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  • Console Stand, 2 cable managing slots for Wii Nunchuk ,Sensor Bar input, Cooling Fan for Console, AV connection, Component connection, S Video connection, 12V AC power input, Switches between S-VHS and YUV signals, Electronic Alarm Clock
  • Package Includes: (1) Ultimate Power Station (2) 1800 mAh Batteries (2) Wii Remote Wrist straps

Product Description

This Ultimate Power Station serves as a complete powerhouse stand for your Wii gaming system. This multifaceted unit is designed to provide connections to your Wii console while helping maintain it in the long run. The Main cradle connects to the AC, AV inputs and Sensor Bar connection on the back of the Wii console. The center slot houses a built-in fan that is aligned with the vent on the bottom of the Wii console, keeping the system cool at the flip of a switch. This charge station contains two slots to charge your Wii remotes in an upright position or two sets of rechargeable Wii Remote molded 1800 mAh batteries. Not only can you charge two Wii Remotes, but also four rechargeable AA batteries in their corresponding slots. There are two niches to rest the Nunchuks and neatly wrap the cable around the managing slots. This Station is powered by the AC Adapter cable that comes with the Nintendo Wii. On the back of this device there are AV, Component and S-Video ports for the appropriate connection on your television. Located on the front of the base is an LED display for a digital alarm clock. While plugged in, two stripes on the stand illuminate to produce a luminous blue light, similar to the glow on the Wii console, making this system just as enjoyable to look at as it is to use.