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  • Works with iPod as good as iPhone certified
  • On ear song controls lets we conduct your song player – play, pause, next, previous, as good as volume – all from a headset
  • Serves as wireless song headset, or Bluetooth phone headset, simultaneously.
  • Up to 6.5 hours of speak time
  • Works with Bluetooth enabled song players as good as mobile phones from all heading manufacturers.

Product Description
The s305 wireless stereo headphones have have use of of Bluetooth jot down to broach style, opening as good as conspicuous sound. Enjoy your song with suberb audio peculiarity as good as though wires. Then, take or have a call with sum clarity. The s305 has a lightweight pattern though a comfortable, cosy fit.Amazon.com Product Description
The Motorola MOTOROKR™ S305 Stereo Headset delivers style, performance, as good as conspicuous receptive to advice for your iPhone, iPod, or alternative stereo-capable Bluetooth® device. This lightweight headset lets we have hands-free calls as good as wirelessly attend to song so you’ll stay tuned-in as good as hooked-up no have a difference where you’re headed.

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Motorola MOTOROKR™ S305 Stereo Headset
At a Glance:
  • Bluetooth headset lets we attend to song or take phone calls wirelessly.
  • High-quality speakers broach crisp, abounding receptive to advice as good as low bass.
  • Accept incoming calls or toggle in between marks with a hold of a button.
  • Lightweight, gentle pattern for all-day listening.

works with iPhone made for iPod
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Listen to song in full-range stereo as good as have hands-free calls with a S305. View larger.

Speakers Deliver Robust Audio Performance
The S305 lets we wirelessly tide song from any concordant Bluetooth stereo-capable device, together with a iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G S, as good as iPod hold 2G. The headphones beget rich, low receptive to advice interjection to dual high-quality 30mm speakers. With clever drum as good as energetic audio, a headphones describe all a highs as good as mids of your song with glorious fidelity. You’ll additionally suffer conspicuous call distinctness though ambient credentials noise.

Music Pauses for Incoming Calls
Thanks to a small, high-grade microphone located underneath a right speaker, a S305 will collect up your voice in frail detail. And if we should embrace a call whilst your tunes have been playing, a song will automatically pause. Just press a call symbol upon a side of a headset to accept an incoming call.

Comfortable, Lightweight Design
With a in vogue silver-and-black finish, a S305 headset has a sleek, unconventional look. Just as gentle as it is attractive, a headset facilities a curved, behind-the-head wearing character as good as weighs reduction than allied products. Also, a over-the-ear headphones have been cushioned, creation them soothing sufficient for all-day listening.

Easy-to-Use Controls
The S305 has a carry out interface which allows we to regulate volume, accept calls, as good as switch song marks with ease. A vast call symbol upon a side of a right orator creates it elementary to accept incoming calls as good as have effusive calls. By drumming upon possibly side of this button, we can additionally remotely shift song tracks. Additionally, a in a centre placed volume symbol lets we regulate a volume of your song or phone call during any time.

Long-Lasting Charge as good as Universal Bluetooth Compatibility
The S305 provides up to 6.5 hours of undeviating speak or music. For combined convenience, a micro-USB charging pier is enclosed upon a side of a device.

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The in vogue as good as lightweight S305 offers comfortable, all-day listening. View larger.

The headset additionally facilities concept harmony as good as can be used with any Bluetooth-enabled device–it’s elementary to set up as good as takes usually seconds to sync. A special adapter (sold separately) might be compulsory for have have use of of with MP3 players, iPhones, as good as PCs.

About Motorola
Motorola, a famous personality in mobile connectivity, is committed to building collection as good as technologies to have people’s lives easier, some-more efficient, as good as some-more connected. Founded in 1928, Motorola’s distinguished jot down of invention as good as creation includes apparatus which carried a initial difference oral from a moon as good as a world’s initial handheld mobile phone. Now, with their brand new line of Bluetooth® headsets, Motorola continues to shift a figure of communications by building technologies to discharge bounds for people, businesses, as good as open reserve agencies, enhancing as good as more advanced how they communicate.

Motorola S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

5 Reviews

  1. Saianand Sriinvasan says:

    After reading all the good reviews on Amazon, I finally decided to buy this headphone because I have an iTouch (with the latest 3.1.2 firmware) and I wanted a wireless headphone for the freedom that it offers. I got it in a day after ordering using Amazon’s prime shipping. Charged the headphone completely (until the green light came) and also paired easily with my iPod and also my laptop. But very soon into my hearing experience, I started getting pauses between listening to my iTouch. The audio lagged so many times even after a full charge that I was so disgusted and I am returning back this product. Also the ear fit is very uncomfortable and I doubt if anyone can wear this product for 30 mins or more. All in all, a very poor product that has disappointed me.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. Davezz says:

    I tried this with my new iPod touch – the audio is OK but gets choppy if I try to run any apps while listening to music. It also gets choppy when watching video.
    I’m returning this for a refund (it seems you can’t “cheap out” when purchasing devices of this type)
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. LP says:

    So I bought these for my iphone, thinking I thoroughly researched device compatibility. I was a little P’d off b/c the forward and backward buttons dont work with the phone. I can say that I absolutely love the fit. at first i thought they were a little big and old fashioned for the ear, but like i said i love the fit and i snug it fits on the ear, and ear just about. I did love my iphone headphones/set and thought I’d use no other until the button quit working, besides they fallout and i had to take a bluetooth earbud cover from my old bluetooth to get the comfort and sound i wanted, this worked perfect, but there was still a cord. The sound is awesome, at least i think so. Using as headphones work at a great distance when walking away, just wish i could use the back and forward button, this is the only reason i didnt give it 5 stars, just wish those buttons worked. For $40 on amazon, this was excellent.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. Mitchell Kahn says:

    I bought this headset so I could both listen to music and make calls while running. First the good:
    – It works great with the BlackBerry Bold. If only the Bold itself worked great…but that’s another story.
    – The sound is fine for running headphones and the mike works well for calls.
    – Paring was easy.
    – Battery life is very good.

    Now the bad, and this one is UNFORGIVABLE because it is so obvious and so easy to fix: The buttons on the headset rattle loudly when moving.

    This is CRAZY. Just shake your head slightly and you hear them rattling around. This is a MINOR design fix for the designer and wouldn’t even add any cost. It’s so obvious why didn’t they fix it?

    I was forced to put some scotch tape over the buttons. This works, but is very annoying.

    In short: if you plan on running with a Bluetooth headset, skip this one.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  5. Ordosu says:

    I bought these headphones to use with my G1. They sync to bluetooth easily, the sound quality is good, and the headphones do not skip regularly. So far, they are holding up well to everyday use.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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