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  • Brand brand new GTMax shade protector.
  • Clear, ultra skinny as well as durable. Custom written to fit your PDA/Smartphone.
  • ield as well as strengthen your shade from neglected scratches
  • Quickly as well as simply belong without delay to your screen.
  • Non-adhesive backing, will not leave gummy residue. Include the cloth, soothing label & a single shade guardian for any pack.

Product Description
Compatible Model with T-Mobile Motorola CLIQ mb200 GSM Cell Phone

GTMax Durable Clear LCD Shield Screen Protector – 3 Packs for T-Mobile Motorola CLIQ mb200 GSM Cell Phone

2 Reviews

  1. Joseph Hindy says:

    I bought the mirrored ones for the iPod Touch and based on how well those worked, I decided to order these.

    They are really thin, thinner than the last brand I bought. They don’t distort the brightness, sharpness or color of the screen. They aren’t stickers so they leave no sticky residue when they come off of your screen. They feel securely on there, not like wiping it off is going to make it come off.

    The only gripe with these is because they’re so thin, bubbles can be difficult to get out. I managed to get all the ones out of the middle but there’s one on the top right corner that won’t go away…it doesn’t inhibit the screen at all and it’s not noticable at all if the screen is on and in use. However, I attribute this to me not putting it on right. I’m going to order 3 more of these for back-ups for when this one gets too messed up.

    It’s cheap, it’s thin, it works really well and GTmax is a company that I’ve bought 2 products from now and they’ve earned my trust. I would highly suggest these screen protectors.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. D. Ng says:

    The best thing is that it’s a 3 pack,they each come in their own indiviual packaging, and the screen protector covers the ENTIRE screen (as shown in the product picture). I messed up on the first screen protector, but I learned from my mistakes and the second one fits perfectly on my phone.

    Just follow the directions on the packaging, except for one thing: Pull of the front tab that protects the screen protector itself FIRST then follow the rest of the directions. It’ll make it easier to get all the bubbles off. The first time around, I followed the exact directions and I didn’t place it on evenly and I had an air bubble in the center I couldn’t get rid of. The second time one, I decided to pull the top layer off first, then followed the directions and when I place it on, there were no bubbles and it laid perfectly on the screen that I couldn’t even tell if there was a protector on it or not!

    The touch screen still works wonderfully and dust/smudges just come right off! :-)
    Rating: 5 / 5

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