• Transmits stereo peculiarity receptive to advice from your unstable song player to your automobile FM radio.
  • All magnitude tuning allows unconstrained preference of air wave frequencies from 88.1 to 107.9 mhz with an increment of 0.1 mhz.
  • Just balance your automobile air wave in to any new FM channel
  • Powered by automobile cigarette lighter adapter. Blue LCD backlight display
  • For most appropriate receptive to advice performance, greatfully set your MP3 player’s volume spin to MEDIUM

Product Description
NOTE: When regulating this FM-transmitter upon a iPhone, a summary competence come up as “This appendage is not done to work with iPhone”, as well as indicate to switch to Airplane Mode. Please click NO to jump over a summary as this FM-Transmitter is tested to work with a iPhone in both Phone as well as Airplane mode”. In sequence to spin upon a FM transmitter, greatfully bond a FM conductor with BOTH automobile horse as well as iPhone / iPod.The easiest approach to promote your song whilst charging your iPod MP3 player.Compact as well as stylish! Powered by automobile cigarette lighter adapter. Blue LCD backlight display. Frequency range: 88.1 – 107.9 MHz/Step. For most appropriate receptive to advice performance, greatfully set your MP3 player’s volume spin to MEDIUM. Then make use of your automobile stereo’s volume carry out to regulate a outlay level. Operating Range: up to thirty feet / 10 meters. Optimal stretch – 10 feet / 3 meters. Type: Generic / Aftermarket. Package includes: FM Transmitter; 12V cigarette lighter charger; Color: Black. All models of Apple iPod with Dock Connector including: iPod Touch / iPod Touch 2nd Generation / iPod Classic / iPod Classic 120GB / iPod nano Gen3 / iPod Nano 4th Generation / iPod 5G [Video] / iPod Nano / iPod Photo / iPod Mini / iPod 3G/4G / iPhone 3G. Compatible With Apple: iPhone 1st Gen. 16GB / 4GB / 8GB,iPhone 3G 16GB / 8GB,iPhone 3GS 16GB / 32GB,iPod 4th Gen. 20GB / 20GB (Color Display) / 30GB (Color Display) / 40GB / 40GB (Photo) / 60GB (Color Display) / 60GB (Photo) / U2 Special Edition,iPod Classic 120GB / 160GB / 80GB,iPod Nano 1st Gen. 1GB / 2GB / 4GB,iPod Nano 2nd Gen. 2GB / 4GB / 8GB,iPod Nano 3rd Gen. 4GB / 8GB,iPod Nano 4th Gen. 16GB / 8GB,iPod Nano 5th era sixteen GB / 8 GB,iPod Touch 1st Gen. 16GB / 32GB / 8GB,iPod Touch 2nd Gen. 16GB / 32GB / 8GB,iPod Touch 3rd Generation 32 GB / 64 GB,iPod Video 30GB / 60GB / 80GB / U2 Special Edition.

Car Charger+FM Radio Adapter Transmitter for IPOD Touch

5 Reviews

  1. P. Myers says:

    This is an AMAZING deal! Works awesome and I just flat out love it! GET IT GET IT GET IT! Its so great! It came the 1st day expected and its a quality object perfect for any ipod including ipod touch, nano, classic, iphone and more! If I could I would give it 20 stars!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. A. Palmieri says:

    There are a lot of FM transmitters out there to sift through and finding the right one can be a real chore. I’m sorry that I gave this FM transmitter a shot because it fails in every way that you would want one to succeed.

    The only pro this transmitter has is the price. It’s cheap. Period.

    Finding a clean station to broadcast on is a hassle when you are driving. When you do find a station that does come in “clear” there is still faint white noise in the background that just won’t go away. Also, the sound quality is just terrible to put it plainly. Everytime there is a “S” that is spoken/sung or high pitched cymbals it completely distorts it.

    Then there is the charging portion of this device. The lighter outlets in my vehicle have worked fine with my radar detector, my gps, my phone, etc. This device I had to basically jam in the lighter outlet and only then it would charge for a given amount of time before it jarred loose due to minor bumps.

    Finally, if you have a case on your iPod this device will not fit completely.

    Morel of the story is: Learn from my mistake and start to look elsewhere because this is definitely not the FM transmitter you want.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. Linda J. Mcminniman says:

    Item arrived fast and works as well as expected for a product of this type. I don’t need it for my BMW, but I have a car on the mainland I will use it in while I’m there. I took it to Honolulu this past weekend to try it in a rental car and it worked spotty in town with all the interference in the FM stations. I don’t expect those problems in San Diego and the surrounding areas because I don’t go downtown that often. Overall, I give it a good rating for this type of product.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. Dan says:

    FM transmitter works great but will NOT charge the ipod touch,
    But what can you ask for for the price
    Rating: 3 / 5

  5. A. Adi says:

    This item is a very good buy. It works great and I had no issues with it in my local area or when I traveled. I love the fact that I can keep my Ipod charged when traveling long distance.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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