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  • Record High Definition video (1080p during thirty fps with 16:9 aspect ratio)
  • Easily upload available footage to YouTube with built-in USB as well as software
  • Expandable SD/SDHC label container up to 32 GB; Rechargeable batteries as well as horse included
  • Vibrant 2.5-inch viewfinder; Watch footage upon HDTV with enclosed cables
  • Edit as well as share videos with enclosed software

Product Description
Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera Raspberry

Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera

5 Reviews

  1. G. B. Plotkin says:

    I have owned my Zi6 (sorry, this is not about the Zi8) for about six months, and have found it to be very pocket-size portable, very useful. The images are excellent, I have uploaded videos to YouTube using both the VGA and HD settings. The original instructions indicated that VGA was to be used for YouTube, but when I inadvertently recorded a clip using HD60, YouTube provided the viewer the opportunity to see it either in HD or in standard video. As others have noted, its primary weakness is camera shake. I’ve taken what would have been some wonderful panoramic shots of the Blue Ridge Mountains, rendered amateurish by the jumpiness of the view. I have taken some videos with my good-sized tripod attached; it helped immensely to steady the camera, as I could hold the tripod between my arm and chest. Battery life is so-so, but any camera is going to consume current when being used – always keep a spare pair of AAs in your carry case! I have not run into sound-related issues. I didn’t expect the Zi6’s mic to be of professional quality, but it does a decent job. Sorry if this is not the review of the Zi8 – I would expect the successor to my Zi6 to be that much better!
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. FISHYCOMICS says:

    I am very excited , and been awaiting this Kodak cam the Z18.

    I just read, and cannot believe what the reviewers wrote. the release date was set for Sept 1st, 2009, and its Aug 24th , while Amazon just changed their pre-orders to order Never a dull moment on the net, in cyberwold.

    Int Mic: a ground issue could it be, or a plain easy fix that a firmware update is needed. a rush to produce the Kodak Z18, will lead to major upsets, or not?

    The Aiptek action HD GVS, and HD1 both a Ext mic, produce a monoral sound left/right mono of the Ext mic port, while only the GVS producing a Int Mic seperated left/right sterio sound. Having the same issue and corrected with firmware, while only some had issues, and eventully lead to a change in mics.

    With the Int mics highly sensitive will amplify sound, and cause distortion, and cause poor qauilty sound, on most camcorder devices.

    Some of the most common questions, uses are concert, skateboarding, and racing.
    Some of the common questions, uses are adapter ofwide angle lenses, lighting, mics.

    Does a company listen, collect feedback, and place to gooduse, or they just hire a person to hit a delete button, answer the phone and listen and read out of a book.

    There is a saying give a camcorder to a photoghragher, and watch them fail.

    There is a saying give a Pc Low budget economy camcorder to a professional, and they’ll call this a toy.

    Remember these are not a home theater , professional qaulity camcorder, they are made for a PC/mac and to brought outside use, in daytime.

    They are a ” daytime outdoor pc low budeget Economy cam.

    thank you
    always a postive look
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Jerund says:

    A few nice features, and onboard editing helps a bit, but for a unit that doesn’t come with Mac compatible software it uses the Apple file type, .mov which won’t work with many video applications including Microsoft Movie Maker. If you only want to upload to You Tube then fine, this looks very nice. But I like to edit and make DVDs, and Kodak & Nikon won’t cut it with the .mov files. And when I’ve tried converting them they look terrible.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. RedM3 says:

    So the shipping status shows in transit but I get an email stating my order has been refunded. Reason given is “customer return”. That’s interesting since it isn’t due to be received for two more days. I called and was told it was damaged. Now I see the item is selling for $30 more than when I ordered just a week ago and is also backordered. Conveniently I could still order with expedited over night shipping ($$$) and get it by Christmas. Best Buy here I come…
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. Lorraine Cook says:

    Does the aqua-colored version do tricks or something? Where do they justify raising the price of the aqua one from $179 to $239 here on Amazon??? Pay no attention to my rating, that’s for pricing only as I HAD to give a rating to make a comment. I’ve not bought one YET but having trouble coming up with just $179 and now the color I want jumps to $239??? What’s up with that???
    Rating: 2 / 5

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