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  • Capture up to twelve hours of HD video to a 32GB inner Flash expostulate as good as without delay to removable SDHC mental recall cards
  • Genuine Canon 10x HD video lens; DIGIC DV III picture processor
  • 1920 x 1080 Full HD recording; SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer
  • Built-in 8.0-megapixel digital camera delivers overwhelming peculiarity photos
  • 2.7-inch Multi-Angle Vivid Widescreen LCD; HDMI depot for easy, one-cable connectivity to your HDTV

Product Description
Canons top-of-the-line, brand brand brand brand new VIXIA HF S10 Dual Flash Memory
camcorder gives we all we design from Canon! It has a
powerful, brand brand brand brand new 8.59-megapixel Full HD CMOS Image Sensor plus
Canons ultimate DIGIC DV III Image Processor. Add a Genuine Canon
10x HD Video Lens as well as a top bit rate in AVCHD, as well as youve got a
camcorder which delivers spectacularly picturesque HD video as well as photos.
The VIXIA HF S10 facilities 32GB of built-in Flash mental recall which records
up to twelve hours of HD video.You can additionally jot down to removable SDHC
memory cards for discerning as well as easy sharing. The Canon VIXIA HF S10
camcorder lets we fire similar to a pro with support functions together with new
zebra patterns, tone peaking, a Custom Key as well as Dial, as well as shooting
modes together with 24p Cinema Mode for video which looks similar to a holiday
blockbuster. The VIXIA HF S10 incorporates a little of Canons most
exciting brand brand brand brand new functions, together with Genuine Canon Face Detection for perfect
focus as well as bearing even with faces seeking down or sideways, Pre-
Record which captures video 3 seconds prior to we press a jot down button,
and a brand brand brand brand new Video Snapshot Mode for saving your memories as a
series of 4-second video clips set to music. Shoot unusual video
and photos with a VIXIA HF S10. Canon USA 1-year singular warranty

Canon VIXIA HF S10 HD Dual Flash Memory with 32 GB Internal Memory as well as 10x Optical Zoom

5 Reviews

  1. István Maczkó says:

    The HFS10 camerea (in EU is Legria HFS10) is easy to use and provides excellent recordings (photos as well). It has some problem with autofocusing in low light environment, but it is a good camera.

    However the bundled Pixela Imagemixer sotware is Useless:
    I have serious sound problems (during editing videos, and the saved video as well)
    Theres is no sotware support neither from Canon, nor Pixela.
    There is no upgrade possibility for an enhanced Imagemixer version
    The User Interface is extremely poor (for example Adjustin Volume)

    If you want to save your videos, or edit them the camera is useless due to the sotware bundled.

    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. Jorge O. Uguet says:

    Escribo en español, ya que he visto pocos comentarios en esta lengua.
    Tiempo de uso: menos de 1 mes
    Buena cámara para filmar, aún con poca luz. Sólo hay que configurar adecuadamente.
    Bastante intuitiva en el manejo, aunque una lectura del manual, es conveniente para conocer los detalles,
    y sacar más provecho.
    Excelente capacidad. 32 GB dá para filmar todo, sin preocuparse.
    Negativos: Aún estoy en dudas con la calidad de las fotos. Se ven bien, pero los archivos parecen muy pequeños.
    La necesidad de usar la fuente para poder conectarla al PC, parece sin sentido. Podría detectar el estado de la batería.
    El estabilizador de imagen, es de calidad media. Cuando use el zoom, es mejor buscar un apoyo.
    La batería original es pequeña, si comparado con la BP-819 (Recomiendo comprar junto)
    Carrying case (Estuche): Fundamental. Comprar aparte termina siendo más caro que comprar en el site. Pagué 60U$S + tax, por una buena protección.
    El software para guardar los filmes, es complicado. Preferiría copiar y pegar. No me deja seguro.
    Final: Buen producto.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. Tarun Chachra says:

    Brace yourself for a very detailed review ahead.

    Canon Vixia HFS10
    What is in the Box:
    Hardware:The camera, a power adapter, a remote with lithium ion battery, a component cable, a usb to mini usb cable, a regular stereo a/v cable, the bp-807 battery pack, and a hand strap for the camera.
    Software: Pixela Version 2.1, Canon Digital Video Solution Disk Version 32, and a Music Data Disc (music that can be used as background music in Pixela).
    Documentation: A full manual, a folded up sheet on software installation, manual for ImageMixer 3 Version 5, and the Warranty Card.

    What SHOULD have been in the box and is not: A MINI HDMI to HDMI cable.
    Some Initial Thoughts/Specs:

    First Of ALL, I am really disappointed that a camera of this stature and price point does not include a MINI HDMI to HDMI cable. I mean that is probably the one thing we will all want with a high definition device and quite honestly I am disappointed that Canon would not throw it in the box. They give you a regular A/V cable and a proprietary connector to component video cable….what is the point – HD usually goes together with HDMI.

    MEMORY: The Vixia has 32gb of on-board storage and can be upgraded with the addition of SDHC cards. A 32gb sdhc card by Sandisk (ultra ii) is about $100. A worthwhile upgrade for extra memory… I basically use the built in memory for video and the external SDHC card for still images.

    Battery: It took a little over two hours to fully charge the battery after which I got about 1.5 hours of battery life. There are bigger battery packs available but my experience is based on the bp-807 pack that is included.

    The testing platform for the camera will be with a Mac Pro running OS X 10.5.7, with all of the latest software offerings from Apple…no pro versions. iLife 09, etc.

    The camera has a wheel (selection wheel) on the back which basically has three modes…as simple as can be. Mode 1 – dual shot – which means you can take video and shoot still images simultaneously. Mode 2 – movie mode – simple as can be..for movies only. Mode 3 – still mode – again simple…for still shots only.

    The LCD is perfectly sized and hides various functions. A battery release slider, the slot for an extra SDHC card, a Video Snapshot/Print button, and a Display button for extra information on the screen.

    There is a built in Flash for Still photography which pop’s up and offers red-eye reduction.

    There is a hot-shoe on top that will allow for the addition of video lights, etc as per your need.

    The right hand side of the camera has a door which, when opened, exposes the usb connector, the component connector, and the MINI HDMI connector.

    I am a person with rather large hands and adjusting the strap made this camera FIT into my hand as perfectly as I could ask for….

    Turn the camera on and its ready to go within seconds…of course the first time its powered on you will need to set the date, time, and your locale. After the initial setup you can be ready to shoot in about 1.2 seconds flat…with a fully charged battery.

    The video shooting is up to 1080p with a full HD sensor….this is the best you can possibly get. The sensor is rated at 8 mega pixels and thus your images will also be at 8.0 mega pixels.


    First test – Still shooting in Dual Mode (again dual means both video and stills at the same time).:

    I am not a video buff but I love taking stills of the family and so off I went with my Vixia in hand. Like most geeks with gadget envy, I use first and read the manual later….ready – fire – aim. HA! Therefore I was very surprised that a little tiny flash popped out above the lens and automatically lit my subjects to avoid red eye. Then after it focused in on a couple of spots (green squares show this on the lcd screen) it took the shot. I was impressed in about 10 minutes flat and the fun kept getting better. Canon had something here….except that darn mini hdmi cable. :-) I connected the camera to my mac via the mini usb-usb cable. Once connected, power up the camera and it will prompt you if you are connecting to a dvd burner or a computer/printer….select computer/printer and you are told to plug the power adapter in after which the camera creates thumbnails internally and mounts as a usb drive called Canon on the mac….there is also a NO NAME volume mounted which has the same information in it. (one quick note – you will need to go to play back mode to get the usb to work – which I am sure is obvious to most). The NO NAME volume is what shows up in iPhoto. The iPhoto feature is something that is important to me since I generally prefer not to use manufacturers software and want to use the software that I prefer. That being said, since iPhoto can see this camera so can Aperture or Lightroom…whichever you prefer.

    The LCD on the camera should not be used to gauge the quality of the pictures this camera can take….those LCD’s are usually low res and do not do justice to a photograph….that being said the photo quality is excellent and can stand up next to any 8mp camera that is out there…including a Canon EOS Rebel T1i. How do I know this? Simple…I took a picture of some stuff in a white shoe box…with both cameras. I compared the histograms side by side and they were identical. Simply put the still image quality of the Vixia is on par with a Digital SLR. Did I mention that the camera has optical image stabilization for both still and video (its a blessing for me since I cant seem to keep still–haha)

    Second Test – Video Shooting in Dual Mode.:
    It is going to be tough to write this up in a short summary but here goes….

    First of all – it works flawlessly on a MAC with iMovie – you simply connect the camera via usb and have the software import the videos..after which you can edit to your hearts content and burn off to a DVD in full HD quality.

    It is very hard for me to gauge video quality since this is the first 1080p camera I have worked with. The lack of the hdmi cable makes it even harder since I have to export the test videos and then burn them to DVD before I can view them. If you use component the camera does give you the option of output at 1080i to your television.

    I took short – 5-10 minute – video shots of my family both in bright day light and indoors under incandescent light bulbs. I do not have a video light and thus I had to depend on the lights in the home and of course day light out side. MAN was I surprised to see how this thing performed in low light conditions. The video looked as if there was a video light connected to it and that it was professionally shot. Thats impressive in and itself. The outdoor shoots were perfect and showed some mysteriously awesome levels of detail. I have never seen such clarity and detail coming out of a video camera.

    Reality check: Low Light to me is a bedroom 10×10 or bigger with about 1-2 ceiling bulbs in a light fixture. I tried to use this in our back yard at night with a citronella candle (yes we have bugs) and the clarity went down a bit….but I did not really expect a hollywood night shot to come out of this. It was viewable and much better then my old video cams…but not spectacular. Just wanted to make that point.

    Once the videos were shot I brought them into iMovie and since I did not want to edit I basically exported them out and burned them on to DVD’s. We played them back using a regular Philips up-converting dvd player at 1080p and they were PERFECT. I never thought I would see the quality that I saw. IMPRESSIVE.

    Final Thoughts:

    It is very hard for me to review such a great product with the detail that I want to give to it…it would simply lose its effectiveness in your purchasing decision. Once I had played with this camera for 2 weeks or so I decided it best to write about the things that would matter most. What you see above is what I consider important. My experiences are based on usage with a Apple computer but I have no doubt that this camera will far exceed your expectations on a PC as well. I have both types of computers but for my testing it was easier for me to use the MAC. I will be playing with the Canon software in the days ahead and post information as I see fit. I hope you find the review somewhat informative and I sincerely hope that you will ask any and all questions via the comments below.

    My rating on this camera would have been 4.5/5 but will have to be 4/5 – Simply because it upsets me that a manufacturer such as Canon would leave out what I think is the most essential accessory. The Mini HDMI to HDMI Cable….did I mention that I was not happy about this. :-) There is a lot of price gouging on HDMI cables as it is and this gives manufacturers another reason to sell high priced cables…luckily we have Amazon where we can find an after market cable. I have seen the Canon branded one for about $40.00. Thanks for reading…
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. lucky lang says:

    The detail on this camera is FANTASTIC!!! By far the best video camera for a decent price!! We have a newborn baby and use this thing all the time and when we play back videos for family and friends they just can’t believe and how crystal clear the picture is!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Richard A. Moore says:

    For those of us who started shooting video with the old 1/2″ open reel systems in the early 70’s, this was worth waiting for. Wow!

    Rich Moore. Sacramento, Ca.

    Rating: 5 / 5

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