• Establishes full functions of a iLuv warning time focus (available from Apple iTunes app store)
  • Stands horizontally or plumb to compare your iPhone or iPod hold shade aspect
  • Portable / desktop (6 x AA batteries or AC operated) orator for your iPhone or iPod
  • Plays as well as charges your iPhone /iPod
  • Built with energetic acoustic orator chambers to raise receptive to advice clarity

Product Description
The App Station from iLuv is a initial app driven warning time for iPod as well as iPhone. Features embody stands horizontally or plumb to compare your iPhone or iPod hold shade aspect, establishes full functions of a iLuv warning time application, plays as well as charges your iPhone/iPod, energy on/off symbol with LED indicator, built with energetic acoustic orator chambers to raise receptive to advice clarity, absolute amplifiers yield improved potency as well as performance, aux line submit for any audio inclination with 3.5mm jack.

iLuv App Station Alarm Clock Stereo Speaker Dock for iPod as well as iPhone 3G as well as 3GS

4 Reviews

  1. S. M. Polk says:

    I’m on my second App Station. The first one had the on/off button stop working after three days. It was getting power, i.e. my iPhone was charging, but I could not use the button to turn the unit on to hear output from the iPhone.
    I returned the first App Station, and immediately upon receiving the second one, I find that the volume control rocker does not work. I can change volume using the iTunes interface, but the volume is completely unaffected by using the App Station control. This thing almost makes me long for the old days of analog.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  2. S. Milcetic says:

    I’m changing my review to 3 stars for now because the customer service of the manufacturer has been very good. They responded to my online inquiries very quickly and even called me to arrange for me to exchange the unit because of the sound quality issue. If the app is released soon and the new unit has the sound quality I expect then I will give it more stars. Original review follows…

    I love the design of this alarm clock. It’s sturdy but small enough to also use as a portable speaker so I can take it wherever I am in the house and listen to my music, podcasts etc. It’s also really clever the way you can rotate it to have your iphone/ipod touch either vertical or horizontal. All that being said, it was a terrible idea for them to ship this without the app being available. Here’s the response I got from customer service online:

    “Thank you for contacting iLuv. We apologize for the confusion with your iMM190Blk. The iLuv app clock is in the process of being uploading and we are doing our best to be done by mid March. Until then the unit can be used as a speaker. Please let us know if we can assist you further.”

    My other problem is that the speaker makes a fuzzy sound as soon as it is turned on and the fuzz continues in the background when I play music or podcasts. I think I may have a defective one since other reviewers said the sound was good on theirs. If the app comes out soon I will try to exchange it and hope the sound is better on another one otherwise I am returning it.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  3. A. Fuchs says:

    Update: I just checked iTunes and the app is now available. I installed it and checked it out. First of all, you can’t wake up with music. All you get is their set of sounds – like it or not. Then, it is really not well integrated as music player. I did not find a way to select an artist or an album. So you actually have to use the iPod application to have a nice music interface. Finally, you have to manually start the application when you dock the iPhone. I expected the application to come up automatically when docked. Come on, this is not even the level of functionality you get with any other iPhone clock-radio. I reduce my rating from 3 stars to 1 stars and keep the clock as a research project. I expect things to get better over time. But how can you even attempt to launch a product so immature as this one is?

    Here is my original review:

    I just received my iLuv App Station, which looks real solid and good production quality. The sound is good too. Too bad that the iTunes app is not yet available. I searched iTunes every possible way and finally called iLuv’s customer support. Unfortunately, no-one answered the phone. It seems like iLuv shipped the product pre-maturely without circling back with Apple on the availability of the iLuv App Clock, which is really needed to use the device. Also not very smart to have no customer support. I’ll hold on to this for a few days and may ship it back, if the app does not show up soon.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. Bruce Ostrout says:

    I’m in the same boat as FOX. About to send this back because of the lack of the advertised app and response. The Istation rotate would be the KILLER device for a all in 1 dock/nightstand clock, portable speakers. I loved it so much but it sucekd because it automatically went to sleep after 30 mins therefore muting the iphone indefinitely and therefore ruining it for use as a nightstand or regular dock. App station takes care of this sleep flaw sounds very loud and has great workmanship. I hate the Blue power light and just don’t know why engineers continue to design devices esp bluetooth with annoying and obtrusive blue lights, so currently i blocked it with a small piece of electrical tape. Ghetto bypass of the blue light with tape and the lack of the well advertised app has me pretty pissed. So 48 hours more without the app and this thing is going back. App shows up and I’ll give it 4 stars….

    The iphone is the perfect nightstand/deskclock/music player the only SUCK about it is Iphones crappy notification system. If you don’t disable push when you are using the nightclock then when a notification comes up it will totally block your display. This is one of the few features where android destroys iphone. hopefully Iphone OS 4 will bring a new notification system.

    UPDATE well as of 3-16 the app was finally released and it is certainly subpar compared to the other clock apps. You’d think Iluv would release the snooze and auto launch control to the other clock app developers so they could be easily integrated with the app station, currently every time you plug the iphone in it asks for our auto launches the iluv app. The app has a lot of potential but; there is no animation of the flip clock, Cannot set alarm sound from music library, the few sounds available are pretty bad and some even are sampled so terribly that there is horrible buzz in the recording, you cannot set individual days for alarm, and there are no settings to disable autolock so the display shuts off automatically. Most of the many clock apps cover all of these basics even the native alarm clock can set individual dates.

    I can’t imagine that Iluv product designers did the obvious thing and actually used the product to discover these obvious oversights. This accessory has so much potential and seems to be the only landscape dock that can be used as a nightstand deskclock, charging station and a portable speaker system, but right now it has been a poorly managed product launch and I have little faith in updates if it took so long after lauch to get the app out in the first place. I’ll give it another week before I return mine. If you dont see an update listing these features in the app store then i would avoid this product and wait for something better.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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