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  • Solid State AM/FM/MP3 Receiver w/Full Detachable Front Panel
  • Internal iPod Docking Station concordant with many iPod models
  • USB; SD Card Slot & Front Aux-In ports
  • Power 80 Watts X 4 Channels

Product Description
Solid State MP3 Receiver w/ iPod Docking Station, USB/SD Card Slot, Front Aux-In AM/FM, 80W X 4

Boss 750DI Solid State MP3 Receiver with Built-In iPod Docking Station

3 Reviews

  1. BCM says:

    Finally, a manufacturer gets the concept that CD’s are more or less obsolete…at least for many of us. Sound quality is good, reliability is great with no moving parts and the adapters securely hold the ipod with no cables to mess around with. This will probably outlast my iPod.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Weekend Woodbutcher says:

    Just installed one of these today in my car. My initial impressions are very positive for this head unit. It accepts digital music stored on iPods, SD cards, USB devices, or played through the AUX inputs (one headphone jack on the front, and an AUX input on the back). In short, all of the MODERN methods of connectivity somebody needs. It does have AM/FM radio reception, but no CD or cassette.

    Installation itself was pretty straightforward (my car is pretty basic). One thing to note is that like most (all?) aftermarket head units, this one comes with a sleeve that you install in your car first. You then slide the unit into the sleeve, which locks it in place. The fit between the unit and the sleeve was a little loose, allowing the unit to move around a small bit, possibly enough to cause a rattle while driving. I ended up adding some shims to tighten things up.

    Basic controls are well-designed and logical…it takes very little time to figure out how to do all of the important things. The included remote control, however, is another story. Gaudy color, way too many buttons, poorly laid out. I’m leaving it in the box.

    Sound quality is surprisingly good. I have a basic four speaker system (with pretty good Infinity speakers), and good quality MP3s sounded way better than I expected. The difference between really good MP3s and lower quality ones was apparent though. It’s a kind of double-edged sword you get with really good audio playback, and something to keep in mind when crafting a library for the 750DI to play.

    I put a few hundred songs on a 2GB SD card, stuck it in the player, and it immediately recognized the card and started playing tunes. Scrolling display shows title and artist, and you can have the unit play songs at random. When you shut off the unit, it remembers its place in the song you were playing last, and picks up exactly where it left off when you power it back up. Nice!

    We also plugged an iPod into the unit using the pop-out dock..a nifty feature that’s not quite as nice as it could be. You need to install one of the eight included iPod dock adapters for your specific model iPod, but you can’t close the pop-out dock with the adapter installed. The adapter also hooks into two slots in the top edge of the 750DI’s faceplate..something to keep in mind when installing the unit in your car. On the plus side, the dock & adapter hold the iPod quite securely. You can select music using the iPod’s controls, or from some buttons on the 750DI. My wife has a Scion xD with built-in iPod compatibility, and she finds the 750DI’s iPod capabilities much nicer and easier to use. iPod adapters included with the unit specifically mention support for the iPod Mini, 5th gen video iPod (30GB), iPod Classic (80/120GB), 1st gen iPod Touch, and the 1st-4th generation iPod Nano.

    For the price, it’s hard to not like this unit. Boss seems to understand that CDs are obsolete…something a lot of manufacturers don’t seem to get. Not much they can do about the iPod adapter issue (unless they made a double-DIN unit), but if they put a better remote in the box, and tweak the installation fit, the 750DI would be darn near perfect. And for $100 each, they’d sell like crazy.

    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. Philip L. Mann says:

    I would like to review this product but days have gone by and Amazon hasn’t even shipped it yet. This is in spite of the receiver being listed as “In Stock.” Ridiculously slow service for something supposedly “In Stock.”
    Rating: 5 / 5

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