• FM transmitter: All channels, Car charger, Holder with tractable clip, LED agreement for FM channels
  • Support full stereo music
  • Power by automobile cigarette adapter.
  • Full operation of FM frequency

Product Description
The Digital Wireless Radio Transmitter wirelessly transmits song from your iPod Nano 5th or iPhone 3G 3G S Generation or MP3 player to your automobile stereo. The digital tuner thatch digitally in to the clearest accessible air wave station. Wide preference of channels allows we to balance your automobile stereo to the clearest FM frequency, as well as suffer your song with full stereo receptive to advice as well as convenience. ….The tractable arm allows we to keep the section divided from the gear. Allows the clutter-free arrangement.

Apple iPod iPhone Accessories. Black FM Transmitter Car Charger Kit with Holder for Apple Iphone 3G iPhone 3G S iPod Touch 2nd Generation iPod Nano 5th Generation 5G

5 Reviews

  1. James C. Dickinson says:

    Overall this transmitter works very well. Most transmitters I looked at have less than favorable reviews, however this one had better overall reviews. I always discount a review where the person received a broken product, once in a while things slip by, such is life.

    I wasn’t expecting too terribly much from this transmitter. I simply hoped it transmitted in my truck with minimal feedback or fuzz, it performs as I hoped. As another review stated, you will have some ‘white noise’ just like dead air on the radio, and this makes sense to me as you are broadcasting a radio signal. When listening to music the white noise is not noticeable. You have two options to hook up your iPod or MP3 player (note you CAN use this with other players), the first option it the one you see in the product image, the iPod connector. This connection transmits the music as well as charges you iPod. The second option is a mini plug to mini plug cable. You plug it into your headphone jack then into the bottom of the transmitter. Through experimenting the iPod connector has slightly better sound quality. When using the mini plug sound can get distorted if you iPod’s volume is turned up all the way. I found that if the iPod volume was about 75% there was no distortion; you will not have this issue with the iPod connector as the volume setting on the iPod remains constant, even if you change it it will not change the volume being transmitted.

    Possibly my favorite part about this transmitter is how it holds the iPod. I’ve tried it in two different cars and you can adjust it well enough to fit any dash configuration. I would have liked it if the holster could be adjusted in more than one dimension (it only pivots front to back, not side to side) that way you could angle it so it faces you as the driver and make changing songs easier (safer, less distracting). I also tried it with my friends iPhone (I am using with the newest nano). Worked just as well with his phone as with my nano. The only thing we agreed didn’t work as well was the holster. The iPhone is heavier and I’m not sure how secure it would be on a bumpy road. The arms hold my nano very well, I just don’t think you can get it adjusted tight enough to handle the large and heavier full iPod or iPhone. Maybe throw a rubber band around it too like someone else said. The only other drawback is the LED display at night, it’s VERY bright while driving at night which can be distracting, but I just cover it up by shifting the iPod higher in the holster to block it out.

    Overall I would buy this again if need be. I would never pay the suggested full retail (I was surprised as how ‘hollow’ and ‘cheap’ it felt out of the package), I think the cost here is more than fair for the product you will get. Bottom line- It works, could it be nicer? Sure, almost everything could be. But for the minimal price you pay even after shipping, you honestly can’t complain.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. T. Fitzwater says:

    An overview of this item is that it works as designed. I have an iPod Touch 3G with a plastic case and this device holds it well. It hasn’t slipped or fallen out once. The wide range of channels on the device provides great sound quality with no static or interference at all. This device sits about a foot away from my radio and this distance is no problem at all. Some other iPod FM transmitters require the device to be placed literally next to the radio in order for the music to even come through. This transmitter though provides a great broadcasting signal at any of the channels available. However, there is a faint high pitched whine that accompanies the music through the speakers and increases and decreases with the volume. This whine is negligible though and hardly noticeable.

    The car charger portion fits in very well in my car (02 Honda Civic) but the connector is not flexible or bendable as in other models. Also, my cup holder flips open and closed and while this device doesn’t keep you from having drinks there, I am unable to open or shut the cup holder once the device is inserted into the car charger. However, the connector allows for the iPod to be rotated 180 degrees up and down and I find the lack of flexibility with the positioning of the device doesn’t bother me at all. The iPod charges well through this device and connection is simple.

    Overall this product works. For the price, I would definitely recommend it.

    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. David P. Pratt says:

    For the price I paid this item works perfectly; It charges while it plays and it will not fade out of a station all day. I recently used it on a 1200 mile trip and did not lose reception connection once. Well worth the price; in fact I would have paid double!!!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. Pamela J. Thalner says:

    I bought this FM transmitter to replace my old Griffin RoadTrip. While the RoadTrip had problems and wasn’t compatible with my iPhone, I wish I’d stayed with it.

    To start with, the product arrived in a plain white box with no instructions. I hooked it up and figured out, through trial and error, how to turn it on. The product itself does not exactly resemble the image shown here, which makes me wonder if I received the correct product. It holds my iPod well enough, though it felt less than secure in the holder. The shelf at the bottom, on which the iPod or iPhone rests, is very narrow, and the jack to which it hooks up is only attached by a wire — it does not stay in place to add stability, as the RoadTrip did.

    However, my iPhone barely stays in the holder. With or without its case, it falls easily out of the holder, and any slight bump in the road causes the song to jump to the next track. In addition, the charge provided by this kit is very slow. In twenty minutes, my iPhone’s battery barely went from a quarter to a half full, whereas the RoadTrip could nearly completely charge my iPod in the same amount of time.

    The FM transmitter works very well and cleanly, but that is the only part of this product I am pleased with. I would be much happier if it held the items more securely. As it is, I will be looking for a replacement.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  5. Lauren Passwater says:

    This item does exactly what it says it does and is super easy to use. My stereo didn’t have the channel (too low numerically) that is recommended for best use so I had to tune in on slightly higher channels. The sound clarity wasn’t great b/c the channels didn’t come in clear themselves. Would probably work best on recommended channel.
    Rating: 3 / 5

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