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  • 2-Inch TFT LCD full tone display
  • 5MP CMOS sensor(2584×1936) with LED for low-light situations
  • 4x digital zoom, 128MB built-in memory
  • SD/SDHC label container expandable up to 8GB, integrated USB port, Arcoft Media Impression for video modifying as well as uploading to YouTube, video fortitude 720p(1280×760) 30fps, MPEG-4, black
  • Connects easly to mechanism for make use of as webcam (driver enclosed as well as designation required), removeable Lithium-ion battery with over 2 hours of battery life

Product Description
Coby CAM5000 Digital HD Camcorder, 2-Inch TFT LCD full tone display, 5MP CMOS sensor(2584×1936) with LED for low-light situations, 4x digital zoom, 128MB built-in memory, SD/SDHC label container expandable up to 8GB, integrated USB port, Arcoft Media Impression for video modifying as well as uploading to YouTube, video fortitude 720p(1280×760) 30fps, MPEG-4, black

Coby CAM5000 2-Inch TFT LCD Mini Digital HD 720p Camcorder/Camera

5 Reviews

  1. T. Cook says:

    The price point when compared to the Kodak or Flip is great, however video quality is not up to the same standard as these competitors. Video appears slightly washed out and grainy. Have also noticed a consistant issue with a horizontal line that appears in every video approx every 5 seconds.

    If you are looking for an ultra cheap’o mini cam just to post video to YouTube and your Facebook account then these faults might not be so concerning. If you are in it for the long haul and would like the best possible picture quality out of a camera in this form factor, you might want to consider the other options out there. I will be returning my recent purchase.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  2. nenggot says:

    Good for casual use. Noise when you click for zooming. No remote. Only 4x zooming.

    Just a backup camcorder. If you’re shooting e.g. graduation or weddings, for a little more money, use a good camcorder. If just shooting short but good quality videos, consider investing in high-end cellphones/pda. If you carry your psp or nintendo ds with you, cameras for these gamers might be enough for short low-quality videos.

    Rating: 3 / 5

  3. Rowe Rowe says:

    I bought this camera, Christmas 2009. It is now March 2010 and the camera is fully dead.

    I noticed a problem about two weeks into using the product. It developed a “tick” during recording….tick…tick….tick….tick….like a clock….I was disappointed to hear it on playback as well…I wrote to the tech support crew from the Coby website. I never received a response.

    Sometime Mid-February, the camera developed a bug where, when I turned it on, it would say “HDMI” and the screen would black out, making the camera completely unusable. Again, I contacted support asking for help and never heard from them. At this time, I took the camera back to Fry’s where I bought it but they wouldn’t return/exchange it because it had been 6 weeks. I got it to work a few times after that by connecting it to an HDMI TV to get to the menu’s, but that really didn’t help. The problem persists.

    How disappointing. Another inexpensive technology that only lives up to its promise for a limited time then dies. Combined with *zero* support from the parent company, this product is a no-buy.

    Think about how many resources get consumed manufacturing products like this only to have them junked into landfills less than 6 months later. We need to stop purchasing cheap technologies or Earth will pay the price…Lesson learned!!

    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. AladdinSane says:

    I bought this about a month ago and I just opened the box to recharge the unit via its USB port.
    Has anyone had the same thing happen to them with this device?:
    It takes FOREVER to recharge its battery.
    From what I gather at the Coby website it should take a least 12 hours of recharge to finally get the device to work on a full charge.
    I would rather not keep my computer running for 12 hours as the battery gets its “juice”…and there is NO way of recharging with an AC recharger.
    I like the look of the device and it would be perfect for what I would use it for, but this recharging the battery is a major chore (speaking for myself!).
    It’s been two days on recharge through computer and the still the small red light blinks…meaning it’s not done yet.
    I may just return it.
    Wotta pity!

  5. C-R-H says:

    So I saw this product online and it looked legit so I picked one up for myself and a family member. All I want to know is, in 2010, what kind of camera does not have a flash??? I was astonished when I realized this. I mean, even $30 camera phones have flashes!! I am personally extremely dissatisfied and am in the process of returning it.

    All in all the phone isn’t half bad, so long as you’re not planning on taking and pictures once the sun sets. For me personally though, most of the pictures I take are at night. This won’t work.

    Sorry to knock your product Coby, but c’mon now. Step your game up.
    Rating: 2 / 5

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