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  • High-Speed interpretation entrance around broadband 3G Network
  • Get entrance to song headlines as well as some-more around the AT&T Music printed matter together with subscription services to Napster, Yahoo as well as eMusic
  • Integrated 1.3 Mega-pixel Camera with Video Record.
  • Mobile Instant Messaging to stay in hold upon the go
  • Stereo Bluetooth Capable for the indeed hands-free review as well as song experience

Product Description
The LG CU575 is the sleek, multipurpose clamshell device which offers the immeasurable form of slicing corner mobile facilities together with ATT Mobile Music, CV, Video Share, 1.3 MP camera with Video as well as Messaging. This is the good device for business seeking for the ultimate in record as well as services in the neat seeking design.

LG CU575 Phone

5 Reviews

  1. W. Rawlinson says:

    I just purchased this phone with a new contract and I’m glad I did. The features available on the Trax are great. Not to mention call quality is really good. I live where towers can be few and far between and haven’t run into any problems yet. Everything is really easy to use as well. With a lot of other phones a software pack and usb adapter are needed just to use the MP3 function. With the trax all you do is drag and drop your MP3’s the phone itself with the mini sd inserted in the phone. A pc operating on Windows will pick up your phone right away without any hassle of installing it. And with the unlimited media package from the provider you have tons of news, sports, and music videos right in your hands. And without some of the features being locked out, like some providers like to do, you can personalize your phone with ringtones from your music selection(with a little editing to shorten the length anything under a minute should do fine), and assign pictures or gifs for wallpaper. You can even make your own gifs with the phone by using the pictures you put on it.

    The phone itself is almost the perfect size, and with just enough weight. With smaller phones the keys can be a pain to use, and one of my only complaints about this phone is that the keys are kind of hard to tell apart when not looking directly at them. A little practice may be needed to dial without looking down. My only other complaint is not being able to choose the folder you want to play from while using the MP3 player while the phone is closed.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Mindy E. Brown says:

    I just bought this phone yesterday for use on AT&T service and it is terrific. I really like the design. The aluminum finish gives it a nice profesional looking design. It also has a very nice screen. I really like how you can start the music player wtihout opening phone and how you can take self-portrait photos using the screen. The phone is also nice and thin.
    The phone looks very nice when you open it up. There is a large screen inside that is great for the numerous video features. However, one design complaint is definitely the keypad. I am a frequent texter, and the keys are really cramped together and totally flat so it is really hard to text quickly.
    This phone has great features! It even supports the new cellular video service where you can watch streaming news and sports clips wherever you are. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical being that I do not live in a 3G area. However, clips only took about 10 seconds to load which is incredibly fast for edge. This phone is also great for music. There is a pretty funky scroll pad on the front, which acts as music controls when the phone is closed. This is better than that of the samsung sync, another at&t music phone, because you can feel it when you touch the pad because it is tactile, while with the sync the buttons are the same material as the phone itself.
    Besides the keypad, I have a few minor complaints. I wish that lg would use a standard 3.5 mm or even 2.5 mm headset jack instead of their own special one. If you really want to listen to music on this as I do, you have to go out and spend money on additional headphones while normally you have a regular pair lying around anyway. Also, lg should have used a mini-usb jack to connect to your computer so that you could just use a cord that probably came with your digital camera or something like that.
    All in all, the lg trax is a great phone. Nothing feature or performance wise is bad with this phone. There are simply a few design issues to clear up, most of which do not affect the performance of the phone. (except the keyboard) If you are looking for a new at&t phone with all the features and you do not want a razr like everyone else has, I would go with the lg trax.

    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. C. Lasley says:

    I purchased this phone, from AT&T because it was sleek and professional looking. After bringing it home and playing with its features, I am quite pleased with my purchase. This LG has a far more logical interface than the Motorola Razr, and has a superior response time, as well. The music player on it is easy to operate, but no replacement by any means for a standalone MP3 player. The voice quality is exceptional, compared to the Razr. It’s new to me but so far I am getting really good battery life. The brushed aluminum front gives it a unique and attractive exterior, the screen size is average, which I prefer as it prevents battery drain. The keypad size is nice, I can text without hitting surrounding buttons on accident. I recommend this phone, to anyone who needs a professional looking device, with fun extras, like internet, but doesn’t need the functions of a PDA
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. M. Estey says:

    I got this phone in Nov. of 2007. I upgraded through AT&T. Overall, I love the phone. I only have a few complaints.

    I love how large and colorful the screen is. I love the mirror/screen on the front; it is a great way to check for gunk in your teeth if you just finished eating in a public place or it is nice when you have a cold and you wanna make sure your nose is all clear. I have never had a reception problem and I always have 4-5 bars. I also like that you can read your text w/o opening the phone. I has a lot of neat features, you just have to play with it to see what they all are. I also like that if you have a memory card and sync cable you can put your snapshots from your computer on the phone, then save them as wallpaper, ringer ids or just have the convience of having your pics on your phone to share with people.

    One big prob I have with it is the volume when you are talking. If you have it up as loud as it can go you can still hardly hear the person and I often get complaints that my voice is low for them also. My solution to this is speakerphone. I can hear them and they can hear me.

    I use the mp3 player… if you’re gonna use it, get the sync cable and memory card on ebay or amazon. It’s is a lot cheaper. I got the cable for 99 cents and AT&T wanted $39.99 and the card for $35 as opposed to $79.99. I got the 4 gig memory card (holds 1000 songs) I tried to sync 700 songs and for no logical reason only 435 went on the phone. It said error with no explanation.

    One thing I don’t like is that the songs that are on the phone are all mixed in with my ringtones in one folder so when I am looking for a ringtone I have to scroll through 400 songs. Also, the music library takes a long time to load up and it also takes a while to sync the music. I guess it is just not made to have many songs on it; it really slows the phone down with the 400 I have. It is still nice to have the option to put a few.
    It is a good phone, but as for the music, well I just bought an ipod.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Ryan G says:

    Unfortunately, I pretty much have to reiterate everything that the 2 previous bad reviews have said. I have had this phone for almost a year now (give or take a few weeks), and I am very disappointed with it. Initially, I didn’t have too many complaints with it, but as time has gone on I have had more and more issues with it.

    All of the small gripes that the others have mentioned hold true for me too, but the big and most important aspect is the laughable reception this phone gets. The antenna is a band across the bottom of the phone, where your mouth is when you hold the phone to talk, and I suspect that this is the reason for the poor reception. I never have reception beyond a few bars, and many times, my phone will lose reception entirely, causing Numerous calls to go straight to voice mail. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing you have new voice mails and no registered missed call.

    I have also been having many calls dropped lately, no matter where I am. I can have fair reception when I make the call (because as I say, I never get full reception), but still get dropped. My theory for the poor reception is that the phone tries to switch to the 3G network, but then loses the poor signal that it has received, and falls into a state of limbo. If that were the case, the fault would be on ATT for their network coverage, but theres more. The phone has no way to specify which network to use (like the iPhone), you can’t turn off the 3G which I find entirely unacceptable.

    One more thing that other users didnt seem to note – the vibrating feature of this phone is also lackluster. You can’t put it to just vibrate mode because you will consistently miss calls (assuming you got them in the first place!)

    I can’t in good conscious recommend this phone to anyone.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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