• Specially written Neck Ban with Vertical Transducers for most appropriate fit.
  • Powerful magnets for minute sound.
  • Reflective frame for additional prominence during dusk
  • Sweat as well as H2O resistance.
  • 2 year tools as well as work warranty

Product Description
The PMX80 Behind a Head Ear Speakers uses Vertical Ear Speakers as well as pumps abounding audio absolutely in to a ear. They have been concordant with MP3, iPod as well as alternative unstable inclination with a 1/8 in. connector. The neck rope complement floats a ear blossom for prolonged continuance comfort. Sweat-proof cloaking wicks moisture, enhancing durability. Neck rope facilities a contemplative back for safty when using during dusk. All Sennheiser Sport Series lift a 2 year warranty.

Sennheiser PMX80 Sport Series II Behind a Head Ear Phones For Sports

5 Reviews

  1. Thorsten Claus says:

    Watch Video Here: Great sounding headphones for jogging, ultra light weight over-the-ear neckband (16g), very secure fit, rinse clean with water. Instructions and ‘manual’ are a bit hidden, though.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. McB says:

    I didn’t like the lime green color of the Sen PMX70’s, so I had first bought the nicely designed Nike-Philips neckband phones. They were THE perfect design for a runner. However, the left side went out after 3 weeks! I’m a 50yr old who has been lifting weights for years, but just started running 3yrs ago. I searched and researched for headphones for runners because I sweat like a horse, and I didn’t want to waste money on another pair that wouldn’t suit my purpose.

    So the PMX80 Sport II had just come out. Better design than the 70’s, but the price is very hefty at $55. Still, I needed what these said they could do. No regrets!

    First, they sound great. They have a natural bass advantage because of the way they fit in your ears. Basically, they “fill” the entire gap. However, this can be a drawback of sorts; as sweat builds up and drips down the ear-way, the excess water can create a “seal” between your ear canal and the speaker of each bud. This in turn, can create an “underwater” sound, so to speak. I see this as a design flaw, despite the waterproof nature of these phones because the sound will become muffled. Not frequently, but this CAN/DOES happen. There is also one other little issue to mention; because of the way these fill the ear canal and form that “seal”…the rigid neckband will carry the slightest sound waves (vibration). A bouncing necklace…the excess wire that may touch the neckband, etc., will magnify the sound and carry it right to your ears. A picky and perhaps minor point, but I felt I should mention it. In reality, it’s only happened a few times, and only happens after you’re soaked with sweat. It can be stooped by simply adjusting the neckband with one fairly effortless movement.

    The video clip review you’ll see here? The guy tosses out the clip saying you won’t need it. Trust me, the clip is there for a reason. Maybe he’s a casual jogger? Anyway, Sennheiser knew exactly why they needed to include the clip; because the one-piece wire attaches to the left ear bud, the wire WILL tug back & forth if you have it running down the back of your shirt…like everyone is going to do. The clip clips right to your shirt’s neckline and keeps the wire from “moving”. And actually, the wire can still tug its way through the clip channel and STILL pull! I’ve had to adjust it to get more slack in the middle of a long run. I’m just covering all the bases here, but trust me here…KEEP and USE the provided clip!

    And yes, you can actually rinse these off under light running water after a run! Yes, the ear buds! I hold them so the buds are “vertical”, so I’m not trying to force water into the bud. I simply let light running water cascade down the screen of the ear bud to rinse away sweat. I then use a towel to lightly dab off the excess water and then let them sit on my desk to dry for a few hours. Been doing this for several weeks and I haven’t had any problems.

    The bottom line; The rear exiting site of the Nike phones is a better design, but the quality of the Sennheisers (beefy wire, rugged, washable, better sound) negate that factor entirely. I only wish they’d just change this one design feature!!! Other than that, if you’re a runner and enjoy quality sound and want durability….the PMX80’s are exactly what you’re looking for. They’re comfy and you won’t even know you have them on. I’m sure the price will drop, as I believe they are somewhat overpriced for MP3 phones, but they’re also what I was looking for, so whaddayagonnado? These phones rock.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. KSam3 says:

    At a lower price point I would probably be less critical. I also follow the reviews closely and trust them. I was apprehensive going in a little as I intended to buy buds to workout with. The wrap was a concern but the reviews were so positive about this unit that I gave it a shot.

    I am not upset but not altogether satisfied either. This headphone is not as comfortable as I expected. That is not to say they are uncomfortable. They exert a little more pressure on my ear canal than expected (based on reviews that talked about not even feeling them) and getting the in-ear position correct requires some adjustment (maximizing sound by getting the driver pointed in the right direction).

    I like them ok for running but working out is a little more work. Anytime I lay down on a bench at the gym, the back moves around requiring a readjustment. I do appreciate them being less sensitive to sweat. However the cord has a more rubbery tactile fell that tends to stick or grab things as you walk by at the gym a bit more.

    I will likely continue to use these but may go back to buds for most applications. Buds have challenges of their own but these may end up being my choice for running only. At this price point that is a bit disappointing.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  4. Denise's Reviews says:

    These are sturdy headphones and work as advertised to stay on during even a strenuous workout… however… if you have small ears like me, you’ll be lucky if you can make it an hour. I love the durability, color, one cord design and the clip to hold the cord in place. I love everything except the fact that they kill my ears after just a short use. I wish the manufacturers would make a small and a large size of their popular products. If these were a bit smaller, I’d give them 5 stars. I give them 2 as they are because they really hurt!

    Pro – good construction
    Pro – stays on
    Pro – good sound for the price
    Pro – clip and one cord design

    Con – ouch!!! Not for small ears
    Rating: 2 / 5

  5. Gacho says:

    It has taken me a while to find quality ipod accesories. Ive had every generation of nano and a few of the reg ipods and while some have been better than others, these products are all top-notch. My experience with accessories, however, has not been such. For example, after 3 tries, I have yet to find a good armband for the nano. It does not seem to exist yet. With sport ear phones, however, I have struck gold. My first job as a kid was as an audio salesman at C.City. more than 15 years have passed and I can say that today, I am a practical audiophile, meaning that I finally have a handle on the name vs. quality ratio. So, if you are looking for good frequency response, durability through weather & sweat, and comfort, you can take it from me – these are great. Also, these dont stop up your ear because they are forward facing. Unless you are submerged, it is not healthy to seal your ear canal. Fortunately you have enough sound projection for enough bass to get though, which is usually an issue when there is a significant open space between the driver and the canal. The only other trial left for these is to see how they hold up over time, which, based on the long-standing quality brand, should be an easy pass.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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