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  • 2 x 7 feet light stand for lights
  • 2 x light adapter umbrella holders
  • 2 x 45w perfect day light bulbs 5500K/2 x 32″ shoot through umbrellas
  • 3 Muslins 6′ x 9′ Black, White, Green are also include
  • 1 complete background support system with Case 8.5ft Height 10ft wide

Product Description

This Studio portrait umbrella Kit is easy to use and setup. These lights work great with digital cameras. It is ideal for all level photographers. It is a complete kit with a complete background supporting system with case. 3 section cross bar open up to 9.5 ft and 8.5 ft height. THREE 6′ x 9′ muslin backdrop(black, white and green) and a continuous lighting umbrellas kit.