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  • Attach a Touchstone Back Cover to your Palm Pre to concede wireless charging when used with a discretionary Touchstone Charging Dock
  • Inductive coils inside a Charging Dock beget a small, oscillating electromagnetic margin as well as broadcast it by a Back Cover
  • Magnets snap your Palm Pre in to place upon a Charging Dock as well as charging starts immediately
  • Charges in a same volume of time as wall horse which came with your Palm Pre
  • What’s in a Box: Touchstone Back Cover for Palm Pre

Product Description
Palm Touchstone Back CoverAmazon.com Product Description
Avoid a con of tangled cords as well as assign your Palm Pre wirelessly with a Palm Touchstone charging solution–the initial preliminary charging resolution for phones. This Touchstone Back Cover snaps onto a behind of a Palm Pre as well as is compulsory for wireless charging with a alone accessible Touchstone Charging Dock.

The Touchstone Back Cover.

Palm Pre as well as Touchstone Charging Dock sole separately.

The Touchstone Charging Dock allows we to set your Palm Pre upon tip of a wharf but worrying about connection, course or fit. The device stays active whilst charging, permitting entrance to a hold screen, cinema or video, or a speakerphone option.

With a Touchstone Back Cover snapped onto your Palm Pre, only set your device upon a Touchstone Charging Dock as well as it magnetically snaps in to place as well as starts charging. The magnets enter into your phone in a scold upon all sides for charging, either in mural or landscape mode–no cables or connectors compulsory to insert your phone to a dock. And it charges in a same volume of time as wall horse which came with your Palm Pre.

The Charging Dock additionally offers a series of accessible facilities in further to gripping your battery surfaced up:

  • Place your phone upon a Charging Dock when you’re upon a call as well as a speakerphone automatically turns on.
  • Pick your phone up from a Charging Dock whilst you’re upon speakerphone as well as a review is automatically routed behind to a phone.
  • For incoming phone calls, simply collect up a phone from a Charging Dock as well as it answers automatically, but carrying to daub a screen.
  • When a phone is not in use, Nightstand mode displays a time as well as incoming notifications.

This package includes only a Touchstone Back Cover; to assign your device wirelessly, we additionally need a alone accessible Touchstone Charging Dock for Palm Pre.

Palm Pre Touchstone Back Cover

5 Reviews

  1. S. Harris says:

    Much easier to install than I thought and I like the more textured feel of the cover. Makes the Pre seem sturdier. Only need buy this cover if you are buying the touchstone charger as it is unnecessary otherwise.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. J. Rome says:

    If you have a Pre, make sure you get the Touchstone and this accompanying back. Not only fun, it’s amazingly useful and makes it so easy to charge and to have speaker phone chats. The rubberized back makes it easier to handle, too.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Geri Gonzalez says:

    The Palm Pre Touchstone Backcover brings you to the future with its capability to WIRELESSLY charge your phones. No cables to fumble around with, no annoying sync ports to insert into, just set the Pre onto the Touchstone and BAM!!! your charging. The technology has now been copied to death but Palm was the first to introduce it to consumers. What’s great about it is that it has a grippy rubber coating on the outside which is much preferred to the Pre’s original slippery and fingerprint-magnet backcover. The only gripe I have is that while charging the phone can get noticably warm. This could just be a result of having the phone on while charging. This accessory is a must have for the Palm Pre but if your buying the Palm Pre Plus, it come included so don’t buy this backcover unless you need a replacement!!!!!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. D. Fischer says:

    I have the whole touchstone kit. i think that it is a great idea if it worked the way it was supposed to. after setting up the system i tried to charge my phone and found a couple of issues. 1) this will charge my phone to 100% then let it discharge to about 94% and then charge it again ect. this is rather bothersome at night because the charging notification pops up every time it starts charging again. 2) it can be difficult to position your phone juust right on the dock as the bottom two magnants dont seem to be quite strong enough to line up the phone perfectly every time. you will eventually get better at placing it on the dock the first time but it may take a week or so. 3) if you do have any issues with your touchstone stuff Palm is almost no help. be ready to tell them at least 5 times that your phone will charge when plugged into the wall and then wait forever as they bounce you around. they will tell you to go to a sprint store to get your touchstone replaced. BE WARNED THAT SPRINT WILL NOT REPLACE YOUR TOUCHSTONE IF YOU DID NOT BUY IT FROM A SPRINT STORE!!!

    I am looking at getting a new back cover to see if that will help fix any of these problems. if you search for touchstone on google you will find many forums where people have had the same issues as i stated above. it seems as though Palm jumped the gun on this technology a little bit and the consumers are now paying for that mistake though some faulty hardware/software. I have seen many people who have had great success with this though so dont let this review keep you from buying this. its just my experiences with it.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  5. L. Hyndman says:

    My bf loves it and it got here fast and in the condition I wanted.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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