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  • Affordable candybar-style phone with tone arrangement as good as by-pass keys for SMS messaging, calendar, contacts, as good as speakerphone
  • Pay for usually a mins we have make use of of with no annual contract–easy refill around Internet or prepaid cards
  • Integrated flashlight, speakerphone, calendar, calculator, converter
  • Up to 3.5 hours of speak time, up to 350 hours (14.5 days) of standby time
  • What’s in a Box: handset, battery, charger, continuous handsfree headset, SIM card, user manual

Amazon.com Product Description
Stay in hold with all your contacts as good as keep your bustling hold up orderly with a Nokia 1208, as good as compensate a approach we wish with prepaid as good as postpaid job skeleton from T-Mobile Pay As You Go. The easy-to-use, unbarred Nokia 1208 lets we entrance phone facilities fast as good as in a centre with One Touch by-pass keys for SMS messaging, calendar, contacts, as good as speakerphone. Other facilities embody a flashlight, monthly monthly monthly monthly monthly calendar for gripping your appointments up to date, as good as up to 3.5 hours of speak time.

T-Mobile Pay As You Go Prepaid Service
T-Mobile prepaid skeleton give we wireless entrance with reduction commitment, so we can pay–and talk–as we go. With no annual contract, no credit check, as good as no monthly bill, prepaid skeleton have been a simple, approach approach to go mobile. There have been many ways to in a centre refill your T-Mobile Prepaid Plan so which we can stay ceaselessly continuous with a people who have a difference most, together with regulating web2go but delay from your phone, around a T-Mobile web site, or regulating refill cards accessible during over 90,000 locations nationwide.

With Pay As You Go, we get wireless make use of only how we similar to it–there’s no long-term contract, no credit checks, as good as no surprises. Add $100 in refills with Pay As You Go as good as you’ll turn a Gold Rewards customer, which gets we fifteen percent some-more mins upon all refills as good as your mins won’t end for a year after a time we refill.

You can additionally compensate usually $1.00 per day for total nights as good as total national job to any T-Mobile number. All alternative made during home calls we have have been usually 10ยข per minute.

T-Mobile includes a following services with this T-Mobile Pay As You Go phone:

  • Nationwide prolonged stretch (including calls to Alaska as good as Hawaii)
  • National in motion upon a T-Mobile USA network
  • T-Mobile web2go (free selling for HiFi Ringers, MegaTones, wallpapers, as good as more; not accessible upon all devices)
  • VoiceMail, tourist ID, call waiting, treble job
  • Free e-mail residence (10digitnumber@tmomail.net)

Additional services accessible for one some-more fees:

  • Text messaging ($0.20 to send, $0.20 to receive)
  • Picture messaging ($0.20 to send or receive)
  • Download ringtones as good as wallpaper (prices vary)
  • Download games as good as applications (prices vary)
  • 411 & More office benefit ($1.49 per call as good as airtime)
  • International dialing to over 150 countries (international rates apply)
  • Prepaid general in motion rates

To keep your mobile series active, refill inside of 90 days after your mins expire. After 90 days, your comment will be canceled as good as we will remove your phone number. If we wish to restart make use of after which time, we will need to turn upon brand new service.

Easy to have make use of of nonetheless packaged with absolute information exchnage tools, a prepaid Nokia 1208 from T-Mobile To Go lets we compensate a approach we want.

Phone Features
The candybar-style Nokia 1208 weighs usually 2.75 ounces as good as simply slips in to your slot during usually 0.69 inches thin. It has a 96 x 68-pixel arrangement with 65K colors, as good as a vast numeric keypad that’s complemented by an oversized navigation pad. It additionally includes send/end keys as good as dual soothing keys.

A 200-entry phonebook ensures which a largest round of friends or a greatest of family groups can regularly be tighten during hand, whilst a inexhaustible 7 hours of talktime or 15+ days of standby time equates to which a 1208 phone will sojourn a true companion, even in between charges. Extend your speak time by regulating a energy saver mode to assistance preserve energy when your phone is idle.

Although written with morality in mind, a delicately comparison set of facilities adds to a application of a Nokia 1208 but adding any unneeded complexity. An integrated speakerphone allows a total family to stick upon in a review during once. For gripping bland hold up organized, a built in monthly monthly monthly monthly monthly calendar equates to which birthdays as good as anniversaries have been never forgotten. It additionally includes a built-in flashlight for anticipating your keys in a dark.

Get a right receptive to advice for any sourroundings with tractable ringtone as good as call volume, as good as listen to some-more of your calls with a receptive to advice termination feature, which filters diminution credentials receptive to advice for softened receptive to advice quality.

In further to voice communication, we can additionally fast as good as simply sent SMS content messages as good as MMS design messaging. The phone facilities concatenated SMS for prolonged content messages, a storage genius for up to 60 messages, as good as mixed summary promulgation to placement lists we can emanate upon a phone. T9 content entry, a record which creates it simpler for people to come in difference as good as content upon handsets, is built in to a unit–a as good as for mobile content messaging users.

Other facilities include:

  • Series thirty user interface
  • Analog/digital clock, warning clock, countdown timer, stopwatch, calculator, converter
  • Reminders for critical meetings as good as appointments
  • Large digital time wallpaper so we can keep lane of time even whilst your phone is resting
  • Personalize your phone with pre-installed MP3-grade or 32-voice polyphonic ringtones
  • Three pre-installed games
  • Jumbo rise creates it easy to see who you’re dialing
  • Hearing Aid Compatibilty Rating: M1

Vital Statistics
The Nokia 1208 weighs 2.75 ounces as good as measures 4.02 x 1.74 x 0.69 inches. Its 700 mAh lithium-ion battery is rated during up to 3.5 hours of speak time, as good as up to 350 hours of standby time. It runs upon a 850/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS frequencies.

Nokia 1208 Prepaid Phone

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  1. Leslie D. Frey says:

    I have a T-Mobile prepaid plan, this phone was very easy I just took the SIM card from my old phone and put it in this phone. Bingo I was in business with all my contacts from the SIM card available.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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