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  • Dance Pad lets you bust a move with your favorite arcade dancing games, right at home!
  • This dance pad is what you need for the full effect of dance games like Dance Dance Revolution, Dance Dance Konamix, and DDRMAX
  • The pad works just like a real controller – it features four arrow buttons you can dance to and four extra buttons
  • Made of extra-thick padding for a more durable and longer-lasting dance experience
  • Works for PSX and PS2 – 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Product Description

The Pad lights up with LED lights when you play!! This is the least expensive pad of excellent quality out there. It is a soft pad and can be folded. But you really should remember to fold it in thirds so the stepping areas don’t get creased. A cushy carpet combined with the softness of the pad does NOT negatively affect the sensitivity of the controller.