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Product might talk about from picture shown 2.4GHz IBM Processor Kit AMD Opteron Socket 940 L2 Cache 1MB 25R8957
Amd – Dual Core Opteron 275 2.2ghz 2mb L2 Cache 1.0ghz Fsb Socket-940 Processor (osp275faa6cb). New Bulk. In Stock. Osp275faa6cb...
Amd – Opteron 246 2.0ghz 1mb Cache 1000mhz Htt Socket-940 Processor (osa246faa5bl). Refurbished. In Stock. Osa246faa5bl Amd Processors Amd Opteron 2.0ghz
Hp/compaq – Amd Opteron 2356 Quad-core 2.3ghz 2mb L2 Cache Processor For Proliant Bl465c (448035-001). New Bulk. In Stock. 448035-001 Hp Processors Amd Opteron Quad-core 2.3ghz
Amd – Opteron Dual Core 875 2.2ghz 2mb L2 Cache 1ghz Fsb Processor (ost875fkq6bs). New Bulk. In Stock. Ost875fkq6bs Amd Processors Amd Opteron Dual-core 2.2ghz
  • Series: Athlon 64 X2
  • L2 Cache: 2 x 512KB
  • Manufacturing Tech: 65 nm
  • 64 bit Support: Yes
  • Hyper-Transport...
  • Bus Speed: 1000MHz (2000 MT/s)
  • Processor Speed: X2 5000+ / 2.60GHz
  • Work or fool around with mixed programs...
  • HyperTransport 2000MHz
  • Enhanced Virus Protection (EVP)
  • Work or fool around with mixed programs but any stalling...
  • 640KB sum in effect cache for extended mental recall performance
  • 2000 MHz train speed
  • Cool’n’Quiet...
  • Amd – Opteron 850 2.4ghz 128kb L1 Cache 1mb L2 Cache 1000mhz Fsb 940-pin Fc-pga Socket 90nm Processor (osa850cep5av). New Bulk. In Stock. Osa850cep5av Amd Processors Amd Opteron 2.4ghz