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  • Sleeker, redesigned clamshell phone opens to exhibit QWERTY set of keys as good as vast 2.4-inch screen
  • Access Verizon’s V Cast Music as good as Video make use of around discerning EV-DO interpretation network; GPS-enabled for turn-by-turn directions
  • 2-megapixel camera with video capture; Bluetooth for headsets as good as song streaming; microSD mental recall label enlargement (up to 8 GB)
  • Up to 5.3 hours of speak time, up to 520 hours (21+ days) of standby time; measures 4 x 2.13 x 0.65 inches (HxWxD)
  • Includes: handset, rechargeable battery, charger, discerning begin guide, user guide

Amazon.com Product Description
More compress as good as lighter in weight, a LG enV2 updates a strange enV with a redesign accentuates both neat character as good as easy usability. The front of a enV2 right away facilities a numeric keypad with incomparable keys, as good as it opens up to exhibit a vast 2.4-inch LCD as good as a signature dark QWERTY keypad–perfect for all your calm messaging as good as email needs. Advanced facilities similar to automobile calm readout, summary sort, as good as a capability to store up to 300 calm messages raise your mobile messaging experience.

It’s concordant with Verizon’s V Cast Music Service, which enables we to squeeze songs by your phone as good as download them around Verizon’s discerning EV-DO interpretation network. You’ll additionally stay upon march interjection to a VZ Navigator GPS turn-by-turn citation service. Other facilities embody a 2.0-megapixel camera with video constraint capabilities, Bluetooth connectivity for information exchnage headsets as good as stereo song streaming, microSD mental recall label enlargement (up to 8 GB), as good as over 5 hours of speak time.

Smaller, slimmer, as good as sleeker, a enV2 facilities incomparable keys upon a outmost keypad for easy dialing.

Verizon Service Options
With await for a EV-DO high-speed interpretation standard, you’ll suffer discerning entrance to a Internet as good as Verizon’s multimedia services (additional charges applicable), with normal download speeds trimming from 400 to 700 Kbps as good as rise rates up to 2 Mbps. (Learn some-more about where EV-DO coverage is offered.) The V Cast Music make use of enables we to download songs right away to your phone, or squeeze song by your Personal Computer as good as send a files to your phone. If purchased from your phone, you’ll embrace dual copies of a song: a Windows Media Audio Pro Plus format during 64Kbps stereo is sent to your phone, as good as a Windows Media Audio 9 format during 160Kbps stereo is sent to your comment in a V CAST Music online store for downloading to your PC. V Cast Music offers scarcely 2 million songs, with some-more being combined all a time.

The V Cast Video make use of enables we to tide or download video clips to your phone from a accumulation of news, entertainment, sports, as good as continue channels, together with CNN, ABC News, E!, CBS Sports, The Weather Channel, as good as VH1.

Getting upon a Internet is easy regulating Verizon’s Mobile Web 2.0 package, which allows we to review as good as send e-mails, sell present messages as good as perspective your a one preferred web calm upon your phone. Verizon’s Get It Now wireless download make use of is additionally entirely concordant with this phone. This pay-per-download make use of facilities focus downloads, games as good as capability tools. You can additionally personalize your handset with ringtone downloads regulating a Get It Now service.

With this GPS-enabled phone, you’ll be equates to to entrance Verizon’s VZ Navigator make use of (additional charges applicable) for voice-prompted turn-by-turn directions, heads-up alerts, inner poke of scarcely fourteen million points of seductiveness in a US (such as landmarks, restaurants as good as ATMs), as good as minute tone maps. And Verizon’s Chaperone make use of lets we simply fix up your desired ones from your Verizon Wireless phone or Personal Computer in genuine time. After defining a zone, such as an area installation a propagandize or summer camp, you’ll be sent an rapt around calm summary when a Chaperone handset enters or leaves a zone.

Flipping open a env2 reveals an easy–to–use QWERTY set of keys which creates texting as good as emailing a snap.

Phone Features
Much some-more simply pocketable, a enV2 has slimmed down to 0.65 inches skinny from a strange enV’s 0.78-inch depth, as good as it’s shorter during only 4 inches high (down from 4.64 inches). The camera upon a enV2 is right away wash out with a back, where a strange had a ring which was somewhat lifted around a lens. The front of a enV2 has a wide, skinny 1.45-inch LCD shade with a 160 x 45-pixel fortitude as good as 262K colors. The keypad facilities large, during vast spaced keys for easy dialing, a dedicated song button, 5-way navigation, as good as send/end buttons. Flipping open a enV2 reveals a full QWERTY set of keys as good as a vast 2.4-inch LCD (20 percent incomparable than a prior model) with a 320 x 240-pixel fortitude as good as 262K colors. Dialing duty buttons have been additionally repetitious upon a inner touchpad.

The phone has a 63 MB inner mental recall as good as offers mental recall enlargement up to 8 GB regulating discretionary microSD mental recall cards. The enV2’s built-in residence book can store up to 1000 contacts, as good as any entrance can store 5 numbers, 2 email addresses, as good as a design ID. The phone comes with twenty-three singular polyphonic ringtones, as good as it has quiver as good as wordless modes when we need to keep things quiet. The phone lets we compare cinema with callers to brand them, as good as a enV’s voice approval program supports voice commands from any user, not only a pre-programmed user’s voice. What’s more, most of a phone’s functions can be tranquil by a receptive to advice of your voice, interjection to modernized voice approval technology. Text-to-speech record enables a enV to review emails as good as calm messages to you, if we so desire.

A one-touch speakerphone equates to we can simply speak hands-free, whilst Bluetooth (version 1.2) allows we to make use of your a one preferred wireless headset. With a A2DP Bluetooth profile, we can tide your song to a span of concordant Bluetooth stereo headphones. It additionally includes profiles for copy images without delay to printers, dial-up networking, as good as promulgation vCard as good as vCalendar equipment to alternative phones. You can save up to twenty Bluetooth pairings.

Slim as good as powerful, a enV2 keeps we continuous as good as entertained.

The 2-megapixel camera has 4 fortitude modes for still photos (from 1600 x 1200 for copy to 320 x 240 pixels for promulgation around MMS). It facilities a 10x digital zoom, self-timer, night mode, as good as customizable settings for liughtness as good as white balance. An inner design editor enables we to rotate, zoom, crop, as good as supplement tone effects. The camera can additionally constraint video with receptive to advice as good as it offers dual fortitude settings (320 x 240 as good as 176 x 144 pixels). You can fire for up to an hour for saving or thirty seconds for sending.

You can simply supplement brand new song to your pick up whilst upon a go from Verizon’s V Cast Music make use of as good as attend to them upon a integrated digital audio player, which offers harmony with MP3, WMA, AAC/AAC+ record formats. You can sync your tunes from your Personal Computer (Windows Media Player eleven or higher), as good as emanate as good as conduct playlists right upon a phone. The enV2 can additionally fool around video clips from Verizon’s V Cast Video service, as good as ti’s concordant with WMV, MP4, 3GP, as good as 3G2 formats.

The enV has all a bases lonesome when it comes to messaging, too, with await for promulgation as good as reception text, picture, as good as video messages as good as mobile present messaging (IM). There’s additionally a finish e-mail customer upon a device for POP- as good as IMAP-based accounts. And of course, a QWERTY set of keys creates it a snap to sort your messages. The enV ships with a series of accessible tools, together with a monthly monthly calendar as good as a voice memo application. An warning time as good as electronic caclulator have been additionally included. The enV supports V Cast 3-D games, as good as alternative 2-D-based games, which have been accessible from Verizon’s Get It Now service. You can additionally customize a phone’s wallpapers as good as shade savers to give your phone a demeanour which suits your style.

Other facilities include:

  • Bluetooth chronicle 1.2 with a following profiles: A2DP (stereo song streaming), AVRC (remote control), HFP (hands-free automobile kits), HSP (communication headsets), BIP (for promulgation images to an additional device), BPP (basic copy form for text, email), DUN (dial-up networking), FTP (file transfer), HID (support for mice or joysticks), OPP (object pull for commercial operation cards, monthly monthly calendar items, as good as pictures), PBA (transfer contacts)
  • USB charging around mechanism (cable sole separately) as good as mass storage capabilities
  • Large in-box for calm messages (up to 300)
  • Dual speakers for stereo song playback
  • Voice Clarity duty automobile adjusts listening turn as good as reduces sound for a listener
  • Speed dial (993 entries + 6 preprogrammed)
  • Hearing assist concordant = M3/T3
  • TTY/TDD await

Vital Statistics
The LG enV2 weighs 4.23 ounces as good as measures 4 x 2.13 x 0.65 inches. Its 950 mAh lithium-ion battery is rated during up to 5.3 hours of speak time, as good as up to 520 hours of standby time. It runs upon a 850/1900 CDMA/EV-DO frequencies.

LG enV2 VX9100 Phone, Maroon

5 Reviews

  1. L. Coggins says:

    My previous phone was a Motorola Nextel-style, a couple of years old, and I was fed up both with the phone and with Sprint (terrible coverage both at home and at work, and many places in between). Decided I needed something new, stylish, and capable.

    I did not buy this from Amazon as I took advantage of a discount through my employer, but after a week now I am thrilled with the coverage and with the phone. Coverage area is Charlotte, NC/Fort Mill, SC.

    Love the phone! Sleek, small but not too tiny and with a very solid feel to it, esp. when opening the phone up. Like the 2-stage opening, up to 180 degrees. Making calls is easy, speakerphone is clear as is all-round call quality. Camera does pretty well for what it is. Video is a little weak, but this is a phone, after all. VZ Navigator works well, keyboard is great for mobile emailing. I have the maroon color and have had several compliments on this.

    In short, this is a great little phone. I am neither a heavy texter nor a techie, but am finding myself easily enjoying the various abilities of this little phone. Very impressed with the ENV2 and would certainly recommend it!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. E. Petruzzelli says:

    I was one of the few people in the world who LOVED their Motorola RAZR. So when it came time to upgrade, I was hesitant because I was afraid anything I bought would be a downgrade. The LG EnV2 proved me wrong! I am a heavy text-er so the qwerty keyboard is great (even though I have long nails its still easy to use!) The sound quality of the phone on both ends is exceptional. The user-interface on the phone is very friendly. There are a lot of surprise features like how the phone will read your incoming text messages outloud at the touch of a button! The screen on the front is small, but it is surprising how many functions it is capable of. The ringtones selection is great and they sound good on the phone. The one negative I would have to say is the placement of the camera on the back of the phone. The lens is positioned right where your hand needs to be to take the picture. However, I purchased this phone for its powerful texting ability and it has not let me down. The battery life is AMAZING. I’m going on about 85+ hours straight right now and I’m only down one battery bar. That is with constant playing with my new toy! If you are looking for something small, sturdy, relatively light weight with a qwerty keyboard you can’t possibly go wrong with this phone!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Jazmine says:

    Okay, so it looks like a “calculator” from the front, but there’s so much more to it. I’ve had this phone for about 2 weeks, upgrading from the Motorola krazr. At first, I had to get used to the QWERTY keyboard, which is little compact, but pretty cool. The Fn key is handy for setting up to 10 short cuts. The directional pad is easier for even more shorcuts!

    Battery life: lasts 2-3 days, lasts 1-2 days if frequently using vcast extras.

    Screen: External: A little small, not a lot of menu options. “locks” itself every 7 seconds or whatever you set it to. you see yourself constantly pressing the OK key.
    Internal: pretty large at 2.4 inches. no problems. very clear.

    Camera : on the external screen, when you take a picture it cuts off part of what your taking a picture of, but when you flip it open, it has the rest of the picture.
    It’s sometimes frustrating to take pictures because you end up having to flip it after you take it. Besides that, great quality images.
    options of: nighttime mode, different color settings, brightness, white balances, and quality size.

    Media:can have access vcast and stream videos. has a slot for a micro SD card .
    The speakers on this thing are amazing for such a tiny device, they are very loud, only downside is that when you plug headphones(2.5mm) into it it’s extremely loud because of only 6 volume settings.

    Overall: everything is sleekly designed, with a music button in the front and everything is flush. There is so much too this phone, I’ve recommended it to several of my friends who have gotten it and they love it too! If you think this is the phone for you, I would suggest going to the verizon store and playing with it for a while before you buy.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. PFS says:

    I recently became eligible for a phone upgrade and instead of going with the free option like I usually do, I decided to spend the extra fifty bucks and purchase the LG enV2. Yeah it had several features that I probably would never use, like the music player and the VZ Navigator, but it also came with a QWERTY keyboard which I’d been wanting.

    After activating it and getting it home, I sat for a while and got myself acclimated to the functions. Quickly I realized that a GPS-enabled music and video player was more of a phone than I really needed. In fact, I probably would never use most of the features included. I use a phone for making calls and texting, that’s it. But I loved the keyboard and figured that would make it worthwhile. The next day I went out about my business, ready to enjoy my new device, when I discovered the two problems that would quickly become dealbreakers for me.

    First, the vibrate mode is so weak that while going about with the phone in my pocket, I was totally unaware of ANY calls that came through. Realizing this, I had my wife call me several times and I still didn’t feel the phone vibrating, even though I was expecting it. I thought maybe it was just because I was walking and took a moment to sit still with the phone pressed against my thigh and waited for her to call again. I felt it, but it was so faint it still took me a moment to be sure it was the phone and not some random muscle twitch. Maybe I’m just spoiled by my previous phone which buzzed so hard it was like a power tool in my pocket. Whatever the case, a phone that isn’t able to adequately alert me to incoming calls is a poor performer in my book.

    The second problem is even bigger: The exterior keypad lock. I read a couple of people complaining about this in other reviews but I went with the phone anyway, saying to myself “how bad could it be?” Well, it’s really bad, actually. While carrying the phone in my pocket I somehow managed to activate it and make calls, one of which lasted 16 minutes before I noticed it. I’d accidentally dialed my wife. The problem is she never picked up the phone and my phone didn’t disengage. I could have burned through a couple of hours of minutes if I hadn’t noticed when I did. The so-called keypad lock is really poorly designed and, in addition to not working, is a hassle to manipulate.

    So now I find myself with a mobile phone that I feel compelled to check every five or ten minutes because I’m paranoid that I’m either missing calls or inadvertently dialing contacts and eating up minutes. These flaws vastly outweigh the convenience of having a QWERTY keyboard, and considering my disinterest in the other functions, I’ve decided to return this phone and go with the simpler free flip phone I originally intended to get.

    I’m sure this model would be great for people who are more inclined to use the many features and who opt to walk around with their phones in pouches on their hips; but for a guy who just wants to make and receive calls along with the occasional text, the LG enV2 is just not practical or user-friendly.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  5. Wendy N. Kenney says:

    At first I wasn’t too excited about the keypad because I thought it looked funny, but after getting used to that, I love this little phone.

    Here’s what I like:

    -Traditional Keypad, on the outside of the phone. Easy to make calls.
    -Bluetooth, love it!
    -QWERTY Keyboard on the inside. I have teenagers who love to text me. This makes it easy for Mom to respond in kind.
    -VCast, videos, games, music and Internet. I didn’t think I would use it, but it’s actually fun. Shh, don’t tell my kids, I blocked the service on their phones!!

    Here’s what I wish were better.

    -Camera, doesn’t really take the best pictures. Not easy to point and shoot especially using the view finder on the outside (cuts off your view.) The camera on my last cheapie LG was way better.

    -Same for the video recorder. I tried capturing video of my kid’s basketball game, it was not great quality. Too small to really see well anyway. Not really worth having these two features.

    -I have a little difficulty hearing if I just use this without the blue tooth.

    But in spite of that, it’s a fun little phone and I really enjoy it.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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