• 4 sections with quick-snap thatch as well as rubber/retractable spike bottom
  • Camera Mounting Stud – 1/4-20
  • Foam hoop with tag for easy handling
  • Bonus soft-sided woven tripod bag included
  • Folded Length – 68

Product Description
The Trailblazer 4 Section Monopod keeps your camera solid as well as level, for undiluted shots each time. It’s undiluted for cameras, scopes as well as apparatus up to 7 lbs. Weight – 1 lb. Maximum Height – 68 Minimum Height – 21

Davis & Sanford TRAILBLAZRV Trailblazer Monopod

5 Reviews

  1. CZB says:

    Light enough for hiking and tall enough for my 6’5″ friend that loves to borrow my equipment. Built solid, and for the price, a must have for any serious outdoor photographer. Great footing for indoor and outdoor photos. Bought this together with the Davis & Sanford Voyager3H tripod. What a great match! Perfect for my Canon 50D DSLR.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Peter D. Hill says:

    Lightweight and easy to use. Foot has a point for outside but the point can be retracted to save the inside floors.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. Mark W. Woodford says:

    The mono pod that I picked up for my digital camera works great. It comes in hand for those slow speed shoots and the telephoto shots that need to be steadied. It is not a replacement for a tripod but works well in the range it was designed for.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. R. Peery says:

    I confess that I was a tad wary of a $20 monopod, but I’ve been pleasantly pleased with this item.

    It’s nice and simple visually: matte black, with a nice looking black foam handle.

    It extends very well (I’m 6’4″ and in it’s full extension it’s above my eye level). There are three knobs to unlock/lock. The fit and finish is not at all “high end” – it feels a little cheap – but it does not feel as if it’s going to break any minute. I’m sure that if one is rough with this item, it may bend or become damaged. But if you’re mellow/normal and treat it with care, it feels as if it will be fine.

    The foot spike is handy – there’s a threaded ring which enables one to retract the pointed spike for interior use. Nice and simple – it does the job.

    Attaching a camera (I’m using digital SLRs) is quick and easy, and the relatively heavy cameras with long lenses (Nikon D50 & Nikon D80) feel well locked and secure.

    This monopod is very light weight, which is a plus for portability, although a heavier monopod will reduce shake and vibration more effectively, and add durability as well.

    For $20, this monopod is a no-brainer; you can’t go wrong – you get more than what you pay for. Yes, the craftsmanhip is just “descent” and nothing special, but it’s certainly not junk either.

    It comes with a very handy black zippered bag – which I did not expect and is a very helpful. Thumbs up.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. Grumpy Jay says:

    After wrecking my back lugging around a heavy tripod on a hiking trip in the Yosemite Valley I finally decided it wasn’t worth it and I purchased this monopod hoping it would help hold my camera steady but not weigh me down as much as the tripod did.

    Considering how low the price is I wasn’t expecting much, so when it finally came in the mail I was surprised at how high quality it was. I hadn’t heard of Davis & Sanford before, but apparently they are owned by Tiffen, which is a great company that has been offering high-quality low-price camera accessories for several decades.

    This monopod is very lightweight compared to the tripod it’s replacing, and is sturdy enough to hold my Pentax K10D even with its battery grip and a heavy zoom lens. It came with a nice carrying case and is easy to extend and retract. It’s also sturdy enough that when I take it on hiking trips I use it without my camera as a walking stick, and then attach my camera when I decide to take a picture.

    I know there are better monopods out there, but most of them cost three times what this one does or more, and as a hobbyist I’m just not willing to spend that kind of money on a more “professional” monopod just because it’s an ounce or two lighter. For something in this price range this is an EXCELLENT monopod and should be more than good enough to keep any hobbyist happy. I highly recommend it.

    Comes with carrying case
    Retractable pointed foot for extra stability on soft surfaces
    Strong enough for a heavy DSLR with lens
    Surprisingly good quality for the price

    Rating: 5 / 5

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