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  • Fast ‘plug-and-play’ set-up times
  • Auto-Sensing Transceiver Technology enables the Plus II to switch back and forth between transmitter and receiver modes
  • Auto-Relay Mode wirelessly triggers remotely located cameras and flashes within a 1600′ range of one another
  • Four 16-bit, digitally-coded channels enable you to simultaneously trigger all of you lights at once, or isolate one group of lights from another
  • Ultra-fast microprocessors enable trigger-response times as short as 1/2000th of a second

Product Description

The PocketWizard Plus II transceiver system does more than cut the cord. The PocketWizard Plus II can wirelessly trigger lights and/or cameras within a range of 1600 feet of the transceiver. Utilizing advanced wireless technologies, four 16-bit, digitally-coded channels are available for selective firing of lights, or when working in ‘crowded’ environments. If speed is a concern, images can be captured at a rate of up to 12 frames-per-second, which outpaces most currently-available cameras, pro or otherwise. Ultra-fast microprocessors allow for top sync speeds of 1/250th-second for focal-plane shutters and 1/500th for leaf shutters. The PocketWizard Plus II is compact, with a short, unobtrusive, rubberized antenna. The total height of the transceiver and antenna is less than 6.5”, and it weighs in at 6oz including the batteries. To ensure a secure fit to your camera or bracket, the Plus II features sturdy locking rings for hot shoes. Power is supplied by 2 AA batteries, which are good for about 60 hours of playtime. An optional AC adapter allows for continuous, unlimited shoot time.

PocketWizard PWP-TR 801-125 PLUS II Transceiver