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  • Brushed-tricot lined categorical cell to strengthen the digital camera as well as LCD shade opposite mud as well as scratches.
  • Built-in media storage enables discerning entrance as well as storage for mental recall cards of all varieties.
  • Tough, water-resistant outdoor fabric protects opposite dampness as well as abrasion.
  • Adjustable 360 grade swivelling shoulder strap, leather belt double back as well as padded hoop suggest the accumulation of gentle carrying options.
  • Dust-reduction topsy-turvy zippers helps keeps mud as well as mud out of the camera compartment.

Product Description
Designed for today’s digital SLR cameras, the Cirrus TLZ fifteen (Black) by Lowepro simply protects both SLR as well as lens from the outward elements. The interior facilities the mental recall label slot for discerning changes as well as the brushed tricot backing safeguarding LCD screens as well as lenses from abrasion. The extraneous of the bag is built with the difficult H2O as well as erosion resistant fabric as well as can be trustworthy by possibly the belt-loop or with an enclosed shoulder strap. This lightweight as well as compact, tip loading bag provides digital SLR users with plain insurance as well as quick entrance to cpature those extemporaneous moments.

Lowepro Cirrus TLZ fifteen Holster Style Case For Digital SLR & Short Zoom Lens

5 Reviews

  1. Roman Sarcs says:

    This bag gives a perfectly snug fit for my Nikon D90 and attached 18-55mm VR lens. There’s just enough room left at the top, above the camera, to accommodate the camera’s shoulder strap if I fold it carefully.

    That said, the 18-55mm VR lens is among the shortest of Nikon’s standard zooms. It’s only 3.1 inches long–noticeably shorter than the 16-85mm VR (which is 3.4 inches long), and the 18-105mm VR (which is 3.5 inches long). This bag WILL accommodate those lenses as well, but won’t leave much free space at the top for the camera strap.

    So, I’d give this thing five stars for the fit and construction. Why deduct a star? As others have noted, it doesn’t have enough (or spacious enough) pockets; and even worse, the outer pocket has no seal or flap over it, which means that it’s exposed to the elements. Since all my photography takes place indoors in museums, this isn’t a problem for me. But I image that outdoors enthusiasts caught in a storm would be irked to find rain falling directly into the outer pocket….
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. D. Bacon says:

    This case fits my Canon Digital Rebel XSi with the stock 18-55mm zoom lens, so it’s always ready to grab and go. It has plenty of cushioning and a good zipper. The blue is nice too, I’m tired of everything electronic being black.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. T. Mosbo says:

    This case works great with my Nikon D40 / 18-135mm lens. There’s actually a little bit of room to spare on the sides of the case, for filters, etc. I like the design of the bag, it looks sleek and is small enough to take anywhere.

    My one complaint is that there aren’t enough pockets. There are only two; one in the inside of the case’s main flap, large enough for a shutter remote, a couple of SD cards or… well, that’s about it. There is also another one on the outside of the case (behind the emblem). I only use this for my cell phone / ipod, things like that. I would like to see a couple more USEABLE pockets in the sucker. It’d be nice to be able to organize basic accessories a bit more without having to buy a huge or expensive bag.

    For a basic, everyday, grab and go bag, it does the trick.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. T. Nolte says:

    When I say ‘snug fit’ I mean that in a good way. I dont really care to have the camera move around very much at all in the bag. (And it doesnt, at all…)

    The pocket on the front (behind the Lowepro logo) is really bigger than I had imagined from reading the reviews on here. You can put remotes, extra batteries, etc in there. I also put the camera strap in there. I don’t really like to have the camera strap on the camera and only use it at certain times. the strap can be folded in alongside the camera with no problem inside the main compartment as well if that’s what you prefer. (I really wish the stock Canon strap was easier to get on and off the camera.)

    Overall seems well built and stitched. Ample padding. Great buy for the money IMHO.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. ::Sara:: says:

    After having recently bought a new DSLR camera, I was in major need of a bag that would keep it safe and secure for photo walks and travels, yet didn’t look like I was carrying a nuclear explosive inside. Something that could be worn on the shoulder/across the chest, without causing 2″ thick red marks in the dents between my shoulder and neck, while bouncing heavily against my hip.

    The big named electronic and camera stores all carried types similar to what I was attempting to avoid. And expensive, to boot.

    I’m a sucker for reviews, and read them like they are novels of their own – and the ones for this, entranced me into their happy stories of success. So, I won’t add on too much redundnacy to my review, other than if you have a Canon EOS Rebel XS with its kit lens (and probably XSi – as they have essentially the same body type), this bag is the perfect fit for your camera with the original neck strap and a couple of memory cards. The adjustable strap of the bag is excellent, and allows you to wear it across your chest, low and comfortably.

    If you don’t want your camera to be placed into a bag with the lens facing down, then I obviously don’t recommend this item. There isn’t any extra padding on the bottom of the bag – just the same, thick padding all around (although it is sufficient enough for “regular” use – which to me means walking around, placing on a table or in the car).

    Shipping time was super speedy! It was noted to expect it about five days after I actually did receive it – excellent!
    Rating: 4 / 5

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