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Product Description

This Mirror Screen Protector can strengthen your HTC Touch Pro2 (CDMA) LCD shade from scratching, scraping as well as abrasion.It is resistant to any wearing away as well as finger-printing. It looks as well as functions similar to a counterpart when your phone’s shade is locked. And when a shade is activated, a arrangement essence additionally crop up similar to normal. What’s more, a distance is cut to fit your screen. It does not meddle with stylus or hold shade operation as well as is easy to request as well as mislay but withdrawal any excess mark.

Compatible with: HTC Touch Pro2 (CDMA ONLY! Sprint/Verizon Wireless)

New LCD Mirror Screen Guard Protector for HTC Touch Pro2

5 Reviews

  1. Van Smith says:

    The HTC Touch Pro2 has a resistive display covered in a relatively soft, plastic outer layer that is extremely easy to scratch. Consequently and unfortunately, a screen protector is an essential first accessory for this device.

    Amazon’s product description for the “LCD Mirror Screen Guard Protector for HTC Touch Pro2 (CDMA)” states, “It looks and works like a mirror when your phone’s screen is locked. And when the screen is activated, the display contents also appear like normal.” Sadly, this is completely untrue. The screen guard significantly reduces screen brightness, so much so that you will probably have to boost the display’s brightness level. The screen protector also produces a smoky, yellowish-brown cast. Additionally, an odd polarizing effect combines with the highly reflective surface to make the display even more difficult to view.

    This screen protector is almost useless as a mirror. Although you can see yourself in it, your reflection is severely distorted. The mirrored surface also makes fingerprints highly visible, unattractive and hard to clean.

    The product packaging claims that the screen protector is bubble free, but this is far from the case. Although I was very careful applying the screen guard, there are many bubbles that I was not able to remove with the included cardboard tool. The bubbles have persisted.

    On a positive note, the screen guard fitted my Verizon phone perfectly, but is now curling off at the bottom of the phone near the buttons.

    In summary, stay away from this screen protector. Although it will help protect your HTC Touch Pro2’s screen, it degrades the display quality significantly and makes the device uglier because it is a fingerprint magnet. At nearly $10 with shipping (the price has since dropped), the “LCD Mirror Screen Guard Protector for HTC Touch Pro2 (CDMA),” a plastic film that probably cost a few pennies to manufacture, is a nearly useless ripoff.

    UPDATE: Soon after posting this review, I discovered the screen protector was covered with scratches after only a couple of days use. I contacted the vendor, GizmoReady, for a refund and they promptly credited back my $10. So the “LCD Mirror Screen Guard Protector for HTC Touch Pro2 (CDMA)” is a bad product, but GizmoReady provided good service.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. J. Running says:

    Ok, so I’ve used the reflective “mirror” type screen protectors for several of my other hand-held electronic items, but this one was by far the worst. I thought about giving it 2 stars simply because it obviously does “protect” the screen, but the cons far outweighed the one obvious pro.

    The application was simple enough. It helps if you have applied a screen protector before, but once on, I noticed right away a terrible rainbow effect on the screen on my Touch Pro 2. I thought I could live with that, cause I like the mirror effect, but even they were very poor on my device. Almost more like a funny mirror from a fun house, the image was very distorted. But even after all of that, the worst part was that the screen lost about 50% of it’s responsiveness. I was starting to think there was something wrong with my device, but after about a week of having it on my phone I finally took it off, and what do ya know? The phone regained all of it’s responsiveness right away.

    I have since applied a clear screen protector that works much better. My Only thought is that the material that these are made out of might be better suited for non touch screens.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. Sanjay Srikonda says:

    I’d like to say ANYTHING nice about this but can’t. Seriously, it’s that useless. I mean seriously. You get this thing with tabs you’re meant to pull off, yet, you CAN’T pull the adhesive tabs off without either ripping or seriously ruining the “protector”.

    That too is a loose term. On the back of the package insert are what’s labeled “Instructions” yet, they’re not. They’re marketing material about how great the product is. The ACTUAL instructions are four pictures that are COMPLETELY illegible and do not tell you a thing about what the screen protector is and what the plastic backing is for. Truly a completley useless set of “instructions.”

    Normally, I’d expect good things from DayDeal, unfortunately, in this case, they must have bought garbage so they passed it along as what they got. Garbage.

    If they don’t want their reputation ruined, I’d stop selling this stuff to anyone who may write more poor reviews of this “product.” I’d return it, but honestly, don’t want to have to pay shipping back to waste more good money after bad.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. D. Jones says:

    Pros: Looks pretty damn cool. Fits the phone perfectly.

    Cons: It is still a cover and even though the screen shows through, the brighter the light is in the room the harder it is to see the screen. There is still some reflection.

    For pure functionality any screen protector would work I don’t think I’ll buy a mirrored one again.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  5. J. Blake says:

    this product made my beautiful Touch Pro 2 look old. When the backlight is on the screen has a sad visual affect.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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