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  • Full operation of HD formats: 1080/60i, 1080/30p, 1080/24p (Native); 720/60p, 720/30p, 720/24p (Native)
  • Higher bit-rate recording than consumer models (21 Mbps PH Mode)
  • 13X Wide point of view twenty-eight mm lens out of a box (35mm equiv.); 1/3-inch CCD Progressive Imagers
  • Waveform Monitor, Vectorscope as well as dual Focus displays for accurate, discerning focus
  • 3.5-inch LCD guard displays thumbnails for discerning non-linear entrance to clips

Product Description
The absolute tapeless AG-HMC150 joins a Panasonic line of veteran HD camcorders. This AVCCAM camcorder facilities highly-acclaimed functions for a renouned AG-DVX100 Series of DV-tape formed camcorders to tapeless HD recording. Using a cost-saving AVCHD format to jot down onto SDHC or SD Memory Card media, a AG-HMC150 produces well-developed images as well as responds to beautiful prolongation needs. It additionally facilities a 28mm (35mm equivalent) wide-angle lens – widest in a veteran camera of this category – as well as a newly grown 1/3-inch 16:9 on-going CCD. It serve enhances picture peculiarity by adding a higher-quality PH mode to a clean, extended-time recording abilities of a AVCHD format. The AG-HMC150 handles full-pixel (1920 x 1080/1280 x 720) 24p as well as 30p on-going recording, as well as includes cinelike gamma as well as alternative versatile functions to encounter a special needs of beautiful picture production.

Panasonic Pro AG-HMC150 3CCD AVCHD 24fps Camcorder

5 Reviews

  1. B. Greenstone says:

    I do actually really like this camera, but I just can’t give it more than 3 stars for numerous reasons. So, pros and cons:

    * It records in just about every mode from 24p to 60p, or 30i and 60i.
    * It’s lightweight
    * It is very customizable
    * excellent wide/zoom lens
    * no tapes! all solid-state!
    * good video quality in manual recording modes
    * 60p slow motion is cool.

    * The auto modes are awful. This thing has an autofocus mechanism that just doesn’t work and is unusably slow. I haven’t seen an autofocus this bad since the late 1980’s.
    * The auto-iris is also quite bad. There are no zones for any of the auto modes, so it takes the whole image and does an average. A $500 camcorder has better auto capabilities than this.
    * $3300 is very overpriced for this camera.
    * No timelapse recording mode
    * built-in mic is pretty bad.
    * startup time is very long, and the standby mode is not designed well and still eats too much battery power.

    The Pro’s still do outweight the Con’s so I can recommend this camera, but it is far from perfect.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  2. Victor Vongpraseuth says:

    Coming from a DVX100B, I find myself shooting with this camera far more than I ever did with the DVX. Going tapeless is the primary reason and the beautiful shots this camera is able to produce is the secondary. Final Cut makes capturing footage as simple as drag and drop. There’s no more nonsense of having a deck to capture things in real time anymore. The SD card format also means reviewing footage on a shoot is painless and won’t require rewinding tape to try and get to a particular shot. As for the picture quality, it’s gorgeous. Sharp, colorful, and 24P is amazing in low light. From what I’ve seen on Vimeo and read on forums, other HD cameras in the Panasonic line up like the HVX and HPX, offer just about the same image quality but their prices are thousands more and you’re forced to use P2. Unless you’re concerned about having more frame rate choices for overcranking and undercranking, this is the camera to get.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Averan says:

    one of the best equipment investments i’ve ever made!
    this camera has loads of pro features with the convenience and cost-savings of SD memory card recording.
    produces one of the most gorgeous images you can get from a 3 chip HD camera for under $4k.

    feels like a camera i will have for the rest of my life and that i’ll always use and be happy with the images i can make with it.

    from commercials, corporate video, documentary films, short narratives, wedding videos and webisodes, this camera is the new HD workhorse that will always give you a lot back for your money.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. Zach Redpath says:

    I got this camera about a month ago, and I think I’ve figured out every possible manual control on the camera and the best ways to use them.
    Everything is great about the camera except a few things.

    The battery is tiny. I bought a larger 4 hour battery works great, $170 from J&R
    The auto focus is poor, it’s very slow
    The on-board mic is bad

    but what do you expect.

    Audio controls are nice and easy to use.
    Video quality is excellent. A little noisy, i wish the sensor was bigger.

    Editing with a quad core 2.66GHz PC with 6GB of RAM.
    Editing works great, with Sony Vegas 9.0 Pro
    However I need to get some more RAM because when full editing lags more.

    Overall a good camera. I’m shooting a wedding this weekend. I’ll write another review after that experience.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. Carl E. Feather says:

    I’ve had the camera for three months now, and as video cameras go, it’s at the top of its class and price range.

    My gripe is with Panasonic’s rebates, however.

    The free card never materialized. Initially, I was told it would come automatically by registering at PASS, which is one of the worst manufacturer support sites in the world.

    Six weeks passed, no card. Meanwhile, I had to buy cards from Amazon. The Transcend Card I purchased corrupted my files. So I called Panasonic’s rebate department. They had no record of the request. I downloaded a form, cut out the UPC symbol, filed the request that way.

    Another six weeks pass. No card. My rebate isn’t in the system. Now the UPC cutout is gone, and they have no record of it. It’s past the deadline, anyway.

    So it’s another case of being tricked into buying a product and not getting the incentive.

    Bottom line: Buy this camera on its own merits, not the outside chance you might get something for free from the manufacturer.

    It just seems to me that if someone is putting $3,300 on the counter for a product, they could just include the stupid $30 (real value) card as a good gesture and appreciation of your business, not make you jump through hoops like a circus dog for three months, only to find out there’s no doggy bone at the end of the hoop line.

    It’s poor customer PR and service.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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