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  • Wii memory card allows users to pause games and pick back up anytime
  • Features 2 GB of storing capacity
  • Keep same character, remain on same level, and boast same score
  • Transfer games saved from one Wii system to another
  • Nintendo-approved expansion memory card

Don’t lose your place in the game ever again. With the Wii memory card, you can now pause the game, and then pick up where you left off anytime.

You’re playing the best game you’ve ever had, but you’ve got to run out the door. Normally, the game would be lost, and you’d be out of luck. But with 2 GB of storing capacity, this Nintendo-approved expansion memory card offers a sure-fire way not to lose games played previously on your Nintendo Wii. You’ll keep the same character, remain on the same level, and boast the same score you accumulated in earlier gameplay. In addition to its impressive game-save capacity, the memory card allows you to transfer games saved from one Wii system to another. You and your friends can exchange games, just like you would with trading cards, so they can get in on all the fun, too.