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  • Function:Elevator, 3way panhead function
  • Material:Aluminium,ABS.POM
  • Tilt Correction:90 degrees,60 degrees,360 degrees.
  • Quick-release head allows you to remove your camera quickly and easily
  • Lightweight design makes it perfect for travel

Product Description

With Sony’s VCT-R100 Lightweight Tripod, you add a creative and original twist to digital imaging. Ultra-portable and expandable, the tripod can be adjusted for the perfect height and the perfect shot. Its quick-release, 3-way pan head is easy, convenient, and ideal for steady shooting with your camcorder or digital still camera.

The Sony VCT-R100 Lightweight Tripod with 3-Way Pan/Tilt Head is a compact, lightweight tripod small enough to fit into a back pack. The VCT-R100 folds up to a short and incredibly manageable 14 inches and reaches a maximum height of 39 inches to give you a comfortable using position without requiring you to break your back bending in half.

The VCT-R100 has a 3-way pan/tilt head that makes it easy and convenient to point your camera where you need it without having to adjust the tripod itself, and ideal for steady shooting with a camcorder or digital still camera where you need to follow the action without moving yourself. This tripod is capable of supporting a little more than two pounds, and is constructed of durable black aluminum. The VCT-R100 weighs 1.8 pounds, has four leg stages, utilizes flip locks to lock its legs in place, and includes a center column and brace. This unit comes with a handy carrying case, a manufacturer’s limited 1-year warranty on parts, and 90-day warranty on labor.

Sony VCT-R100 Lightweight Compact Tripod with 3-Way Pan/Tilt Head