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  • iPod nano, 5th era (video), 4th era (color display), 4th generation, as well as mini (provides volume carry out upon iPod video).
  • Built-in FM conductor wirelessly connects to your automobile stereo, operates upon mixed FM channels from 88.1MHz-107.9MHz
  • Four single-touch, programmable preset buttons; uses iPod arrangement for discerning as well as easy FM tuning
  • Includes automobile energy connective tissue to energy as well as assign your iPod in a car
  • Secure as well as fast iPod connection

Product Description
Now we can make make use of of your iPod to attend to your a one preferred tunes by any FM stereo receiver. The TuneFM for iPod wirelessly connects your iPod to your car, home, or unstable stereo fast as well as easily. Just block a TuneFM in to a wharf connector upon your iPod. Tune your stereo to any transparent FM frequency, as well as suffer your iPod song anywhere with full receptive to advice as well as fewer wires.Amazon.com Product Description
The Belkin F8Z075-BLK TuneFM for iPod wirelessly connects your iPod to your car, home, or unstable stereo fast as well as easily. Just block a TuneFM in to a wharf connector upon your iPod, as well as balance your stereo to any transparent FM magnitude to suffer your iPod song anywhere with full receptive to advice as well as fewer wires.

The Belkin F8Z075-BLK facilities softened FM delivery which delivers crisp, clean, best-in-class audio opening for an unrivalled listening knowledge by your stereo. The built-in FM conductor wirelessly connects to your automobile or home stereo upon a full operation of FM channels, from 88.1 MHz to 107.9 MHz, vouchsafing we select a many appropriate accessible magnitude so we have been certain to find a channel but interference. This section lets we make make use of of a iPod arrangement for discerning as well as easy tuning, as well as facilities 4 single-touch programmable preset buttons which let we find a clearest frequencies as well as toggle between them for optimal performance.

The F8Z075-BLK includes an automobile energy connective tissue to yield energy as well as assign your iPod whilst in a car, as well as is powered by your iPod when not plugged in to a enclosed DC adapter. Compatible with many iPod’s with a wharf connector–including a iPod nano 1G, iPod nano 2G, iPod mini, iPod 4G (Click Wheel), iPod color, as well as iPod 5G/5.5G Video–the Belkin F8Z075-BLK provides volume carry out when used with an iPod video, comes in a black tone which complements your iPod, as well as is corroborated by a manufacturer’s 3-year warranty.

What’s in a Box
Belkin F8Z075-BLK conductor as well as automobile energy cord, user’s beam as well as guaranty information

Belkin TuneFM Transmitter for iPod

5 Reviews

  1. J. P. Coughlin says:

    Okay! I know it sounds too good to be true, or maybe it sounds like a sales pitch, but it isn’t. I’m just a “Schmoe” like most everyone else and I wanted to pass along information on a product that really delivered the goods!

    I did ALL the research and tried a bunch of FM transmitters – some turned out to be good, some turned out to be garbage, BUT this one finished at the top of the heap in my analysis.

    Here’s the top 5:

    1.) Cost- the transmitter is fairly priced. It didn’t break the bank like some of the other transmitters out there. (I’m sorry, but spending more than $50 on an FM Transmitter is ridiculous!)

    2.) Performance- Forget about looking for a weak station to broadcast over. I live in the greater New York City area, and to prove my point, I found the strongest fm station I could find on the dial and this transmitter entirely trounced right over it! Sure an “unused” fm station provided near cd quality playback and is the obvious choice, but I wanted to prove a point, and that was, no matter what the signal strength, this transmitter flat-lined the original and dominated the frequency! Nice job Belkin, mission accomplished!

    3.) Ease of use- All FM transmitter functions fully displayed on the iPod Video’s screen, 4 easy to program frequency presets, all with their own handy button, and initial setup that took under a minute!…YES, under one-minute!

    4.) Small and versatile- Matches up perfectly with my 30G iPod Video and only adds about 1/2-inch to the overall length of the entire device. MOST IMPORTANTLY- I do NOT have to remove my iPod from its protective case in order to use this transmitter! In fact, I believe this transmitter was designed for use specifically with a case in mind! There is a short collar you remove from the transmitter if your iPod is in a case. You only use the collar if your iPod is “in the buff” so to speak! Believe me, the fit is perfect! It is exactly how we would have designed it, if it was up to us!

    5.) Dual power sources and auto charger- You can either power the transmitter off your iPod’s internal battery or via the included car power adapter. Playing off your iPod’s battery allows you to use the transmitter in a variety of places including your home stereo, a boom-box at the beach, wherever you might bring your iPod. Playing off the car adapter also charges your iPod.

    The ONLY negative thing I can say about the device is a rather selfish one. I think with a little more thoughtfulness, Belkin could have devised a single power adapter that would offer BOTH an AC and DC power solution for this absolutely fantastic product!

    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Cisco Kid says:

    This product is fantastic.
    The box contains two things. One is the FM transmitter which connects to your Ipod via the IPOD dock. And it connects to ANY ipod with IPOD dock. Second is a car charger which connects to the bottom of the FM transmitter, just like the picture.

    1. Flexible: You can use the FM transmitter with the IPOD alone and it will use the IPOD battery, brilliant so you can use it at home or at some impromptu party all you need is a radio. Of course you can use it in the car and power it with the included cig-lighter adaptor that also charges the Ipod. sweeet

    2. Signal: OK if you enable the Japan frequency function on the FM transmiter you can tune it to 79.9 and that frequency is empty. Push 1 and 4 buttons at the same time then push up arrow. Most car stereos can go down as far as 79.7 but US stations start at 88.1 so that means you may have up to 3 empty stations with no distortion. I have driven all over the Dallas TX metro and accross the country and almost never need to change the station.

    3. Sound: If you do as above and have a empty channel you can enable the stereo mode and the sound is almost CD quality.

    4. Price: For about $40 you get a portable FM transmitter and a car charger. I have not found a better deal out there.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. W. Langford says:

    I was completely let down by this product. From what I read it was supposed to be a great tool to get your IPOD to play music over the radio in your car. After searching almost every station for better reception, none worked with crisp clear sound that would come from tuning into a radio station. Lots of static, thats about all I got. Waste of money! I will update my car stereo with a input jack instead of wasting more money on a similar solution.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  4. T. Quijano says:

    It’s worth the 50$ I got for it!

    For the weekend I’ve tried it out; I like the Belkin TuneFM. It’s a neat, asthetically clean device that fits slots into my iPod even with the case (a clear hardcase from Agent 18) & powers up the iPod so I don’t have to worry about draining battery life while driving around. I drive a car w/ a rear antenna and through the extremely crowded New York city area. Within Manhattan you’ll definately hear a little hiss and pop (especially in lower Manhattan); but that to me is tolerable. However, in the outer boroughs like in Brooklyn, Queens, & Staten Island the sound is near perfect. Tip for New Yorkers: tune your FM transmitter to 89.3 FM as the surrounding frequencies belong to college radio stations with relatively weaker signals.

    It does have it’s drawbacks. For one the wire connecting the transmitter to the plug can cause a little clutter. Another is that yes, when pressing a button it will cause the audio on your iPod to pause for a second. Finally, since it does use the iPod itself for the display you’ll be potentially taking your eyes off the road in order to switch radio stations. But these, to me, are minor.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. Patrick Benson says:

    I have been researching the FM transmitters for quite a while now and finally decided to give this one a go and if it didnt work I can always return it. But it has worked wonderfully with my ipod. Super easy, directions are good and its extremely clear on my radio. My one draw back is how quickly it takes the battery life. but you cant win them all. I suggest this one for sure.

    Rating: 5 / 5

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