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  • 10.3 megapixels for overwhelming prints as vast as sixteen x twenty inches; backside enlightenment CMOS sensor
  • 26x wide-angle visual zoom-NIKKOR ED potion lens
  • Bright 3.0-inch vari-angle tall fortitude HVGA Clear Color Display
  • Full 1080p HD film recording during 30fps; HDMI output
  • 5-way VR Image Stabilization System; Smart Portrait System

Product Description
Passion done powerful.
COOLPIX PERFORMANCE Series – Advanced functionality for a top peculiarity images.

Nikon Coolpix P100 10 MP Digital Camera with 26x Optical Vibration Reduction

5 Reviews

  1. JWD says:

    I bought this camera for my wife because I know she is going to take a ton of pictures of our new baby on the way. That being said, I looked into the DSLRs and talked to a lot of people about what we should get. The feeling I got was that DSLRs were a little out of my comfort zone. I still wanted to “point and click” but wanted some more depth and pop to the photos. In our first test last night after it arrived, we were blown away by the difference. Close shots of a ladybug on the orange tree v. zooming in on lamp posts across the street – everything was clear. We took a photo of our old car and it looked like a dealership photo. As an aside, I have no idea how the camera made the dirty car clean. As you can tell, I’m very happy with the purchase.

    The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is that I am a novice and have not figured out everything the camera can do after a quick spin. I assume I would give it five after doing so.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. SERENDIPITY says:

    I was truly happy with this camera. Yes, many of the photos were a crap shoot, but I was learning the different settings and getting some great results. Was farely happy with the stability control and photo quality, especially the tight zoom shots. I could make out the DUST on objects in my house. Some action shots were a blur of motion. Sports mode is outstanding. It was like a flip book. Low light was grainy, but I’m sure it can be tweaked…or not. I never got that far. After owning it 6 days it froze in full zoom. The power light was on, but nothing would respond. I had JUST fully charged the battery. I finally took it out and put it back in (the battery) and it slowly shut down and came out of zoom. WHAT the hell caused this I do not know. However, I decided to return this camera and get one that has been on the market a little longer and has a track record. I probably got a lemon, but it does scare me.
    For the money, there are others that seem as good or better. So I feel fine not keeping the amazing 26x zoom. I will say the menu is the simplest I have ever used. I am no camera buff, but it was a breeze. It also boosts a completely printed out, detailed manual. The video is okay. You need at least a class 6 card for the HD video. The class 4 would stutter stop the motion. You can set it to VGA with the class 4 and it worked fine. The battery life is only so so. Again, this is simply my opinion of a camera I owned for a week.
    In the future if this camera is tried and true I would consider giving it another shot.
    The best photos this camera gave me were close ups of my sons face. They were truly amazing. In the P, and auto modes with flash, indoors. Another I liked was some zooms I took outdoors from a moving car. In P mode. VERY loud zoom and it seems to shake when in video, but was told this is farely typical. That the Panasonic is much quieter. It is. I played around at Wolf camera. I think it was the … fz35.
    I hope this issue is not a common one. Too early to tell.
    Good luck! I think this camera has SO much potential…but not for me at this time. I’m a bit skiddish now.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  3. K. Chamberland says:

    When I spend this much money for a camera it should excite me – it doesn’t. I was enticed to buy this camera by the 26X zoom. I am returning it and will stay with my Panasonic FZ35 – 12mp/18X zoom. I took both cameras out to do a comparision, the panasonic pics were as good or better than the nikon – clearer, brighter, sharper.There also were some smaller things I didn’t like: 1) the battery has to be charged in the camera, that means you can’t use the camera with a second battery while the first one charges, 2)you have to go to the main menu to make small changes while the Panasonic has a “quick menu” that allows changes in seconds, 3) it goes off too quickly. Yes it can be set for 30 minutes but then everything stays on, I want it to just go to sleep so it only needs a touch of the button to wake up not go through a complete start up.I do mainly wildlife/bird pics and you need to be ready when they present themselves, by the time you go through starting up they are gone. I’m sure these are Nikon features but I don’t like them. I will stay a faithful Panasonic user and wait for them to come out with a larger zoom one of these days.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  4. Robert Swann says:

    I love this camera. I researched several cameras before purchasing the P100 and I was not impressed with any of them. Then I found the Nikon p90 which I thought was alright. It had several features that I liked such as the 23x zoom and the multi-angle view finder. I was a little disappointed with the picture quality I attributed most of the poor quality to the fact that it had 12.1MP resolution which most people will agree is only useful if you are taking pictures that you plan to enlarge into wall art. Then I heard about the New P100 which had an even more impressive zoom at 26x and when I found out it was only 10MP and It shot 1080P HD video I was sold. When my camera finally arrived right out of the box I was impressed with the overhauled version of the p90 they had added several useful features. I have taken several photos so far and the problems with the p90 are gone the photo quality is amazing even in low light. I love the facial recognition mode for up to 12 faces and the fact that the shutter releases when every one smiles. The in camera photo editing software is decent the software for your computer is better. I have found only one flaw the battery does not last but for about 300 pictures less with the flash so it is a good idea to buy extras but they are cheap and easy to find on e-bay also it does not come with an external battery charger but again you can find it cheap. In conclusion I LOVE THIS CAMERA!!
    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. Tom North says:

    This is a very versatile camera and responsive to most needs. It has a good macro range to go along with a super zoom range. It compares well to a Panasonic DMC-GH1 which has a much larger sensor and more expensive optics (the lens alone is twice the price of this Nikon). The Panasonic also produced higher saturation and contrast shots in default mode and this gives the appearance of higher resolution. The Nikon gave a truer auto outdoor color balance and more natural contrast. Even at ISO 800 it was very sharp. You can enlarge a few test shots at the DPReview forums by searching for “Nikon P100 test shots”. or if this works:

    The two highlights that amazed me were the Nikon’s focusing indicator system. It is so cool that when you shoot a bouquet of flowers the display shows you each blossom chosen by the matrix focusing system. You click the shutter with the knowledge that it is choosing what you want. Wonderful. The second highlight is the range of the optics from good macro, nice wide angle, and amazing telephoto. Please see the photos I uploaded showing how well this camera compares. What the Nikon lacks mostly comes down to smooth tones and fine detail at high ISOs; and this is only because it is being compared to a large sensor camera. The images would easily pass a fairly critical viewer on an 8×10 print and seem to be better than previous cameras with this size sensor.

    Pros (so far):
    Great focus indicator system, Display shows small green squares over selected objects for focus = ready to shoot, red square = not ready
    Light, easy to hold good fit to my medium sized hands.
    Articulated screen seems more natural than the swing out to the side screens (aligned with lens)
    Quick access to shoot videos, focus tracking option, slow motion (lower res 240 fps),
    Hugh zoom range and quite fast action, 1½ ++ second end to end
    Outdoor sunlight colors quite natural
    Very good resolution lens for this price range and favorably compares to much more expensive lenses (see above photos, several are pieces of 16 x 20 prints)
    Very good macro versatility (see blowup of portion of terry towel above)
    Adequate viewfinder but very contrasty, necessary info in viewfinder.

    Cons (so far):
    When shooting a video the focus is not able to keep up with the zoom (I reduced my rating because of this).
    No RAW image option (less important with tools like Corel Image Adjustment Lab that gives me color temperature correction on jpg)
    Lens cap rather than auto protect system, must remember to take it off before turning on camera (your notified when you forget)
    Must use the menu system for several settings (ISO, color balance), slower but OK (hats off to the Canon G11, Panasonic)
    Fast zoom over big range means it is tricky to accurately crop a shot (same with others though) Would love to see a ‘nudge’ feature for small changes.
    Color balance with my photo fluorescent lights was tricky to dial in
    Quick shutter in most situations but not all
    No hot shoe for accessories and external flash
    Only an adequate viewfinder
    Minimum aperture of f8 (standard for cameras in this class, but would love to see it improved)
    Screen does not ‘self protect’
    Must manually switch viewfinder verses LCD, simple one push button though

    Rating: 4 / 5

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