• iPhone box as well as battery container protects as well as adds battery life
  • Adds up to twenty additional hours of audio as well as 6 additional hours of video playback
  • Slim, low-profile pattern keeps iPhone portable
  • Four LEDs prove volume of appetite left
  • Works with iPhone certified

Product Description
The Juice Pack Air is a rechargeable outmost battery which is secluded inside of a safeguarding form-fitting box for a iPhone 3G. It offers a insurance of a hard-shell box whilst upon condition which some-more than twice a battery of a iPhone alone; all in an ultra-thin, light-weight as well as low-profile design!Amazon.com Product Description
Get a many out of your iPhone 3G or 3GS with a Mophie extract container air. This durable, ultra-thin box houses a rechargeable battery which probably doubles your rock, talk, roller as well as send, whilst safeguarding your iPhone from bland wear as well as tear. With a extract container air safeguarding as well as charging your iPhone, we can suffer up to twenty additional hours of audio as well as 6 additional hours of video playback, in serve to iPhone’s battery life.

The extract container air
At a Glance:
  • Adds up to 10 hours of speak time as well as 8 hours of Web browsing to your iPhone. (Click here for details.)
  • Durable box which offers insurance for your iPhone from bumps as well as scratches.
  • Four LEDs let we know how most appetite is left.

Choose from 3 opposite colors.
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The extract container air adds up to 4.5 hours of speak time whilst safeguarding your iPhone. View larger.

The neat box protects your iPhone whilst progressing entrance to ports, buttons, as well as a camera. View larger.

Talk Longer, Enjoy More
Take full value of all your iPhone has to offer, such as Web browsing, downloading apps, promulgation emails, or examination video, but worrying about regularly carrying to recharge. Featuring Apple’s desired “Works with iPhone” certification, a extract container air adds up to four-and-a-half hours of speak time or Web browsing as well as up to 270 hours of standby time to your iPhone 3G or 3GS.

Stay entertained for longer upon your commute, during downtime, or upon a job–up to 6 hours of video as well as twenty hours of audio have been some-more than sufficient to crop a web as well as suffer your a one preferred cinema as well as music.

Low-Profile, Durable Protection
The slim form of this neat black box equates to your a one preferred unstable device stays portable. Just trip your iPhone in to your purse or slot as well as suffer all it has to offer. The durable, silken black box offers a full insurance of a hard-shell box as well as will strengthen your iPhone from bumps as well as scratches, so your phone will demeanour as well as duty similar to brand new for a prolonged time to come.

And with a extract container air, we won’t have to give up any of your iPhone’s facilities or functionality. You’ll be means to simply entrance all of a iPhone’s controls–including a camera–and still get a receptive to advice you’re used to from your phone’s speaker.

Added Features for Ease of Use
The extract container air is full of facilities which were written with we in mind. To start, once we place your iPhone in to a extract container air, we can keep it invariably charged but carrying to mislay it. An enclosed standby switch allows we to select when we wish your extract container to charge, so can keep a appetite until we need it.

For serve palliate of use, we can appetite up both a extract container air as well as your iPhone concurrently by a enclosed micro USB cable, which additionally allows we to sync your iPhone to iTunes. To tip it off, 4 LEDs keep tabs upon how most appetite is left in a extract container air’s battery. The LEDs additionally keep we updated upon your phone’s charging standing when it’s plugged in.

“Works with iPhone” Certification
The Mophie extract container air has upheld a despotic over-the-air opening tests by an Apple directed towards exam lab. As a result, a mophie extract container air has been strictly approved by Apple Inc. as a “Works with iPhone 3G(S)” product. The mophie extract container air additionally uses an Apple-designated connector, which can usually be systematic by Apple’s approved vendors. This ensures which it’s 100% concordant with your iPhone 3G or 3GS.

About Mophie
Mophie is a powerhouse of beautiful energy. We hold which great pattern can as well as does have hold up better. We all a time essay to emanate products which have been innovative, utilitarian as well as move pleasure to a user. We identify, rise as well as govern concepts which will good a world. There is regularly a approach to have it better. The products we make, a association we emanate as well as a members of a group can regularly be better.

What’s in a Box
Mophie extract container air (black) as well as micro USB cable.

The extract container air gives we additional battery hold up so we won’t have to be concerned about using out of extract whilst enjoying your day.

Mophie Juice Pack Air Case as well as Rechargeable Battery for iPhone 3G, 3G S

5 Reviews

  1. Lori Salow Marshall says:

    Very unhappy with the Mophie Juice Pack Air. Liked the sleek look; could live with the increased width, and liked the added protection of the hard shell. Then I found the connectors did not work well with my iphone – you need a separate charging interface to the Mophie than the iphone. Seems as though the Mophie was charging while the iPhone was going dead. I actually LOST battery life with this unit attached to my iPhone. When I contacted Mophie, customer service was dreadful saying something like after 30 days I was unable to do anything. Living with my iPhone and no Mophie now – complete waste of money and a big disappointment as i had been on the waiting list to receive the Juice Pack for a couple of months.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. Wangooroo says:

    I was excited about this product when I first saw it.

    However after buying it and trying to sync with iTunes, the pass through USB feature is simply NOT working.

    the Mophie website makes several claims that pass through USB works. I have tried 3 different Juice Pack Air battery/cases and non would work with pass through USB. As a result the device is not living up to its claims and I have returned it to the Apple Store for a full refund.

    Avoid this device! It does NOT function as advertised.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. pixpablo says:

    While it may extend the battery time for the iPhone, this product is made of cheap, fragile plastic, the top piece has cracked on two of mine so far. Crazy Glue has patched it together, but for the $$?!?! Not worth it. Oh, and don’t try syncing thru the USB, doesn’t work, you need to remove the case and sync the traditional way.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. P. Park says:

    One of the first things I noticed when I installed my Juice Pack Air was how snugly it fit to the iPhone. The next thing I noticed was how nicely it handles the speaker and microphone. With the Juice Pack attached you can play driving games without the sound cutting in and out because your hand wants to cover the speaker on the bottom. I never noticed the reception problems mentioned by the other reviews, but no one ever calls me except when they want to yell at me. I’m getting pretty tired of people yelling at me all the time. I’ll give you your stupid house keys back when I find them.

    Another important thing I noticed is just how unbelievably difficult it is to remove the Juice Pack Air from the iPhone. If you keep your fingernails trimmed and your hands are even mildly sweaty then forget about it. Don’t even think about using a chisel because it will just slide off the glossy case and gouge your counter top. Then your apartment manager will charge you $150 to fix it even though they are the cheapest laminated counters sold at Home Depot and they never bothered to dress up the molding or caulk around it so it looked like crap to begin with. Not to mention the stuck-up girl who lives downstairs won’t talk to you even though you have an iPhone.

    Mophie sells replacement caps for the Juice Pack Air that cost about $7.50. They must make a killing off of those because of how easily they break compared to how much force is required to separate them from the iPhone. Save your money, though, and buy a tube of Super Glue. The material the caps are made of bonds with Super Glue surprisingly well given the tiny amount of surface area exposed by the broken cap — almost as good as new.

    Finally, you must also be very careful with the mini USB port on the battery. A tight fitting USB cable can dislodge the port from its mounts making the battery completely useless except as a sort of Japanese puzzle box. Also, it might be a good idea to drop some rose petals on the balcony of the girl downstairs next time she is outside — unless she is with her boyfriend, in which case it should be snakes (not real ones, though; I make mine out of Twinkies and kite string).

    Rating: 2 / 5

  5. md says:

    Can anyone explain why in the WORLD you would make a product for charging an iPhone that doesn’t use a standard iPhone connector???? So in the BEST case scenario I now have to carry two cables when I travel… one to charge my iphone, and one to charge my mophie. But wait. It gets stupider.

    The mophie USB charging cable… wait for it… DOES NOT use a standard USB mini-connector, like the ones found on the back of oh I don’t know…. every single USB powered device in the known world? NOOOOO, it uses it’s OWN specialized connector at the unit’s end so I have to use THEIR specialized cable? RIDICULOUS! I never would have bought it if I knew that.

    4 stars to this item for simple design and good functionality, it works well and does what it says.

    Then -1 stars for not doing the freaking OBVIOUS thing and making the mophie so it can be charged using the iPhone charging cable I already carry, instead I have to bring along ANOTHER cable…. ridiculous.

    And then -1 star for not even using a standard USB charging port, but instead FORCING me to use yet another specialized cable to charge the stupid mophie.

    And then -1 more star for making me spend 30 minutes this morning digging through the probably 10 or 12 perfectly good mini-USB cables I have looking for the ONE specialized mophie cable, all the while thinking “If this cable is lost then what… I have to shell out to get ANOTHER one? Or just use my mophie as a paperweight from now on?”

    I would not buy this product again, the cable itself is more than enough to be a deal breaker. Something like this is 100% about being convenient and easy to use since the entire POINT of the thing is that you’re not at your desk where you can find the SPECIALIZED cable to charge it. If you forget that cable, tough nuts you can’t charge your mophie for the rest of your trip.

    I would look at other alternatives that offer a universal charging port (like the industry standard USB mini-connector, DUH) so that I don’t have to carry around ANOTHER specialized cable. Stupid stupid stupid.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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