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  • 800MHZ DDR2 2.0V

Product Description
Got game? Ballistix mental recall from Crucial is privately built for opening enthusiasts who wish a most appropriate opening as well as reply but worrying about interpretation detriment or corruption, puzzling few errors as well as arrangement problems. The Ballistix line of high-performance mental recall modules facilities modernized speed grades, low latencies, as well as integrated aluminum feverishness spreaders. For even some-more flair, a Ballistix Tracer mental recall has all Ballistix has to suggest – with style. These modules underline law PCBs accessible in most colors, integrated feverishness spreaders, along with LED lights upon a tip as well as belligerent goods lights nearby a pins. They supplement a particular demeanour to light up any gaming system. Crucial is a pass code in a Lexar Media family of products. So either you’re focused upon your family, friends, work or hold up outward of work—Crucial DRAM products assistance have computing some-more reliable, faster, as well as some-more effortless. With upgrades for scarcely each Personal Computer as well as Mac complement out there, as well as peep products as well as Solid State Drives, we can be certain which if it’s critical to you, it’s protected with us.

Crucial Technology BL2KIT25664AA80A 4GB Kit 2GBx2 Ballistix 240-Pin DIMM?4-4-4-12 Unbuffered NON-ECC DDR2-800 2.0V DDR2 PC2-6400 Memory Module

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  1. E. Thompson says:

    Bought this when it was offered at ~$55 via Amazon a few months ago (not sure why it is nearly twice as much now). In any case, I wanted to max out the memory in a ReadyNAS Pro Pioneer and this did the trick for the least amount of money.

    These chips with the yellow metal siding on them look cool, but the siding makes it a very close fit in the ReadyNAS slots. Make sure you actually have them seated completely and locked, otherwise if they jiggle out your NAS may just hang on boot (like mind did) and you’ll have to take it apart and reseat them.

    Other than that, they appear to work great.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. P. Martin says:

    This worked great when I first installed it five months ago. The system performed well and was stable for the first few months. Over the last couple of months, however, I started seeing an occasional random program crash. No obvious cause so I assumed they were simply program bugs.

    This got progressively worse until about a week ago when I got a Windows crash logged to a memory error. I reseated the memory to be sure, but things have rapidly gone down hill. I found the system down this morning and it wouldn’t boot. I consistently got blue screens a few seconds into loading Windows. Safe mode didn’t help at all.

    In digging around on the net, I learned this has been a common problem with this Ballistix memory. It works at first but begins to fail after three to nine months. I replaced this memory with a couple of extra sticks of DDR2 memory I had on hand. The system booted without problem and has been stable.

    I would expect these kinds of problems from some no-name bargain RAM. I certainly did not expect it from premium performance memory from a top-tier brand like Crucial. Very disappointing.

    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. Some Dude says:

    I bought this from another vendor a few months ago. It was very fast and worked flawlessly for a while. Then I started getting wierd behavior and a Memtest 86+ confirmed that the ram was going bad. It only lasted maybe about 6-8 months.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  4. N. Schmidt says:

    Installed RAM Jan 2, 2010. Purchased new from Amazon the week prior.

    System ran great until about a week ago. Started seeing random reboot, lockups, and crashes; naturally I attributed most of the problems to Windows Vista. After looking at the crash logs, I found that the memory was failing, so I ran MEMTEST. Turns out one of the sticks was nothing but errors.

    Giving it 2 stars because I know Crucial will replace the memory with little hassle, but for those without spare RAM around to keep their system running during the warranty process, make sure you call or e-mail Crucial and request “advanced replacement” (requires a credit card). I’m disappointed it only lasted a couple months, but understand that there’s a percentage that will fail over time. That’s why the warranty is important.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  5. Adriano Boracchia says:

    the memory was delivered on time and it is working fine no issues at all

    Rating: 5 / 5

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