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  • Professional-grade full HD video up to 1080p
  • 60 frames per second choice in 720p as good as WVGA resolutions provides glass well-spoken delayed suit playback
  • Videos can be simply edited with iMovie or Windows Movie Maker
  • Industry’s widest point of view (170ยบ) as good as sharpest lens captures some-more of the scene, together with you
  • Includes easy-to-apply mounts for attaching camera to any helmet, motorcycle, car, ATV, jet ski, snowmobile, boat, or probably any vehicle.
  • Impact-resistant housing is waterproof to 180 ft (60 meters)

Product Description
GoPro’s HD Motorsports HERO is the world’s top opening 1080p HD on-board video as good as still print camera. Professional peculiarity 1080p, 960p as good as 720p HD resolutions jot down during thirty frames per second (60 fps in 720p). The HD Motorsports HERO simply mounts to any helmet, motorcycle, ATV, car, plane, jet ski, boat, snowmobile or alternative vehicle. The camera’s quick-release ascent pattern creates it easy to re-position the camera around your automobile for veteran peculiarity HD video from multiform angles. Record up to 2.5 hours upon the singular assign as good as up to 9 hours sum upon the 32GB SD label (not included). Included have been mounts for dual helmets as good as 3 vehicles, as good as the suction crater for limit flexibility as good as convenience. The housing is waterproof to 180′ / 60m. GoPro’s mania with receptive to advice has cowed the wind. At 85 mph upon the motorcycle, you’ll suffer the guttural receptive to advice of your motor, not the wind. Inside even the quietest travel cars, listen to the lift of your motor…not the worker of the breeze as good as road. Included is the 1100mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery which lasts for up to 2.5 hours of consistent recording. With discretionary accessories, we can additionally block the camera in to the wall outlet, cigarette lighter, or with any USB-compatible energy adapter, handle it without delay to your vehicle’s electrical system. The battery will assign whilst we record. The camera can additionally fire involuntary 5MP photos during 2/5/10/30 as good as 60 second intervals during your expostulate or ride, hands free. Pre

GoPro HD Motorsports HERO Camera

5 Reviews

  1. JMM says:

    This came as described. It was a gift, requested by someone who was familiar w/ product. Good service.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. FTR says:

    I bought this camera to use on off-road single track rides and adventure races. It worked once on my road bicycle commute,but has not worked since then. Customer support has suggested changing battery types without any difference in performance. It just will not stay on in a bumpy environment. If you buy this camera hang on to your warranty and purchase documents do you can send it back. I have encountered other people on off-road rides who have expressed similar concerns. Amazon will not respond to my emails asking for assistance on a return and Go-Pro insists on documentation. Perhaps my experience is unique, but hang on to your purchase documents nevertheless.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. Unhappy says:

    I purchase a Go Pro HD Hero waterproof camera and have not been able to take any videos or pictures due to a defective camera. I was able to set the time and date, but as soon as I place the SD card into the slot, an error code “tEL” flashes on the LCD screen. That’s as far as I get. I have tried everything from removing the battery, to resetting the camera and yet I still get the “tEL” code. I even tried using another SD card and that didn’t work. I have sent numerous emails to GoPro and have not received a response. I have left a phone message and have not received a returned call. The GoPro customer service sucks to say the least. I am also getting the run-around on getting a refund of $299 that I spent on this camera. I am a very dissatisfied customer and I will not be ordering from AMAZON.com again if this problem is not resolved immediately.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. Robert Tadlock says:

    The camera is great. It is waterproof, has a ton of features, and can be mounted just about anywhere.

    Pros: 1. Bombproof
    2. Great video
    3. Battery lasts a long time
    4. Tons of cool features (self time, interval pictures, multiple video modes)

    Cons: 1. Directions say you can’t mount it upside down and capture video, but the firmware update still isn’t out
    2. Tried to talk to customer support about firmware multiple times…no answer
    3. Lens is a little too wide. It distorts a lot. I prefer the Vholdr lens.

    I can’t fault the camera too much because it takes great video and stills when there is plenty of light, and it’s way tougher than the Vholdr.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. Douglas W. Teeter says:

    I bought the camera to film dual sport rides on my Husqvarna TE610. I bought a 32Gig card and the mounting kit.
    The camera is pretty easy to use and once you go through the menu a couple of times it’s easy.
    I takes great movies but the extreme wide angle makes things hard to see ahead very far and it’s hard to see
    evevation changes IE up and down hills. I tried different methods of viewing the movies and I like Quicktime
    the best. Uploading to U-tube takes hours and you have to be careful not to go over 10 minutes or U-tube won’t
    take it. I’m sure there is some way to get around that but haven’t figured it out yet.
    Overall very pleased. On a motorcycle the hard mount does not work well. I use the helmet srap on mount that
    comes with the camera, works great.
    Also check around for prices, after I purchased this from Amazon I found the same deal on E-bay for $50 less.
    D.Teeter Arizona

    Rating: 5 / 5

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