• Record HD-quality home cinema approach to DVD
  • 1/2.7-inch Full HD CMOS picture sensor; 1920 x1080 resolution
  • 10x HD Video lens; 200x digital zoom
  • 2.7-inch multi-angle Vivid Widescreen LCD
  • HDMI terminal; miniSD container for digital still photos

Product Description
The Canon HR10 raises a club for high-definition peculiarity for consumers who direct a really most appropriate though have been not peaceful to concede palliate of use. Capture extraordinary HD item as well as tone facsimile upon a customary 3-inch DVD discs as well as perspective it upon a HD Blu Ray DVD player. Complete your high-definition home drama knowledge by formulating a demeanour as well as feel of Hollywood cinema with a 24P Cinema Mode as well as grasp vicious concentration with a Instant AF. The HR10 offers a forlorn multiple of Canon’s disdainful SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer to stabilise a far-reaching operation of movements, a built-in video light to simply fire in dim settings, as well as a brand new 2.7-inch Multi- Angle Vivid LCD Screen to perspective from assorted point of view with loyal tone illustration as well as contrast. The HR10 facilities a ultimate HD technology, value in Canon optics as well as engineering in a compact, neat pattern to broach a tall turn of opening you’ve come to design from Canon.

Canon HR10 AVCHD 3.1MP High Definition DVD Camcorder with 10x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom

5 Reviews

  1. Cross LInk says:

    I bought this camera because I thought it would be easy to record great HD images and play them back on my Blu-ray player quickly. Problem is this camera will not record on the new 8cm blu ray media. This means it will only record for 23 mins with the largest disc available in HD mode. I would suggest the hard drive format until they get this availability. Better yet I would go with the Sony if you want to use the new Blu-ray 7.5 8cm discs which will record for up to 2 hours.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  2. J.J. says:

    I bought it last week.
    It’s a great camcorder, easy to use, very light and compact.
    I’d wait to buy it for fews weeks if I knwe that the price was dropping…
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. malcolm chun says:

    i guess i got the best bargain at costco today for $330 period – thought i might have to return it as they didnt let me look at from the glass case – but with their return policy i got anyway – and reading all the 2007 reviews i guess i got a great buy during this horrible down turn – maybe i can record how the next great depression will be instead of listening to stories of my dad’s ten cent a loaf of bread
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. Keith Dickens says:

    Actually, it probably is outdated. The DVD format is not the most efficient way to go. But the quality of the shots I’ve gotten with this camera are awesome for the price I paid. I’m willing at this point to get the quality and do a little extra work in the post-production phase to convert the video.

    It took a bit a bit to figure out the best way to get the video, in either SD or HD format off the disks and onto our editing machine. We used Any Video Converter (Free) to convert the files to a more editable format.

    The quality of the camera when used with proper lighting is amazing for a single CMOS camera. It does have issues with poor lighting. It will become grainy, especially when working under red lights (like what we had in our haunted house).

    The limited time that can be captured (especially under HD) per disk can be a problem if you just want to shoot all day long and not worry about changing disks. If you want to make webisodes/independent movies its not really that big of a problem if you manage disk space adequately and use DL disks.

    There are also plenty of 37mm lenses that can screw onto the front of this thing but once it is attached BE CAREFUL. Its not a solid mounting system like you’d get with a prosumer/professional camera and I could image a good wack on the lens breaking the camera threads, lens and camera housing quite easily.

    The two biggest things that I don’t like are the lack of any support on Canon’s website. I would have liked to have seen a firmware update available by now that would make increase the battery life, add additional presets, or improve focus detection. Not that any of those things are terrible now, but firmware updates can always make those things better.

    The other problem that I have with the camera is that to capture pictures you’ll need to buy a miniSD card. Not SD, SDHC, or even microSD…but miniSD. A dead format for cards. So if you buy this camera don’t think that the plethora of SD cards you have laying around will cover you. You’ll need to buy a miniSD card or two from Amazon at the same time.

    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. M. Kurapati says:

    I got this at a cheaper price, but the quality is worth the price. It has features, that most other camcoders doesn’t have.

    It uses a codec format, that stores HD media on non-HD media (like DVDs). Very Nice.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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