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  • The ideal photo and video software for beginners
  • Amazingly simply photo editing, video editing, DVD burning, DVD playback and creative projects
  • Use the powerful Media Organizer to tag, view and organize all your photos, videos and music files in one place
  • Create beautiful photo books, calendars, slideshows and more
  • Share in any format: burn DVDs, upload photos and videos to Facebook, Flickr and YouTube, share over email, or print from your PC

Product Description

Get the simple way to organize, edit, create, burn and share photos and videos. Organize photos, videos and music. Edit photos and turn HD video clips into movies in minutes. Create stunning photo books and slideshows. Share on Facebook, Flickr or YouTube. Corel Digital Studio 2010 is the easiest photo, video and DVD burning software you’ll ever use.

Do you take photos and videos with a point-and-shoot digital camera? Then Corel Digital Studio 2010 is perfect for you. This fast and simple digital media suite is designed to let you edit photos fast, and turn video clips into movies in minutes. Plus, you get everything you need to create stunning photo books, slideshows and DVDs.

It’s your story to tell, so make it unforgettable with Corel Digital Studio 2010.

Corel Digital Studio 2010 is the easiest photo, video and DVD burning software you’ll ever use.

Automatically capture digital media from virtually any device to get started quickly. Then view all your photos, videos and music in one easy place. Organize by folder, album, date, rating or keyword tag to find files fast.

Fix it fast with one-click photo-editing and video-editing tools. Quickly crop, rotate, sharpen, remove red-eye and more to bring out the best in your digital photos. Trim, combine and enhance video clips in seconds. You can even edit, burn and share your HD videos.

Get creative with professionally designed templates that help you capture your memories in style. Create stunning photo books, slideshows, calendars, cards and more. Make a polished movie in just minutes with easy movie making tools. Or, bring your favorite photos, videos and music together in one amazing piece.

Give friends and family the front seat to the show of your life! Upload photos and videos to Facebook, Flickr and YouTube. Copy videos and movies to iPod, iPhone, PSP and other mobile devices. Print photos at home or order from our online printing service. Then burn DVDs and CDs for easy sharing and safekeeping.

With PaintShop Photo Express, editing your digital photos is just as easy as taking them. Click to enlarge.

VideoStudio Express 2010 is the easiest way to turn your video clips into professional-looking movies you can share. Click to enlarge.

Send to devices and burn CDs and DVDs faster and more easily than ever with Corel DVD Factory 2010. Click to enlarge.

The best DVD player software for high-quality video playback, WinDVD delivers a more lifelike and exhilarating entertainment experience. Click to enlarge.

Organize videos and photos together

When it comes to software for making movies and photos, nothing beats Digital Studio 2010. Look how easy it is to get started!

Automatic Importing
Quickly copy all your videos, photos and music from your device to your computer. Digital Studio detects digital cameras, camcorders and mobile phones, so you can easily send all your files to the Media Organizer for quick viewing.

One Common Workspace
For the first time on the PC, Digital Studio combines photo editing and movie making software with DVD and AVCHD burning, creative projects and easy sharing, all with a visual workspace that makes your experience simple and fun. Now you can organize, edit, create, share and preserve all your memories in one place–faster, easier and with truly amazing results.

Simple Media Organizer
Organize photos, videos and music all in one place and keep your memorable moments together. Digital Studio’s Media Organizer is the starting point for all your projects across the suite, making it easy to move from one application to another. Know one, know them all!

Edit photos and videos the easy way

Whether you’re photo editing, movie making or both, Digital Studio helps you create as fast as you can click!

Express Edit
Enhance photos and videos in minutes in Express Edit mode. Digital Studio lets you preview images and make your most common edits within a single viewing window. Crop, rotate and sharpen photos, remove red-eye, adjust brightness and more with just a few clicks. Use the QuickCut timeline to view and trim your video for fast results.

Movie Making Software Made Easy. Seriously Easy.
Corel Digital Studio 2010 offers a groundbreaking new, visual approach to video-editing projects. Now movie making is something anyone can do! Use professional movie templates to instantly turn your video clips into a great-looking movie, complete with openings, titles and transitions. Or quickly personalize your video with your own voiceover, music and more. Trim unwanted content, make fast edits like reducing camera shake, and add titles, soundtracks and captions–all using the same simple workspace.

HD Video
Edit, burn and share your AVCHD video clips.

Create photo and video projects

Only Digital Studio combines photo editing and movie making software, giving you one simple place to create all your photo and video projects.

Digital Photo and Video Templates
Make your stories unforgettable with professional-looking photo books, calendars, photo slideshows and movies that take only minutes to create. Just choose a photo or video style and add your personal touch. Order projects online or print from the suite with just a few clicks.

Windows 7 Touch Capabilities
Get hands-on with your photos and videos in ways that were never possible before. Corel Digital Studio 2010 takes full advantage of Windows 7 touch-screen capabilities, moving beyond traditional menus and mouse clicks to a more natural and exciting creative experience.

Share and preserve your memories

At home, on the go, online or off, Digital Studio 2010 lets you easily share your memories with family and friends.

Easy Sharing in any Format
Burn DVDs, upload photos and videos to Facebook, Flickr and YouTube, attach them to email with automatic resizing, print right from your PC or order prints online. You can also copy files to iPod, iPhone, PSP or other mobile devices faster than ever.

DVD Playback with Hollywood Flair
Watch your videos and movies in cinematic quality from DVD, movie files or straight from your digital camera with Corel WinDVD 2010, the world’s #1 DVD player software. Then burn to DVD with Hollywood-style menus that make it easy to browse and watch your favorite scenes.

CD and DVD Burning
Burn DVD or AVCHD movies, and burn music to disc in just a few clicks. Digital Studio lets you watch, share and back up your creations in no time.

What’s Included

Making movies, photos and DVDs is easy with Corel Digital Studio 2010. Find everything you need right here.

  • Corel PaintShop Photo Express 2010
  • Corel VideoStudio Express 2010
  • Corel DVD Factory 2010
  • Corel WinDVD 2010
  • Corel Quick Start Guide
  • Corel Guide (in product)

Corel Digital Studio 2010