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  • 10.2 MP resolution
  • High attraction (ISO 3200)
  • Live Preview upon LCD display
  • Tiltable 2.7-Inch LCD screen
  • Super-quick AF response

Product Description
Sony alpha DSLR-A300: a camera which links we as well as your subject. For first-time DSLR users, Sony combines glorious 10.2 MP quality, worldly Sony as well as Carl Ziess lens designs, as well as Live Preview in a vast sloping 2.7-Inch LCD guard for point-and-shoot simplicity. You’ll have super-quick AF response, 3 fps successive sharpened whilst we see your theme in a viewfinder, as well as tall attraction (ISO 3200) for good low-light shots. Also: elementary controls as well as Creative Style settings, in-camera SteadyShot INSIDE picture stabilization which functions each a-mount lens, Stamina energy for up to 740 shots, Auto Pop-up Flash as well as most more.

Sony Alpha DSLR-A300K/N 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera

2 Reviews

  1. John R. Cunningham says:

    This is the absolute best camera ever. I love it. I retired a Sony Alpha100 and this one is everything I wanted. Price ($600) was excellent and also works perfectly with Minolta Maxxum lenses. Highly recommended.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Adam Rice says:

    This is my first DSLR, and I am very happy with it. I was looking into getting the Sony Alpha 330, but after doing research I found the the 330 actually has less features(it is lacking a port for a shutter release remote, manual white balance adjustment, and less buttons that make key features much harder to change) and is just simply smaller. So the 300 is really the same as the 330 with more features, and if you do some shopping, much cheaper(in my case over $100). Overall the 300 is a great camera but does have its pros and cons as all cameras.

    Live View-the live view system that sony uses is probably the best live view system on the market as it does not pause to capture the image. I love the live view, it saves me a ton of time using manual settings messing with aperature and exposure. My girlfriend has a 200 and spends a lot of time playing with settings and taking test photos. The live view is also very nice if you have glasses as well.

    Image stabilization in camera-This is very nice because you don’t have to shell out big bucks for image stablized lenses like with canon and nikon.

    Uses Minolta Maxxim lenses-the ability to use Minolta Maxxim lenses means there is a ton of affordable used glass out there, many that are unchanged from the current sony offerings.

    Takes good images-The 300 has a nice balance of speed and image quality.

    Flip up/flip down lcd- Awesome feature that is usually only found in higher end cameras.

    High noise at ISO over 400- I won’t shoot at ISO over 400 because of the noise.

    Smart teleconverter-This feature is a neat idea but is nothing more than digital zoom and degrades the image so you really can’t crop afterwards if you use this feature.

    Lcd screen sticks out-The screen sticks out quite a bit when folded in, not a huge deal but will smudge from your face if you use the OFV, I would suggest the lcd screen protector made by sony so you don’t scratch the screen.

    Overall the Sony 300 is a great camera for the money, you get a lot more for less money then you would with some other manufacturers offerings.

    Rating: 4 / 5

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