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  • 6GB Triple pack PC3-10666
  • 1333MHz DDR3 mental recall kit
  • Timings of 7-7-7-24, 1.65V

Product Description
The OCZ PC3-10666 triple-channel mental recall pack is written privately for a imminent Intel Core i7 processor/Intel X58 Express chipset. Optimized for a Core i7’s three times channel mode, this pack ensures optimal opening around an preferred multiple of low voltage requirements, speed, as well as latency.Developed for enthusiasts as well as early-adopters, a low voltage OCZ Triple Channel solutions have been a preference counterparts for leading-edge opening which won’t stop a functionality of Core i7 CPUs. In addition, modules have been tested in suited triplets ensuring higher compatibility.OCZ’s Triple Channel kits have been 100% hand-tested for peculiarity declaration as well as harmony as well as underline appropriateness XTC (Xtreme Thermal Convection) heatspreaders for a many in effect feverishness dissipation.

OCZ OCZ3P1333LV6GK DDR3 PC3-10666 1333 MHz 6GB Platinum XTC Triple Channel Kits

3 Reviews

  1. Debojyoti Dutta says:

    Got these to replace some premium corsair ddr3 1600 ram that the motherboard did’nt like fo rsome reason. Then I decided to try these at 40% lower cost and it worked like a charm. I even got to overclock with these (mild OC). Thankfully I bought another kit to max out my memory slots (i.e. 12GB) and have no issues running the box 24/7. When I bought, this was the cheapest 6GB kit available from anywhere. Now it costs 80% more!!! Only cons: uses DDR3 1066 RAM chips so I am guessing this might be an issue for serious overclockers as it might have less headroom.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Retired EE says:

    Built ASRock X58 Extreme and the AMI BIOS recognize this memory as DDR3 1066 PC3 8500 instead of what was purchased: DDR3 1333 PC3 10666. Don’t know if it was faulty OCZ memory or faulty AMI BIOS; but ASRock was a great build. FYI; on i7-920 builds ALL memory used must be same, so don’t mix. This memory had great 7-7-7 CAS latency specs, too bad memory didn’t register correct on BIOS.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  3. Cesar Cuevas Guerra says:

    When I just bought this ram I was really glad and satisfy with the overall performance, but after only TWO MONTHS!, one dimm stop working. So now each time I turn on my PC I get 4gb recognized but other times 6gb. I already swap the dimms to verify any problem with my asus p6t motherboard sockets, but the problem remains.

    Honestly I am very disapointed with OCZ because they tell their customers to have the best quality controls but the truth is different.

    I hope ocz would change my ram kit for a newer….

    Personally a think it is a great ram for the value, I purchased it for 80 dollars on september, but after all the problems with it I really recommend to get another ram kit.

    sorry OCZ but you really disappointed me……
    Rating: 1 / 5

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