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  • For Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth Earpiece

Product Description
Item #: PL-79393-01. Plantronics micro USB lanyard PL-79393-1
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Plantronics 79393-01 Discovery 925 Micro USB Lanyard

5 Reviews

  1. Stuart says:

    When I lost by Plantronics 925 bluetooth headset, it had nothing to do with this lanyard. In fact, even without the headset, the lanyard still works… as a lanyard. Still, I miss the headset.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. magnolia127 says:

    I didn’t know that there was such a product! The lanyard fits solidly in my husband’s plantronic ear piece and it keeps him from losing the headset. Shipping is extortion, but we were happy with the lanyard.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Helen A. Panags says:

    The lanyard is great and connected well. I used it only once because I hated the Plantronics Discovery and ordered another (Motorola) that I absolutely love. The time and effort to return it was not worth it. I would, however, recommend this product to those who do like their Plantronics device.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. Nom de Gruyere says:

    I bought this because I had never had a Bluetooth headset without a hook that went behind the ear, and I was concerned the Plantronics Discovery 925 might be knocked out of my ear and lost, which would be unfortunate. I found the Discovery 925 stays in the ear and is less likely to be knocked loose than the ear hook type it replaced, which was constantly being pulled off my ear when I removed my sunglasses. The good news is the lanyard works and I didn’t pay much for it, the bad news is I will rarely use it.

    The lanyard can be handy if I want to take the earpiece out for a short time, for example to give someone the courtesy of my undivided attention. I do not have to fish the case out of a pocket, I can just let the earpiece dangle from my neck.

    Be aware that if you wear the earpiece in your right ear the USB connector will points up and to the back at 60 degree angle, versus down and to the back at a 30 degree angle in your left ear. The lanyard is light enough that it doesn’t pull the earpiece out when it is poking up, but it looks a bit odd. But “What Do You Care What Other People Think?”. More importantly, when pointed upward on the right side the lanyard string is more likely to brush against your ear, which you might find distracting. You may decide to wear it on your left for this reason.

    In summary, if you want to wear the Plantronics Discovery on the left, and want to take it out of your ear occasionally without the trouble of putting it away in the case, this lanyard will be useful to you.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. D. Lang says:

    Nice tight fit. Actually, I don’t even remove it from the lanyard when the phone rings; goes right in.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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