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  • Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
  • 32GB Internal Flash Memory
  • One Touch Upload to YouTubeTM
  • Records up to 3520×2640 Digital Stills
  • Record place interpretation with GPS

Product Description
The Everio GZ-HM550BUS is an superb Full HD mental recall Everio with twin mental recall of 32GB inner Flash memory/SD label featuring 10.62M Back-illuminated CMOS, Real 9.3 Megapixel Stills with no interpolation, recording up to 3520×2640 digital still images.

JVC GZ-HM550 High Definition Camcorder

2 Reviews

  1. Thomas M. Mcdonnell says:

    I’ve had this camcorder for about a week now and so far I am pretty happy with it. The one thing that really strikes me as odd is selling a HD camcorder, but not including a HDMI cable in the bundle…? Playback of the footage recorded on a full HD tv via RCA or even component cables isn’t going to result in good picture quality. My mini-HDMI cable should be delivered in the next day or so and then I’ll be able to really evaluate the video. So far the video looks much better on my computer monitor than it does on my 52″ 1080P LCD TV.

    Also, the camcorder ships with the video quality set to XP, instead of the highest quality UXP. When setting quality to UXP it gives a warning that UXP video files can only be written to Blu-Ray, which of course makes sense. However, the bundled software will automatically downgrade the UXP video files to XP quality if you want to write to DVD, and then you’ll still have the higher quality UXP for future use. Seems odd to not record in the highest quality as you can always downgrade the footage, but you’ll never upconvert to true full HD quality if recording at lower quality.

    So far, I am not impressed with the photo quality of still images, but I haven’t played around with the settings much yet. The handful of stills that I’ve taken have turned out grainy and dark. In dedicated image mode, you can take 9MB stills, while when taking snapshots in video mode you are limited to 5MB. So far I think all of my stills were taken in video mode.

    The camera has some great features that I’ve not yet played with nor am I sure I ever will. The time lapse is a great feature, but unless there’s a spectacular sunset or something I’m not sure I’ll have much use for it. Same for the auto record feature, interesting to have, but what are the practical applications? I suppose I could set it up and see how often my dog moves around during the day when we’re not home. One thing with both of these modes is that the LCD must remain open, if you close the LCD, the camera shuts off completely.

    The battery that comes with the unit doesn’t last very long – roughly 45 minutes. the built in memory can hold about 2.5 hours worth of video at UXP quality so the battery is by far the limiting factor in your usage. If the video via HDMI turns out to be as good as I hope, I’ll be investing in a higher capacity battery and a stand alone charger. Out of the box, the battery only charges when the power cord is plugged into the camcorder itself.

    UPDATE 3/24/2010: Recorded a school concert last night and the battery lasted for 1.5 hours of nearly constant recording. This was much better than the capacity I noticed earlier when recording 5 or 10 minute segments spread out over a couple of days.

    The software included is very easy to use and has some neat organization methods of displaying video files in a calendar layout by month, day and hour which it makes it easy to locate your files.

    The software has options for converting the video to a number of different media and file types. You can write the files to Blu-Ray, DVD and AVCHD disc (DVD media). It also has the ability to convert video for upload to You Tube, iTunes and can also convert to .wmv for use on computers and upload to other sites, such as Facebook. The conversion process lets you choose the video size you want and at least on my PC was pretty quick to process.

    I’ll try to update this review after I am able to test the video via HDMI and use more of the features.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. Dave A. Pinke says:

    FIrst things first, for some test footage I shot, go to and search for jvc 550.

    So I just bought this camera yesterday, and its my first dedicated HD camcorder. I’ve been using a Lumix fx-37 and more recently lumix ZS3 to shoot travel videos in 720p, but I am going on some new trips soon and want to step up to 1080p with some more features. If you want super pocketable HD video, I recommend the lumix series highly and might go back to them exclusively.

    I mainly bought this camera to take to video the northern lights, a topic which is almost impossible to get decent info about. These JVCs are supposed to have huge sensors and great lowlight support, so hopefully they will work out. I’ll update once I’m back with the footage.

    That said, I’m not used to handling and using camcorders, and I might revise this review in a few weeks once I have more experience, but here are my initial thoughts.


    – Interfaces perfectly with iMovie 09
    – The video quality is really good during the day, I haven’t taken it through its paces yet, but so far I’m impressed
    – The video isn’t choppy, it helps to shoot 60fps vs 30fps
    – Time lapse feature is VERY cool
    – Slo motion is neat, but almost pointless as the resolution is comically low


    -There are only lilke 5 scene selections, including the strange ‘Night Owl’ mode which makes video blurry and choppy. The rest don’t seem to do much, and changing modes in the middle of using the camera quickly is difficult and time consuming.
    – I’m not used to the way you hold a camcorder, as such I’m still working out a way to not be so shaky.
    – I might not have turned on OIS, but if I have it doesn’t work especially well
    – The batteries don’t last especially long, I bought an extra longer life battery (121) so I’m hoping I can make it through a day with both of them.
    -Focus is a bit erratic, going in and out of focus during shots.
    -The ‘laser touch’ screen is kinda cool, but after the initial novelty isn’t as fast as other touchscreen or button scrolling systems.
    – Low light seems to be good, but if you compress the video at all it starts to get very blocky.
    – This camera is basically pocketable, but just barely.
    – Sometimes the REC button is hidden next to the battery and my thumb can’t find it. The bigger your hands are the bigger this problem will be.
    – I hate that there are two steps to deleting a video, its idiotic and time consuming.
    – There’s no external battery charger.
    Rating: 3 / 5

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