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  • Five higher class Plossl eyepieces, all entirely multi-coated for limit contrariety as good as resolution
  • 2x, 1.25-inch Barlow lens gives we the sum of 10 energy combinations
  • Six colored eyepiece (planetary) filters
  • 1.25-inch Moon filter provides limit delight of the moon generally during the brighter phases
  • Items in this pack have been valued during over $700.00 if purchased separately

Product Description
CELESTRON 94303 — This good deliberate Telescope Accessory Kit includes 5 Plossl Eyepieces, the 2x Barlow Lens, 7 Color Planet Filters as good as an Aluminum Padded Case. Get all these reward optics together during the most affordable price!Amazon.com Product Description
A good set of eyepieces will urge the opening of any telescope, as good as that’s quite loyal of entry-level telescopes which mostly come versed with economy-grade eyepieces. The Celestron Eyepiece as good as Filter Kit includes 5 good-quality multicoated plossl eyepieces as good as the 2x Barlow lens. The set additionally includes 7 colored potion filters for lunar as good as heavenly viewing, as good as the easily padded 10.5-by-12.5-inch box with gangling room for 3 some-more eyepieces.

This set creates the good further to telescopes similar to Celestron’s Firstscope 114EQ or Firstscope 80EQ. A telescope’s magnifying energy is next to to the focal length of the telescope widely separated by the eyepiece focal length, which is customarily printed right upon the eyepiece. Since the Firstscope 114EQ has the focal length of 900mm, the 32mm plossl eyepiece gives the magnification of 28x as good as roughly 2 degress loyal margin of view. This far-reaching margin of perspective is preferred for observation star clusters similar to the Pleiades or checking out the Andromeda Galaxy. On the dark, moonless night, when we make make use of of the 9mm plossl (100x magnification) to perspective globular clusters similar to M13 as good as M5, the Firstscope 114EQ shows me most particular stars. And when the night air is still as good as transparent we make make use of of the 6mm eyepiece (150x magnification) to collect out heavenly sum similar to the Cassini Division in Saturn’s rings, or even Jupiter’s good red spot.

The Celestron eyepiece pack additionally includes 6 colored filters as good as the neutral-colored Moon filter. The Orange as good as Red filters have been accessible for bringing out aspect item upon Mars, as good as the Light Blue as good as Light Green filters can assistance the tiny telescope collect out Jupiter’s important red spot. The Moon filter functions similar to the span of sunglasses to revoke the blinding glisten of the Moon. The Yellow as good as Green filters have been infrequently beneficial upon the moon as good since they strike the blue heat of “chromatic aberration,” the fake tone which mostly troubles low-cost refractors.

Overall, the Celestron Eyepiece pack is simply the good value. These eyepieces broach frail views in any telescope which accepts 1.25-inch eyepieces, from the Firstscope 60 AZ to the Nexstar 8GPS. —Jeff Phillips


  • Good anti-reflection multicoatings
  • Crisp, high-contrast views


  • Minimal eye service upon 4mm as good as 6mm plossls

Celestron Accessory Kit

5 Reviews

  1. Michael J Edelman says:

    While the supplied eyepieces aren’t of the same quality of, say, TeleVue plossls, they are nonetheless good generic symmetricals (most “plossls” are not true Plossls) of the sort that would ordinarily cost you about twice what this set sells for- and you get filters and a case, to boot! The whole set would typically sell for about three times what Celestron is asking here. I’d recommend this set, along with a good 6″ Dobsonian reflector from Celestron or another quality vendor, as an excellent beginner’s outfit. If you already have a decent beginner’s scope that takes 1-1/4″ eyepieces, this set will provide you with all the eyepieces you’re likely to need for some time.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. FX says:

    After many years spent without gazing at the stars I finally made my move again and bought a new Nexstar 114. It came with 2 basic eyepieces. This kit looked like a nice addition, for a fair price.I received the kit quickly, well this is Amazon… The case, as said before in other review, is sturdy and well designed. It is very convenient to carry around, and you don’t have to worry about damaging your eyepieces at all. I found it very nice being able to carry all eyepieces at once, and leave the case a few feet away from my observation location, in order to grab elements I need.The set features some extra space inside, and you can fit another 3 eyepieces. Eyepieces are of good quality. Not top of the line, yet they provide a crisp and clear view. The barlow lens is well built as well. I found the larger eyepiece (the 4mm one) to be of average quality, especially when used with the barlow lens.Filter are well chosen and give you a good range of choices. I found the moon filter not dark enough to my taste, but it still does a nice job.Overall, the born-again star gazer that I am is very satisfied of this very good investment.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. robert midiri says:

    I purchased this kit in November. I have over 20 years experience in using telescopes and eyepieces. These eyepieces are a great bargain. Through my 4″ fluorite I have used the high power 4mm and 6mm plossl’s from this kit with very sharp and contrasty views of Jupiter. Highly recommended
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. Anonymous says:

    Before seeing this kit, I bought separately a 6mm Plossl and a 2X Barlow. Those two items are part of this kit, but they cost me more separately than the entire kit! Tried it out last night and was very pleased. The two original eyepieces that came with the scope plus the 5 included in the kit and the Barlow give me 14 different possible views of the sky, and the color filters should help pick up planetary details.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. William E. Smith says:

    The eyepieces are of good quality, though the Barlow is a bit on the dark side. The 4mm eyepiece that comes with the set will be seldom used, as most scopes of less than 12″, will not handle the magnification. The quality of the filters is outstanding, and come with an instruction sheet on which filters are used for various viewing preferences. The case is of excellent quality, comes with locks and keys so you can secure your eyepieces. Be aware if your collumation is off, these eyepieces will exaggerate poor collumation.I tested the eyepieces looking at trees over a half mile away during the day, and using an 8″ Newt, was able to discern nobs on pine cones. The images were clear, but not as bright as televue eyepieces would be. In the evening, I viewed Jupiter, and a few of the messier catalog galaxies/nebulas, and found the eyepieces to work pretty well.All in all, given the quality of the eyepieces, the price, and the extras (case, filters, barlow), you can’t go wrong with this kit. On the negative side, the eyepieces will slightly darken your image, so don’t expect televue, or nagler quality glass.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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