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  • 720p HD Camcorder – Capture up to 2 hours of High-Definition memories
  • 5MP Digital Still Camera – Capture thousands of High-Resolution pictures
  • MP3 Player – Enjoy all of your a one preferred tunes when you’re not capturing video or sharpened pictures
  • HDMI as well as USB – Conveniently connects to your PC, Mac, or without delay to your HDTV
  • Includes an Armband as well as a Sunshade/Stand so which we can lift your PenCamHD with we everywhere as well as regularly be ready to constraint undiluted HD videos

Product Description
Aiptek’s PenCamHD is a World’s smallest HD camcorder. Roughly a distance of a highlighter pen, we can trip it in to your slot as well as take it with we everywhere! The PenCamHD has a contingent of functions, together with a 720p High-Definition camcorder, a 5MP Digital Still Camera as well as an MP3 Player. With a integrated mental recall as well as built-in rechargeable battery, we can constraint up to 2 hours of High-Definition footage! Sharing your memories with friends as well as family is elementary too. You can block a PenCamHD in to a USB pier upon your Personal Computer or Mac as well as simply upload to sites similar to YouTube as well as Vimeo, or make make use of of a enclosed HDMI wire to block without delay in to your HDTV as well as playback right from a PenCam itself. No alternative High-Definition camcorder out there is as compact, convenient, or as elementary to make make use of of as a brand new PenCamHD!

Aiptek PenCam Trio HD 4 GB Camcorder Value Pack

5 Reviews

  1. lil says:

    though honestly not sure worth the money
    the video on it is rough the photos are poor
    the sound quality though is good however for just an mp3 player
    there are many better ones out there

    do not count on it for taking good photos as i have yet to take anything much
    worth keeping on it like my flip better for the video
    Rating: 2 / 5

  2. C. Merced says:

    The Aipek is a video camera (720p), a still camera and an mp3 player. It comes with a lot of accessories: AV cables, HDMI cable, USB cable, wrist strap, armband, sunvisor to keep out the glare and serves as a stand at the same time, and headphones. I really liked that all these accessories came with the Aipek, especially the armband.

    The size is pretty small, and manageable. You can put this camera in your pockets or purse. The mp3 player is not bad when all you have is the Aipek. The screen size is miniscule, but this is what you sacrifice for the size.

    This video camera is no real competition for a Flip or a Vado, as the video and sound quality is far inferior to either of them. But, it is still fun to use, and useful. See, my intended use is not to take quality video with this. Although it is not bad, it is not ideal. The video quality is grainy at best and I really recommend using the sun visor to keep out the glare as the camera is very sensitive to that. The image stabilization is pretty bad, as is in any of this mini video cameras. The camera has a light which allows you to take video at night, but be sure to be close to the subject or object, as it is not that powerful. The video quality also becomes very grainy at night.

    One of the drawbacks that the Flips and Vados have is that they do not have a still camera; this does. The 5MP still camera is pretty bad. It is hard to good, or at least average, if your subject or object is not COMPLETELY still. This barely works for moving targets. But, the bottom line is: if you need to decide what to take when you go out between a Flip or Vado and an Aipek, what would you take? Answer: your digital camera. The camera will take better pictures and video with sufficient quality, comparable to that of the Aipek.

    Now, I would definitely take the Aipek over the Flip and Vado when I go snowboarding. I would just strap it with the armband and start recording as I go down the mountain! The Aipek just seems a bit more durable than the Flip or Vado and O would not be as upset if it broke.

    Overall, it is an interesting concept and nice to have it all in one. The video quality just needs a lot of work.

    Rating: 3 / 5

  3. Dieds says:

    I wanted to love this tiny camcorder, as I am a video-nut who collects and uses various cameras and camcorders of all sizes. Unfortunately, Aipteks PenCamHD does not meet my needs. I prefer the Flip UltraHD because: 1) the display is bigger with far better quality (yes, the Flip is quite a bit larger and bulkier but it’s still pocket-sized) and 2) the playback quality of Aipteks PenCamHD is far inferior compared to the Flip UltraHD.

    The PenCamHD’s display is also almost impossible to see outside in bright light. If the price was well under $100, I’d say the PenCamHD would be worth a shot — but if you are parting with your hard-earned money you want to be happy and therefore I suggest going with the Flip UltraHD even though it costs slightly more.

    Rating: 3 / 5

  4. R. Suarez Giacoman says:

    Given that I normally take pictures with my cell phone (of unexpected events when I don’t have my regular camera at hand) and my Flip UltraHD Camcorder, 120 Minutes (Black) to record videos of my kid when I have not a video camera around, this product, per its description, seemed to be just what I needed.

    I have been using it now for over a month, I wanted to really get to know it, test it and use it as much as possible before passing any judgment on it.


    The player included is very basic, for you to enable it you first need to plug the earphones included (with a universal input you can use other earbuds if desired). Once activated the screen will show you a list of the mp3 files you have stored in the device and any subfolders you may have created. When playing, all the info displayed is the number of song you are listening to, time and track name. That is pretty much it how it works. You can delete files as well by clicking on the ‘delete’ icon.

    For you to add songs to the player you need to manually drag them from your PC to the device manually. Sound quality is quite good, unfortunately the earphones included look cheap and do not sound that well. I tried using some Woodees IESW100B Inner-ear Stereo Earphone with Microphone I own and noticed a difference worth mentioning.


    The Aiptek HD DV presents the same issue as other similar cameras, video recorded in interiors or with not enough lighting will suffer in quality, while videos recorded during daylight for example, will look great when watched on a HDTV set or the computer.

    I used this to record some things during the recent holiday parties I attended and I am satisfied with the results, video looks above the average level of similar cameras but does not look like HD. Images in interiors look grainy and not sharp. If you expect all your videos to look in HD quality, this may not be the product you need.

    Video size is 1280×720, after checking all the videos I recorded I can tell you that a minute of video averages 40 MB in disk space as .mov files. So while the quality of the videos may not look like HD, the size of the output files does.

    Important thing to note is that even though the small screen in the Aiptek HD DV has a 1:1 aspect ratio, video is recorded and output in 16:9. This was a concern of mine before as when you play the videos in the device they look compressed, the reason being that the 16:9 is compressed to fit the 1:1 screen. I guess there’s room for enhancement there as I think they could have made the screen to be a small widescreen placed horizontally on the device.

    A major flaw, at least in my opinion, is that the device has no external speakers! You can actually watch your recorded videos in the device, but to listen to them, the earphones need to be used! This may not be a big problem but is definitely not practical.


    This is the feature I have used the most and the one I am most disappointed with.

    Picture wise, I saw no difference between the quality of the pictures taken with my Nokia N95 (which is not a dedicated device for pictures) and the ones taken with the Aiptek HD DV. Pictures look above the average cell phone quality as you can tell by some example pictures posted by other reviewers.

    Several of the pictures I took have problems with the colors not being accurate, brown jackets look blue in the pictures for example.

    Since the picture device is quite basic, as it only captures what’s on screen, taking pictures of objects moving is just no possible with this camera, objects will appear blurry. There is no function in the camera to avoid this (like regular photo cameras have)

    Another thing this camera does not do is close ups, either a person or an object, place the camera too close to your object and you will end up with a blurry image of what you wanted to take a picture of. (see images I added for your reference)

    As with the videos, the photo file size 2592×1944 with the average size of a picture being 1MB in JPEG format.

    A chart in the manual indicates the amount of videos, photos and mp3 files you can store in the unit, that of course is only an estimate as the real thing will depend on how many you have of each.


    Overall, if you are interested in a device that does as many things as this one on a very basic level, you will not be disappointed. The Aiptek HD DV performs quite well, battery lasts a lot after almost a week of heavy use of the device I had to recharge the battery, which is longer than other similar devices I own. The battery however is internal, so say you run out of it then you’re done, there is no way of replacing the battery for new ones.

    The device is indeed small and quite practical to carry, which is one of the main advantages this device has over others. On an additional note, its buttons are a little sturdy and may need to be pressed more than once for them to work correctly.

    The box includes:
    * HDMI cable to connect to a an HDTV set or HD home theater system
    * USB cable to connect to a computer to load the files and recharge battery
    * Basic earphones
    * An arm band so you can carry it there as well.
    * A small protective base you can place the device in
    * The PenCam HD installation disc that includes: Quick time player, Media impression and e-manual

    Rating: 3 / 5

  5. Traveler says:

    The Aiptek PenCam Trio HD 4 GB Camcorder sounds like a great concept. It’s an HD camcorder, still camera and MP3 player. The problem is, it does none of these things well. If the price for this product was about 50 bucks or so I’d say go for it as it would make an acceptable back up or toy. But as a primary tool, no.

    Just about every digital camera, at least the point and shoots, come with digital video. I own three digital cameras, a Nikon DSLR, a Canon P&S, and a Panasonic P&S, that all come with a video function. All three shoot better video than the Aiptek. So I can’t see when I’d use the Aiptek. I own an iPod so I don’t need an MP3 player. And my Blackberry accepts MP3s as well. Both function better than the Aiptek. And forget using the Aiptek as a still camera.

    It’s not that this camcorder is a horrible product, it’s that other products are just better. If the price falls drastically I would say consider it for those times when you can’t afford to lose or break your primary camcorder/MP3 player and can’t take it with you. Just don’t view this as something you’re going to use to capture important life moments.
    Rating: 3 / 5

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