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  • No the single more box required, without delay bond your iPod for full control
  • Easy-to-use poke interface
  • Faster interpretation delivery for discerning as good as easy record navigation

Product Description
Now we can show off your in-car iPod experience! Just the single elementary wire which goes without delay in to the all-new 2006 Alpine Full Speed Connection for iPod concordant conduct units. With no the single more box required, without delay bond your iPod for full control, full receptive to advice during full speed with an easy-to-use poke interface. You have carry out right from the conduct unit, faster than alternative iPod tie solutions. Enhanced facilities embody faster interpretation delivery for discerning as good as easy record navigation, as good as full-tag artist, album, strain as good as playlist report displayed without delay upon the conduct unit, all whilst charging the iPod battery. Alpine’s disdainful Percentage Search concede we to toggle fast by your Playlist, Arist, or Album upon your iPod. Use “Mix All” to trifle your music. Alpine Full Speed connectivity offers an softened integrated resolution which supercharges your music! Compatible with any updated iPod with the wharf connector, as good as an iPod video, iPod nano, iPod print or iPod mini.

Alpine KCE-422i iPod Connection Cable

5 Reviews

  1. D. L. Tomlinson says:

    Great product when you get the genuine artile Alpine KCE-422i. Unfortunately I bought mine from Discount Jungle who advertise Alpine cables, then send cheap fakes to all of their customers. I tested one of them and it didn’t even work properly. They told me they’d give me a refund if I sent them back. I returned the cables and was given only a partial refund. After a great deal of effort, I got some more of my money back, but they refused to fully refund me. Fortunately Amazon refunded me the rest of the money after I made an Amazon A-Z Guarantee claim. Thank you very much Amazon! I would never ever under any circumstances buy anything from Discount Jungle.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. Chris Hann says:

    The title really says it all, it’s just a cable and it works. It’s a very expensive cable by modern standards, you’d think there was more to it than two connectors and a length of wire, but there isn’t. All the smarts are in the compatible head unit and the iPod. This is a much better solution than the previous Alpine attempt, which I also have, the user interface on the new head units is also much better than previously and almost as usable as the iPod itself. A good solution for my 8,000 tracks on several hundred albums.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Roland L. Rollinger says:

    Works perfectly with my Alpine head unit and iPod. It allows you to control your iPod through your headunit. It works like its supposed to and installation is a breeze. Awesome product.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. Scott Senkeresty says:

    Been using this for about a year, and it works fine w/ my CDA 9857. It does work with the original iPhone, but I writing to warn you…

    This does *not* work with an iPhone 3g. Can’t charge the iPhone, can’t control the iPhone.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. John Cornelson says:

    I had used an FM transmitter with my IPOD for some time. It was not very satisfactory. The cable connection is great. Sound is greatly improved and control of the IPOD is much improved.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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