• Simple block & fool around – Bluetooth Ver. 2.0: Hands-free, A2DP – Reads MP3 & WMA files
  • Transmits upon all FM frequencies (88.1MHz-107.9MHz) – Memorizes up to 7 FM frequencies
  • RDS (Radio Data System): Caller ID as well as strain report upon your concordant air wave display.
  • Standard USB port, SD slot, outmost microphone & 2.5mm stereo outlay & submit 3.5mm wire included
  • Remote features: Answer/End calls, Volume Up & Down, Folder Shift, Fast Forward & Rewind, Repeat,

Product Description
Featuring a neat brand brand new pattern with a user-friendly interface, Soundfly BT provides a live full duplex information exchnage resolution regulating Bluetooth record by FM delivery to your FM automobile air wave as well as allows we to verbalise to callers by an outmost DSP microphone. Soundfly BT is pairable with any phone versed with Bluetooth functionality or a tie to a Bluetooth adaptor. Bluetooth A2DP record enables wireless delivery of strain from your dungeon phone. If an incoming or effusive call is made, a strain will be paused. The delivery of strain will resume automatically when a call is ended. Soundfly BT additionally lets we attend to receptive to advice files such as MP3 & WMA record stored in unstable mental recall inclination similar to USB peep mental recall & SD card, etc by your automobile air wave speakers. It supports RDS (Radio Data System), so when we embrace a phone call, tourist id will be displayed upon your automobile stereo, or whilst listening to music, we can see a strain as well as artist/’s name displayed upon your automobile stereo. Soundfly SD transmits to all FM frequencies (88.1MHz-107.9MHz) as well as memorizes up to 7 FM frequencies. It is versed with a entirely organic remote control. You can answer/end calls, change volume, change frequency, printed matter shift, quick Forward & Rewind, Repeat or Bookmark your a one preferred songs by a remote. Note: You need to do iPhone OS 3.0 Software Update upon your iPhone 3G for A2DP Bluetooth Stereo connection. Because of iPhone’s Bluetooth AVCRP capability, this section can usually await vol +/- as well as play/pause functions. Track brazen or behind functions have been not upheld until it is altered in iPhone’s brand brand new update

Soundfly BT Ultimate Bluetooth Car Fm Transmitter WMA/MP3 Player for SD Card, USB Stick, iPhone 3Gs & 3G, iPod, Zune

5 Reviews

  1. J. Waller says:

    To get a bluetooth hands free device that also plays my music through my car’s sound system for only 80 bucks I think is a sweet deal! I’ve had it for about a week, it’s been working great and I love it! The sound quality seems the same as any other radio station. That includes the fact that when people call and I hear them through my speakers, they sound like someone calling into a radio station, which is kind of cool. :) Haven’t made many calls using bluetooth yet, but so far the person on the other line says they can’t even tell I’m using a hands free device.

    – It’s a great idea that works well.
    – The price is reasonable.
    – I love being able to play music from a flash drive or an SD card.
    – It remembers the last song that was playing when I turned the car off and picks back up with that song when I start driving again.
    – The music pauses automatically when a call comes in and it shows the number of the incoming call on its screen.
    – You can either clip the mic on to your shirt or seat belt when you want to use it, or it comes with a different clip that attaches to your visor so it’s always ready to go. They provide two adhesive clips for the wire to fit into so you can guide the wire along a non-obtrusive path.

    – You need to use your phone to make a call; pressing the call button on the device redials the last number, rather than activating voice command.
    – When playing from USB/SD card, it only supports 1999 songs and 20 folders. The music also must be in a folder named MP3 or Soundfly. This means that if you sync with Windows Media player, you will need to select the option for it to not create a folder hierarchy (otherwise it creates a folder for each artist) and then copy the songs from the root directory on the drive to the MP3/Soundfly directory.
    – It can’t read songs with any digital rights info (though I think this is pretty common).
    – The users manual and packaging have a bunch of grammatical mistakes. The English was clearly either translated with some mistakes or written by someone who is not fluent.
    – Most of the buttons and functionality are through the remote, which must be pointed directly at the device (I don’t find it necessary to use it very often, though).

    I haven’t found any of these cons to be a big deal, though, just minor things that leave some room for improvement. I would say this a great product, which I am recommending to my friends and family.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Michael Blunt says:

    The reason I purchased this item is a combination of wanting a hands free car phone for safety and having difficulty hearing the speaker phone on my cell phone in the car. The bluetooth transmitter fills these needs well. Since my car (Honda CRV) has only one cigarette lighter receptacle on the dash, I added another in the access door to the fuse box – an easy installation and out of the way location – thus leaving the original receptacle for the phone charging cord, a necessity to keep the phone illuminated while driving at night. The operating instructions are quite adequate and understandable. I do adjust the bass response down to make it easier to understand conversation broadcast through the radio. I think an earphone works best for this purpose, but I hate driving around feeling like a borg and I find an earphone uncomfortable, so this is the next best solution.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. PKAP says:

    I bought this product after seeing the review over here. I had VR3 USB-SD transmitter for over 4 years and was looking for new one after it broke.
    First and foremost, the Satechi Customer service is excellent, very prompt response and prompt delivery. I Could give 10 stars for their support.

    Pros on this product,

    i) Bluetooth and MP3 Player with stereo FM transmitter
    ii) The remote works for folder froward and track forward (lagged in VR3)
    iii) Quality of FM transmission, constant stereo transmission with good signal.


    i) Limited folder level, Satechi should bring some Firmware to recognise more folders (VR3 has unlimited folder level)
    ii) Remote power is weak, should plan to improve on this. works only line of site, maximum 3 feet away (in car it doesnt matter, but you have to have your hand pointed towards the unit, depending on model, could be painful).

    iii) Not all the functions available in the unit, if you loose remote you loose,
    – Save or book mark option
    – A-B option
    – Folder switch option

    When I received the product, I was surprised with the quality of the sound in FM, it was near CD quality, when I used VR3, I could see a huge difference in the audio quality using SD and USB disks. When I connect external source (cd player or computer and transmit, the volume is much better and the range of reception is about 35 feet with walls in between. I plugged this unit with wall power adapter, and used portable player to transmit, then I could receive signal in basement and second floor without any problems.

    After 4 days, using bluetooth in car, the receiver could not hear me clearly and the remote I received I had to hold very close to the unit (literally less than 2 inches). I was little upset due to this considering the price I paid. (may be mine was one of the unlucky one’s)

    Sent a mail to support in Satechi, less than two hours, received prompt response, with couple of mails, then arranged for replacement unit. for some reason it got delayed, but the Customer serveice repsentative was curteous and helpfull tracking the package and made sure it is picked up on following day. Due to their response, I even kind of forgot on the issue and cooled down. was looking forward the new unit. It arrived two days ago and testing. So far so good, the MP is working really good and remote works about 3 feet from the unit (useful when I connect this at home). On bluetooth connectivity I am still need to test fully, so far it appears to be okay, the receiver is able to hear me okay. have to try during long drive and check. will update my posting soon on this.

    Over all great product, if they over come the short falls (directory recognition and increased power on remote,) I would give them 5 Stars.

    Compare to Vr3, much better product, there is very low interference and static. I would recommend this product.

    As promised, I am updating my experience with Bluetooth

    So far so good, when I drive in city the bluetooth quality is good at the receiving end, but when I drive in Highway at 70 to 75 MPH, the receiver complained I am breaking. It appears that mic is too sensitive and picking up the vehicle vibration, I am still trying to get an optimum location for the mic to reduce outside noise. Since within city limit, the quality is good I am not worried much.

    Also, the sound quality on my radio in the car is really really good. So Bluetooth works for me. I am not planning to return this product, I recommend this to any one looking for great quality of sound and a versatile product.

    On FM transmitter, the power is sufficient enough to suppress a moderate radio signal (88.5 is NPR station in Dayton, I am able to suppress this thru this unit). So as far as static is concerned it is virtually null if use free or moderate station channel.

    Return on Cost is good compare to options I explored like Parot and other dealer supplied Bluetooth units.

    Over all I will give 4.5 for this, giving room for other improvements suggested earlier.

    Satechi, Great product, looking for advanced one in future from you. Your customer service Rocks!!!!!!!! Great and thanks a ton for a good product.

    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. grover says:

    Using this now with an iPhone 3gs

    1) Paired
    2) Set it to 87.7
    3) Played iPod, sounded great
    4) Used Navigon GPS, music still routed to radio with driving instructions fading in.
    5) Made a phone call, other party heard me fine, did not even know I was on a hands free device; they sounded great on the radio.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. A U says:

    This thing is amazing. Granted, I’ve never had a bluetooth hands-free device before but it works exactly as I want it to. Some key points:
    1. Audio is near-CD quality or at worst, better quality than regular radio. I live in a highly populated urban center where every other frequency is used but this still works great.
    2. Call quality is great. People can’t even tell that I’m using it. When a call comes in, you hear a ring through the speakers. You can hit the green button on the device to take the call.
    3. I use Pandora on my iphone with this. I also jailbroke my iphone so I can run Backgrounder (allows you to run multiple apps at the same time). This way I can keep Pandora playing, and use GPS at the same time, like the native ipod app on the iphone. I even get turn-by-turn voice navigation, so I can have Pandora playing and after a while the music will lower, the voice navigation will tell me when my next turn is, and the music will increase again. Very cool!!!
    4. Also, if you have an iphone, it has a very cool and easy to use UI for switching between audio sources (Soundfly/iphone/headset).

    My roommate initially said he’s going to get a bluetooth headset. I told him this is so much better because you can stream everything through your car speakers. Another cool thing about this device is that it has a line-out so if you have a car radio that has a line-in jack, you can leverage that instead of broadcasting to an FM station.

    In fact, that is one of the best things about this device. If you’re shopping around for handsfree stuff, you should NEVER get proprietary, ipod/iphone-only devices. You’ll have to buy a new one if some other cool device comes out! This device can take in audio through a standard line-in jack, output to a standard headphone jack, take in bluetooth, output to FM, it’s extremely flexible!

    I think it’s been said before too, but customer service is definitely one of the best I’ve ever seen. They kept track of the order and asked me if I received it on time. They responded to my questions promptly too.

    Some small negatives:
    1. The microphone can be a little cumbersome but I have yet to find a good place to put it. Right now I put it on my seatbelt. Presumably I could get a wireless mic or something and plug it in. Haven’t tried it though.
    2. The USB port on the device doesn’t allow charging a device when you’re using bluetooth. So I can’t charge my iphone while i’m using it. Not a big deal — you can get this device: which will allow you to plug in the SoundFly and charge your iphone through USB.
    3. Not sure if this is a negative, but the manual has been HORRIBLY translated. It’s actually kind of funny, so yeah, not sure if it’s a negative… It’s not a big deal since the device itself is pretty intuitive.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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