice to your room.

Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus Omnidirectional Speaker Dock for iPod as well as iPhone
The Pure-Fi Express Plus orator wharf facilities omnidirectional acoustic technology, which provides good receptive to advice during a unchanging level, around a room.

Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime Premium Alarm Clock for iPod as well as iPhone
The Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime is an iPod/iPhone warning time which offers reward receptive to advice with innovative facilities which have it a undiluted nightstand companion.

Logitech mm32 Portable Speakers
Enjoy high-quality unstable receptive to advice for your iPod, Zune, or alternative MP3 player–anywhere we go. And a cradle pattern creates it easy to recharge whilst we listen.

System Specifications
Supports iPhone as well as all iPod models with a 10-pin wharf connector. The complement supports 1st by 3rd era iPod models (and alternative unstable song players) around a 3.5-mm auxiliary input. Also, it uses a Apple Universal Dock specification.

What’s in a Box
Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus orator dock, wireless (IR) remote control, iPod/iPhone Universal Dock adapter trays, quick-start guide, guaranty as well as reserve guidelines, as well as 2-year singular hardware warranty.

Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus Omnidirectional Speaker Dock for iPod as well as iPhone

5 Reviews

  1. P. Colin McGraw says:

    Unfortunately this product, while being another example of Logitech’s great quality, finds itself in the awkward position of being a less enticing version of other Logitech Products that better specialize in aspects of the Pure-Fi Express Plus’ feature set. The product is a good, not great performer, it’s portable, and it features an alarm clock, but since Logitech has other iPod docking products that either perform better, are more portable, or are better alarm clocks, I’d recommend the alternatives first.

    As far as performance goes, the Pure-Fi Express Plus didn’t provide the same quality output as my set of standalone speakers with subwoofer, but it holds its weight. Logitech’s Pure-Fi Dream Speaker might be a better alternative if you’re looking for higher quality output (and AM/FM radio).

    For portability, the Pure-Fi Express Plus is certainly nice, compact, and simple. In fact, it’s a little smaller than expected (Logitech uses a 2nd generation Nano in many of the product photos which makes the Pure-Fi Express look bigger than it is). If you’re primarily interested in portability, however, the even more portable, rechargeable Logitech Rechargeable Speaker S315i might be a better choice.

    For the alarm clock functionality, the Pure-Fi Express Plus gets the job done, but it just has a buzzer (it won’t let you wake up to your iPod), it doesn’t feature dual alarms, and the snooze button doubles as the volume dial which doubles as the power button. Fortunately, another Logitech product, the similarly priced Pure-Fi Anytime Premium Alarm Clock, has all the features you’d expect of a full-featured alarm clock, if that’s what you’re after.

    The only compelling advantage the Pure-Fi Express Plus has over its alternatives is the omnidirectional speaker which broadcasts in 360°. That makes it worth considering if you really need an iPod dock for a coffee table in the middle of a room, but otherwise I’d buy the other Logitech alternatives before this unit.

    Overall, I wouldn’t say the Pure-Fi Express Plus is a bad choice, necessarily. I just wouldn’t call it as good of a choice as the other products mentioned. I’d give the Pure-Fi Express Plus an unenthusiastic recommendation, but only three stars because of its more specialized, and arguably more appealing, sister products.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  2. BEEMO says:

    I was looking for a device with a clock which would also charge my iPhone/iPod as well as play my tunes as I fall asleep. I did a little bit of research online and came to like this Logitech device. The other day I went to buy one online and several popular online retailers were sold out, which seemed like a good sign for me. I was in a store the other day and went ahead and bought one.

    First of all, I love electronic devices with knobs rather than tons of buttons, so this one had a head start in making me happy. The LED clock looks nice, that’s another plus for me. The overall design is pretty ok. I mean, it looks really nice in a picture, but I’m constantly disappointed with the mega-plastic form factor of this and every other product these days. That said, this product pretty much does what it says–it plays your iPhone or iPod’s music, keeps it charged, and has an alarm clock.

    One of my disappointments is the lack of functionality with the remote control. You can increase/decrease the volume, fast forward/reverse the tracks, and specify continuous play or random. I’m not a big playlist kinda guy, I’m an album guy, so there’s a small gap of control missing for me. The alarm sound isn’t my cup of tea either, but isn’t too big of a deal since my iPhone’s alarm chime will play through the speaker and suits me just fine.

    The quality of sound is good enough for an alarm clock kinda thing. They have some press pictures of taking this thing to the park. I doubt the sound is robust enough to satisfy that environment, but again, that doesn’t bother me personally.

    Overall, I’m pretty happy with it. Go ahead and get one already!
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. A. LaPrade says:

    I first want to address a previous review. My Pure-Fi Express Plus doesn’t have static, or white noise no matter what the volume level (anywhere from 0-40). Also, you can turn the unit off, leaving just the clock running. I’m not sure if the reviewer got a bad unit, but both statements were not true.

    I was looking for a unit that sat next to my bed, played music from time to time, had an alarm clock and most importantly charged my iPhone 3G. Believe it or not, that was a much more difficult task then you would think – 95% of iPod clock docks won’t work with the iPhone, let alone the 3G due to GSM buzz. This radio does it without problems. The sound quality is excellent. iLounge gave it an A- rating. It also includes a remote! Nifty!

    The one thing I with was better was the alarm clock function. It’s very basic, and doesn’t include a snooze button, but the loud beeps seem to wake me up just fine (and I never use the snooze).
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. Mark says:

    The Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus is a good basic unit for those who want a speaker dock for their iPod or iPhone. The main positives of the unit are its compact size and clear sound. The omni-directional speaker design is well equipped to fill a small room. Even near the top end of the volume range it will not distort as much as other units in this price range. However, the main negatives are the relative lack of features. This unit is bare-bones as compared to others on the market. The mix of features and performance are a blend of entry level and mid-level but this unit is priced much higher than entry level units from iHome and others, including ones with more features. Users will have to decide if the Logitech brand and omni-directional speakers are worth the premium for them.

    + Compact size for bed-stand, shelf or desk use
    + Integrated one-piece design includes remote storage built into back of the unit
    + Omni-directional speaker sound fills a nice area when positioned properly
    + Bright orange clock display is more readable than those on other units I own
    + Graduating alarm clock slowly gets louder
    + Includes basic remote functions for power, volume, skip, forward, rewind, play and pause
    + Storage area for remote built into back of unit so you won’t worry about losing your remote
    + Line-in port allows you to connect a PC or other Mp3 players, such as Sony, Creative or Zune, via auxiliary cable
    + Dock charges and plays a wide variety of iPods with the proper adapter (several standard ones are included)
    + Black body and orange lighted controls will look attractive to many

    – Fewer features than similarly priced units by Logitech, Altec Lansing, iHome and others
    – The sound is clear, but lacks the depth of higher end systems, though it did improve over time
    – Alarm is buzzer only with no option for iPod music alarm (possibly could be updated)
    – No outputs of any kind for hooking up to other equipment (RCA, USB, etc.)
    – Only one (line-in) input, limiting the device’s flexibility
    – Remote functions don’t let you navigate iPod menus
    – No AM/FM radio within the device
    – Poorly designed for mobile use – speaker fabric feels vulnerable to damage in transit
    – Portable use also requires 6 AA batteries, making re-chargeable ones almost a necessity
    – No included carrying case for portable use


    For those who really want the omni-directional speakers, this unit may be worth the price tag and the missing features. Many people probably fall outside of that category.

    The alarm feature is a curious and inadequate feature considering the ones that were left out. Both the Logitech Pure-Fi Dream Speaker and the Pure-Fi Anytime Premium Alarm Clock function better as alarm clocks and each include more features, such as an AM/FM radio. While the Dream is more expensive, the Anytime is priced comparably. The speakers are not omni-directional, so they do not fill a room in the same way. But considering the mid-range pricing, most people would probably prefer the extra features over the slightly more expansive sound.

    As a desk dock, even the Etón Sound 100 iPod Dock is probably superior to this for certain uses. The remote included with that radio allows full iPod navigation. It doesn’t come close in terms of sound quality since it is monaural. But is loaded with features and much more compact.

    Docks such as the iLuv i177 Alarm Clock also deserve consideration from those who need a lower price tag for more features. For those willing to spend a little more, there are many alternatives worth paying a premium depending on the intended use. As a general iPod dock, this unit has enough positive traits that it should still be in the running.


    If you need a speaker dock for a medium sized room and plan on relying on your iPod to drive it, you can do a lot worse than this. But this is not the best value out there and even in terms of performance there are others that may be better for your needs. This unit is a sort of jack-of-all trades. Even though it is OK, it is not ideal for portability, features, or as a clock radio. You can probably find a unit better suited to the use that matters most to you f you explore the docks that are superior in each of those categories.

    Review your options and test it out at retail outlets if possible. But as long as the missing features are less important to you, you may still like this dock.

    Rating: 3 / 5

  5. M. Porter says:

    I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend but also kind of for me because we’ll be living together soon. After looking at quite a few in stores and online, this had all the features I was looking for: a sleek look, not cheap looking, not girly, function, big bright letters, charges my iPhone, has an alarm and a remote, snooze function, and the price is great. The Apple store and Target both sell the exact same one starting at $100. (That is why I LOVE Amazon Remembers! Best app ever!) Anyway, I love the retro look of the volume, and the volume is PLENTY loud at its loudest. Goes up to 40 but 20 is a comfortable volume that you can hear from pretty much any room in the apartment. Love the remote feature. Does have an alarm with a snooze function (you press in the volume to get it to snooze) but the snooze goes off every ten minutes and this cannot be altered. The “omnidirectional” speakers weren’t that much of a draw for me as a feature but they are of a good quality. Doesn’t take up much room and charges my iPhone as well. A great buy for the money compared to other brands.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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