• AM/FM tuner with presets
  • High-performance speakers as well as amplifier
  • Real timber veneer cabinet
  • iPod wharf with carry out interface
  • Dual warning with fall asleep as well as mute

Product Description
The Clock Radio with iPod Docking Station by Acoustic Research facilities a genuine timber veneer cupboard pattern to give it an accurate look. Its innovative facilities embody a dual-alarm with auto-clock set, a delayed arise volume ramp, as well as a capability to daub anywhere to fall asleep as well as mute–making it easy to get a little additional shut-eye. It even comes with battery backup, only in box there is a energy outage whilst we were sleeping. And for those stressful days when we only wish to lift out your hair, it comes with inlet sounds which receptive to advice good upon a high-performance speakers as well as amplifier.

Acoustic Research Clock Radio with Dock for iPod as well as MP3 Players

5 Reviews

  1. Kristen P. Mckissick says:


    Every aspect of the design of this device was extremely well thought out. Every task is exactly as easy or difficult as it should be. The buttons to change the time are less convenient so that the time cannot be reset accidently. Setting individual alarms and changing them quickly (and with the rooms lights off) is absolutely easy when awake but more difficult when groggy.

    The clock face is very easy to read but not bright enough to be disturbing. The time numbers are large enough to be read from across the room, though in a room with a lot of daytime glare, this may be more difficult to do. Again, I think the legibility is exactly what it should be for an item placed next to the bed.

    The options for the two alarms are wonderful and include a volume (independent of the playing volume as well as of the other alarm) as well as choice of sound source. Changing a time setting takes only a few seconds. Alarm times (if alarms are active for the day) are displayed on the face of the clock, so there is no fumbling to find out if the alarm is set or for what time.

    The snooze alarm is unique. It appears to be vibration oriented and the clock is snoozed by slapping, bumping or smacking the clock anywhere on the clock body. It works wonderfully as a snooze and is the same method used to mute the device when used to play music or sounds. (During setup, I kept muting the sound accidently before I understood what was happening.) A simple tap unmutes the device again. Pretty nice feature.


    I thought the controls for the clock looked a bit daunting at first, so I originally just plugged it in to make sure it work. Just fiddling with it with no reference to the instructions, I set every option on it within 15 minutes, I kid you not. For almost any feature, once you begin to set things, the clock displays a menu of what to do next and how to change options. Most options are set by slightly rotating the large metal dial surrounding the clock face.

    The backup batteries (in case of power out) do require a small screwdriver to access, but again, I feel this is an advantage as this protects the batteries from being accidently dislodged.


    The look of this clock is FANTASTIC. It is a real wood veneer, is very heavy and has a general feel of quality. The look is somewhat retro, however it clearly has every modern convenience. With the hardiness of it’s construction, I have even used this as a “portable” player during a commercial exhibition event. The sound was adequately loud and adjustable by small enough degrees to be able to control just the amount of sound.

    For home audio use, the quality is as good as one could ever expect for such a compact device. The clock feet are a soft (but very firmly attached) rubber (likely to assist with the snooze/mute activiation). This helps isolate the radio and prevents it from causing any vibrations of the surface below it.

    I’ve used the dock with both iPod and iPhone and both work splendidly. The docking seat could be more secure, but with the clock in a moderately protected location, I’m unconcerned with this.

    The only item about the device that I would like to see different would be an upgrade to the materials used in the small control knobs on top. They are the only items made of plastic on the clock and they do feel more lightweight in comparison to the exceptional sturdy construction of this clock. Time will tell how they hold up.


    While expensive, the cost is well-justified. I’m thrilled with my purchase and plan on buying one for each place I stay regularly. If an alarm clock is an important item for you, you will not be disappointed with this selection.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Michael A. Moore says:

    I received this item as a gift from my company. I’ve been looking for a docking station for my iPod. I’ve tried testing many docking stations, many of which produced a rich vibrant sound. This was my strongest criteria in a docking station. I unpacked this unit with the impression that I would sell it on Ebay, as it was a company gift. WAS I EVER WRONG!
    The sound this unit produces is everything I wanted and more. I will admit the unit “looks” like a 1950s throw back, but dont let looks fool you. You will enjoy this unit!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. David E. Martin says:

    I purchased this product based on reviews, and I was not disappointed. This alarm clock/docking station has amazing sound. You can fall asleep to several different sound sources, including 4 built-in nature sounds, and then wake to your iPod or other source at a different volume. I especially love that you can set the volume of the alarm, so the soft music or nature sounds that you fall asleep to can be at a low volume and then the alarm can be at a higher volume that will reliably wake me up. It does start with a lower volume and then gradually rest at the volume you’ve set it to for your alarm, which is very nice. It charges your iPod while docked. Some of the bass was a bit forced and overmodulated the speakers, but a quick adjustment took care of that. I only wish it were made in America, but it’s difficult to find electronics made in America anymore. I’m totally satisfied with the sound, function, ease of use and options.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. Doug says:

    I received this as a present from my Sister for Christmas! I wanted a dock of some sort to charge my iPhone and something that looked a little nicer than the $50 Sony alarm clock that I had.

    -Nature Sounds for background noise
    -Nap mode which wakes you up after a specified amount of time
    -dual alarm
    -aux input

    -iPhone 3GS – you get an “Accessory Not Compatible” error with it (it charges my iPhone and the music seems to work, you just get an error)
    -Sound does not compare to Bose SoundDock
    -FM Radio requires an external antenna

    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Kassandra R. Clark says:

    While the price is a bit steep, this purcahse was well worth it. We were looking for an alarm clock with dual settings, a natural sounds feature, and a docking station. The sound is fabulous and we absolutely love it. It’s easy to set and also looks great.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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