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  • One-Touch Tuning: press, recover as well as iTrip’s tuned
  • New SmartSound record auto-adjusts vigilance strength for any frequency
  • Back-lit arrangement for easy observation in any light
  • Included USB-to-mini-USB wire connects with Griffin’s PowerJolt® automobile horse (sold separately) to assign your iPod whilst it plays
  • Backlit arrangement for easy observation in any light

Product Description
A redesign for a iTrip which proposed it all. iTrip broadcasts a song from your iPod to an open FM magnitude upon your car¿s FM stereo so we can fool around your tunes by your automobile stereo¿s speakers. New high-contrast arrangement is simply to review in any light whilst SmartSound record maximizes a FM air wave vigilance sent by iTrip to your car’s FM radio.Amazon.com Product Description
Use this little device to spin any air wave in to a passage for your a one preferred music. Simply block a iTrip in to a advancing pier of a concordant iPod device as well as make use of a one-touch tuning to get connected. New SmartSound record auto-adjusts vigilance strength for any frequency, ensuring a most appropriate probable quality. A brighter backlit arrangement creates for easy operation, even during night.

Griffin iTrip LCD Dock Connector for iPod

5 Reviews

  1. lokin says:

    I bought this item because I use to have the older one that slots on top of the photo ipods (pre-video bottom slots). I loved it even though it broke and had to purchase a new one. Eventually my Ipod needed to be replaced so I purchased one of the video Ipods. Trusting Griffin iTrips I bought this despite bad feedback it already had. After having it now for a few months, I have hated it from day one. No matter what stations I try I always get static. I live about an hour away from Atlanta, so there really should be no reason for this. Ive tried every single radio station possible with no luck. The second thing that I hate about this iTrip is that there is no way to boost the signal level with the Ipods volume. You can only use your car volume to control it. This is because of some change with these newer ipods and only having the slot on the bottom for syncing and such. SO on top of getting static on all stations there is no way to boost the sound or level to try and “drown out” the static. My suggestion, find a way to plug directly into your system, the new iTrips are all horrible.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. Peskina says:

    I bought this product thinking that it would be a great replacement for my old Belkin iTrip, which only allowed you to change radio stations when hooked up to a computer. Boy was I wrong. The signal from this thing is so weak that when you’re less than three feet from the car antenna, you can still hearing static while songs are playing. Don’t waste your money.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. R. Sealy says:

    This product would not work more than two feet from the radio and even then had static. Horrible product – should be taken off the market. I returned it for a refund it was so bad.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. Nicole Dutton says:

    I loved the original iTrip from Griffin, and thought I would love this one as well. It is a great product, and is extremely easy to use, however, unlike the original iTrip, you cannot access the clearest channel, which for me was 87.9. The new version only goes down to station 88.1. I did find one channel that plays very nicely, however, and the iTrip fits on my ipod touch perfectly, even with a plastic cover.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. A. Lunz says:

    I bought this product, used it twice, and when I tried to play my iPod in my car on the third use, it stopped responding. I’ve tried looking everywhere for troubleshooting tips and solutions but as far as I can see, I was sent a defective FM transmitter. When it DID work, I had a hard time finding a station and when I finally did, I couldn’t move my iPod more than a foot away from the radio. I would not suggest buying this.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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